NWH Group Volvo

Founded in 1953 by Derek Stanley Williams, the Grandfather of the business’ owners today, the NWH Group was traditionally a haulage business. It operated tippers for the quarrying industry before moving in to muck shifting and then becoming fully focused on waste management.

Today the NWH Group is a growing, third-generation family business and leading recycling and waste management company in Scotland (and now Newcastle). We are ‘Reducing, Reusing and Recycling’ waste 7 days a week’ and safely manage every kilogram of waste that society throws away. We are proud to play a key part in Scotland’s developing ‘Circular Economy’ and are working tirelessly toward the Scottish Government aspiration to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2020. Our fully integrated recycling facilities manage a wide spectrum of waste and our complementary services and products include recycled and manufactured products (cement and aggregates), road sweeping and gritting services. The photo is courtesy of and copyrighted to Iain Mackenzie.

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