Haulier Listing

List of all hauliers on this site:

England1 to 1 Logistics & Transport
England1st Available Freight
England2 Start Training
England21st Century Windows
England2mv Logistics
England3 Distribution
Wales3A's Caravan Transport
Scotland3b Crane Hire
England3D International Haulage
England3D Trans
England3D Transport
England3D's Transport
Scotland3GL Transport
England3PL Ltd
Scotland3R Solutions
Scotland5 Star Vehicle Deliveries
Scotland911 Recovery
EnglandA & B Potatoes
EnglandA & D Haulage
ScotlandA & D Logistics
EnglandA & E Transport
EnglandA & F Haulage
EnglandA & H (Carlisle)
EnglandA & K Logistics
EnglandA & M Commercials
EnglandA & R Haulage
EnglandA B Produce
EnglandA C Aggregates
ScotlandA R Transport
EnglandA to B Transporter Services
EnglandA to Z Lloyd
EnglandA to Z Transport Services
EuropeanA.D.S. (Belgium)
EuropeanA.M. Transport (Poland)
EuropeanA.R.I.International (Germany)
EnglandA.S. Transport
EuropeanA+G (Netherlands)
ScotlandA1 Automotive
EnglandA1 Services (Manchester)
Northern IrelandA1 Transport
EuropeanA2B - Online (Netherlands)
EnglandAAA Couriers
ScotlandAAD Transport
EnglandAAH Pharmaceuticals
EnglandAardvark Hire (Ex XL Plant Hire)
EnglandAaron Grab & Skip Hire
EuropeanAB Sped (Slovakia)
EuropeanAB Spedtrans (Poland)
EuropeanAB Texel (Netherlands)
EnglandAB Transerve (AquaSpira)
EnglandAbacus Logistics
EnglandAbacus Transtex
EnglandAbacus Waste Management
EnglandAbbco Transport Services
EnglandAbbey Logistics Group
EnglandAbbey Transport
EuropeanABC Logistics.nl (Netherlands)
EnglandABC Transport
EnglandABE (Ledbury)
EnglandAbels Moving Services
EnglandABH Transport
EuropeanAbrucio Transport (Lithuania)
EnglandAC Services
EnglandAccolade Logistics
EnglandAce Liftaway
EnglandAce Movements
EnglandAce Plant
EnglandAcenta Steel
EuropeanAchterberg (Netherlands)
EnglandAcorn Transport & Plant Hire
EuropeanAcotral (Romania)
EnglandACS Group
EnglandACS&T Logistics
EnglandAction Express
EnglandActive Transport
EnglandAcumen Logistics
EnglandAcumen Waste Services
EuropeanAcutra (Belgium)
EnglandAD Fuels
ScotlandAdam, John R & Sons
EuropeanAdampol (Poland)
Northern IrelandAdams Transport
WalesAdams, E T & Sons
EnglandAdams, J R
EnglandAdams, R
EuropeanAdare Transport (ROI)
EnglandADD Express
EuropeanAddink (Netherlands)
ScotlandAddison, R
EuropeanADL (Belgium)
EnglandADM Milling
EnglandAdnams Brewery
EuropeanADP Automobilova Doprava Puchov s.r.o. (Slovakia)
EuropeanAdrian Trans (Romania)
EnglandAdstock Bulk Solutions
EnglandADT (St Helens)
Europeanadt Logistics (Romania)
ScotlandAdvance Construction Scotland
EnglandAdvanced Supply Chain
EnglandAdvatec International Transport
EnglandAET Transport Services
EnglandAFB Logistics
EnglandAffordable Skip Hire
EnglandAFI Uplift
EnglandA-Field Transport
WalesAfonwen Laundry
EnglandAFS Haulage
EnglandAG & Sons Transport
EuropeanAgency Transport (Czech Republic)
EnglandAger, Nick
EuropeanAgetrans (Spain)
EnglandAgg Haul
EnglandAggregate Industries
EuropeanAgotrans (Germany)
EuropeanAgro Logistika (Lithuania)
EuropeanAgro Merchants (Netherlands)
EuropeanAgrofarm-KER KFT (Hungary)
EuropeanAgromasz (Poland)
EuropeanAgromex (Poland)
EnglandAhern Waste Management
ScotlandAIC Transport
EnglandAIM Logistics
EuropeanAir Liquide (France)
EnglandAir Products
EnglandAiredale Chemical Company
EuropeanAIT (Bulgaria)
EnglandAitken & Merry
ScotlandAitken, Matthew C
EnglandAJB Transport
EnglandAJN Steelstock
WalesAJT Recycling (Formerly KBHS Ltd)
EnglandAJW Distribution
EnglandAK Transport (BG) Ltd
ScotlandAkela Group
EnglandAKP Group
EnglandAKW Global Logistics
EuropeanAL Aegean Airlines
EuropeanAL Aer Lingus
EuropeanAL Aer Lingus (Regional)
EuropeanAL Aeroflot
EnglandAL Aeromexico
