AW Jenkinson

With it's headquarters in Penrith and depots across the UK, AW Jenkinson Forest Products was formed in the mid-1960s when founder, Allan Jenkinson, took the initiative to collect unwanted sawdust and wood shavings from the sawmills around Cumbria and the Borders using a single tractor and trailer. He then transported the timber co-product to the area’s farms where sawdust was, and still is, in great demand as livestock and pet bedding. Today A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products and its associated businesses handle over 3 million tonnes of roundwood, chips, shavings, sawdust, bark, green waste and other timber co-products each year. The transport fleet consists of over 750 trucks of mainly of Scania and Volvo trucks including this Scania R540 HL which is ideal for weight-sensitive applications where solid power is crucial.

Pictured on 09/11/2021 on A90, Kingsway East, Dundee.
Photo courtesy of and copyrighted to Iain Mackenzie.

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