Waste-A-Way new Arocs

Waste-A-Way trusts one truck above all others to stand up to its intensive, ‘muck and bullets’ operation – the muscular Mercedes-Benz Arocs.

The Basildon-based company runs a haulage fleet of 38 tractor units, all are but three of them by Mercedes-Benz, which pull walking floor trailers. The latest of these are 14 double-drive Arocs 2648 models, which have just been delivered by Dealer Sparshatts Truck & Van.

Acquired with competitive funding support from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, all have flat-floored BigSpace cabs and second-generation 12.8-litre straight-six engines producing 350 kW (476 hp). The new arrivals replace 10 Arocs which had provided four years’ reliable, cost-effective service – the fact that Waste-A-Way has taken on an additional four units reflects continued growth in demand for its services.

The operator, which also has depots in Colchester and Rochester, collects commercial and domestic waste from transfer stations located across Essex and Kent. Although most of this waste is then taken to recycling centres, there are still times when landfill has to be used. This explains why, to cope with the roughest working conditions, all but three of its tractors are 6x4 variants.

It is a demanding, six days-a-week, 362 days-a-year regime, with trucks typically clocking-up 100,000 km a year. Many are double-shifted, while drivers are often out all week, sleeping in their cabs to minimize delays and ensure they are ready to load as early as possible each morning. Waste ejections, meanwhile, are undertaken as quickly and efficiently as possible.       

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