EnglandAL Air Arabia Maroc
EuropeanAL Air Berlin
EnglandAL Air Bridge cargo
EnglandAL Air Canada
EnglandAL Air Canada Rouge
EnglandAL Air China
EuropeanAL Air Europa
EuropeanAL Air France
EnglandAL Air India
EuropeanAL Air Malta
EnglandAL Air New Zealand
EnglandAL Air Transat
EuropeanAL Alba Star
EnglandAL All Nippon Airways
EnglandAL American Airlines
EuropeanAL Asiana Airlines
EnglandAL Atlantic Airlines
EnglandAL Atlas Air
EnglandAL Aurigny Air Services
EnglandAL Austrian Airlines
EuropeanAL Avianca
EnglandAL bmi Regional
EnglandAL British Airways
EnglandAL British Airways (City Flyer)
EnglandAL Brussels Airlines
EnglandAL Cargolux
EnglandAL Cathay Pacific
EnglandAL China Southern Airlines
EuropeanAL Cityjet
EuropeanAL Condor
EnglandAL Czech Airlines
EnglandAL Delta Air Lines
EnglandAL DHL Air
EnglandAL easyJet
EuropeanAL easyJet Switzerland
EnglandAL El Al
EnglandAL Emirates
EnglandAL Ethiopian Airlines
EnglandAL Etihad Airways
EnglandAL Eurowings
EnglandAL FedEx
EuropeanAL Finnair
EnglandAL Flybe
EuropeanAL Germanwings
EnglandAL Global Supply Systems
EnglandAL Hainan Airlines
EuropeanAL Iberia
EnglandAL Japan Airlines
EnglandAL Jet2
EnglandAL Kalitta Air Cargo
EnglandAL Kenya Airways
EnglandAL KLM
EnglandAL KLM (Cityhopper)
EnglandAL Korean Airlines
EnglandAL LATAM Airlines Chile
EnglandAL LOT Polish Airlines
EnglandAL Lufthansa
EuropeanAL Lufthansa (Cargo)
EuropeanAL Lufthansa (CityLine)
EuropeanAL Luxair
EnglandAL Malaysia Airlines
EuropeanAL Martinair
EnglandAL Monarch Airlines
EnglandAL Nordic Global Airlines
EuropeanAL Norwegian
EnglandAL Oman Air
EnglandAL Qantas
EnglandAL Qatar Airways
EnglandAL Royal Air Maroc
EnglandAL Royal Jordanian
EnglandAL Ryanair
EuropeanAL SAS
EnglandAL Saudi Arabian Airlines
EnglandAL Scoot
EnglandAL Singapore Airlines
EnglandAL Southern Air Cargo
EuropeanAL Swiss
EuropeanAL TAP Air Portugal
EnglandAL Thai Airways
EnglandAL Thomas Cook Airlines
EnglandAL Titan Airways
EnglandAL TNT Airways
EuropeanAL TUI
EuropeanAL Turkish Airlines
EuropeanAL United Airlines
EnglandAL UPS
EnglandAL Vietnam Airlines
EnglandAL Virgin Atlantic
EuropeanAL Vueling Airlines
EnglandAL WestJet
EuropeanAL Wizz Air
EnglandAL Xiamen Airlines
EuropeanAlainé Groupe (France)
EnglandAlan's Skip Hire (ASH Group)
EnglandAlban Moves
EnglandAlbatec Racing
EuropeanAlberti & Santi (Italy)
ScotlandAlbie Forestry
EnglandAlbion International
EuropeanAlcopper Trans Logistics (Poland)
EuropeanAlders (Belgium)
EuropeanAldo (Poland)
EnglandAldridge Transport
EnglandAldridge, Mick
EnglandAldwick Services
EnglandAlert Logistics
EuropeanAlex Transport (Poland)
WalesAlexander, Bryan
ScotlandAlexander, D R & Son
ScotlandAlexander, J A
ScotlandAlexander, John
Northern IrelandALF Haulage
EnglandAlford Traffic Services
EnglandAlgarve Removals
EnglandAllegro Transport
EnglandAllen & Lock
EnglandAllen, C P & Son
EnglandAllen, Cecil S & Sons
EnglandAllen, J R
EnglandAllen, Stephen J
EnglandAllen, William
EnglandAllens Transport (Stourbridge)
EuropeanAllgaier-Gruppe (Germany)
EnglandAlliance Flooring
EnglandAlliance Healthcare (Ex Alloga, UDG)
EnglandAllied Milling & Baking
EnglandAllied Plant
EnglandAllied Waste Management
Northern IrelandAllingham
EnglandAllinson, George
ScotlandAllstone Glasgow
EnglandAllstone Group
ScotlandAllways UK European
EuropeanAlmiramar, A.T. (Spain)
ScotlandAlness Removals
ScotlandALP Transport
EuropeanAlpetrans (Italy)
EnglandAlpha Recovery
EnglandAlsford Timber
ScotlandAlsop Transport Services
EnglandAlsop, J D & Sons
EnglandAlstons Furniture
EnglandALT Transport
EuropeanAlta-Trans (Poland)
EuropeanAltéAd (France)
EnglandAluk (GB)
EuropeanAlveus Transport Spedycja (Poland)
EnglandAlways Cleansing
EnglandAlwin Ltd
ScotlandAM Shellfish
EuropeanAM Spedition (Germany)
EuropeanAmarillo Transporte (Spain)
EnglandAmbassador Motor Company
EuropeanAmber Cargo (Lithuania)
EuropeanAmbro Logistics (Poland)
EnglandAmco Logistics
EnglandAmco Services
ScotlandAMD Contract Services
EnglandAMG North Weald
ScotlandAMG Transport
EuropeanAmidamaru (Romania)
EuropeanAmipol (Czech Republic)
EnglandAmmax Northwest
EnglandAmorco Transport
EnglandAMPS (Associated Master Porters & Stevedores)
EnglandAMX Services
EuropeanAndersen, Alex (Denmark)
ScotlandAnderson Engineering
ScotlandAnderson Haulage (Inverness)
ScotlandAnderson, A J
ScotlandAnderson, Alex
ScotlandAnderson, C & A (Fresh Catch)
ScotlandAnderson, George & Son
EnglandAnderson, K A
ScotlandAnderson, R D
ScotlandAnderson, S & J
EnglandAndersons Transport
EnglandAndersons Waste Management
EuropeanAndresen, Andreas (Denmark)
EnglandAndrew, R R
EnglandAndrews Excavations
ScotlandAndrews Garage Recovery
EnglandAndrews of Kent
EnglandAndrews, W H & Sons
EnglandAnfield Transport
EuropeanAngermayr (Austria)
EnglandAnglia Access Platforms
EnglandAnglia Freight
EnglandAnglian Water
EuropeanAnhalt Logistics (Germany)
EuropeanAnjofer Transportes (Portugal)
ScotlandAnnandale Transport
EuropeanAnslaw (Poland)
WalesAnstee Services
EuropeanAntoine (France)
EuropeanAntwerp Container Transport (Belgium)
EuropeanAnwil Transport (Poland)
Englandao.com inc Expert Logistics
EnglandAP Pavers
EnglandAPC Civils
EuropeanApellan (Spain)
EnglandApex Plant Hire
EnglandAPL Aerial Platforms
EnglandAPLE Transport Solutions
EuropeanAPM Transport Logistics (Greece)
ScotlandApollo Foods
EnglandAppel, Robin
EnglandAQ Logistics
EnglandAqua Direct
EuropeanAquila (Romania)
EnglandAR Demolition
EuropeanAR Transport (Bulgaria)
EuropeanArbnor-Sped (Macedonia)
EnglandArbor Forest
EuropeanArbotrans (Romania)
EuropeanArcese (Italy)
EnglandArchbold Logistics
EnglandArcher, Alick & Sons
EnglandArcher, Paul A
EnglandArcher, Ross
EnglandArclid Transport
EnglandArden Wood Shavings
EnglandArdens of Chester
EnglandArdent Hire Solutions (Ex One Call Plant Hire)
EuropeanArgos s.l. Transportes (Spain)
ScotlandArgyll Holidays
EuropeanArijus UAB (Lithuania)
EuropeanARKO Trans (Poland)
EnglandArmac Demolition
EnglandArmistead European Transport
EnglandArmitage Haulage
EnglandArmoric Freight International
EnglandArmour Transport
EnglandArmstrong Logistics
EnglandArmstrong Richardson Group
Northern IrelandArmstrong Transport Services
EnglandArmstrong, Ian
EnglandArmstrong, R E
EnglandArmstrong, Thomas
EnglandArmstrong, Wm
EnglandArmstrongs Group
EuropeanArniella (Spain)
EnglandArnold, Robert
EuropeanArpol Trans (Spain)
EnglandARRA Distribution
EuropeanArra Group (Poland)
ScotlandArran Haulage
EuropeanArrastio (Spain)
EnglandArrow XL
EuropeanARS Altmann (Germany)
EuropeanArtex Transport (Poland)
WalesArthur Bros
EnglandArthurton, Paul
EnglandAS London Express Transport
EnglandAsbury Container Services
EnglandASE Courier Services
EnglandAsh, Joseph
EnglandAshbrook, J K
EnglandAshburton, Sam
EnglandAshcourt Group
EnglandAshville Aggregates
EnglandAskew, T G
EnglandAskey, H
EnglandAskin Haulage
EnglandASM Recycling
EnglandAssured Overland Transport
EnglandAston Barclay Vehicle Remarketing
EnglandAston Manor Brewery
EnglandAston Transport
ScotlandASW Aberdeen
EuropeanATC Computer Transport & Logistics (ROI)
EnglandAtkin Transport
EnglandAtkinson, G
EnglandAtkinson, J T
EnglandAtkinson, R & F
EnglandATL Haulage Contractors
EnglandATL Warehousing & Distribution
WalesAtlantic Recycling
EnglandAtlas Bulk Carriers
EuropeanATP Exodus Group (Romania)
EnglandATR Transport
EuropeanAtrax International Logistics (Netherlands)
EuropeanAttrans (Malta)
EnglandAudhali, A & J
ScotlandAugean PLC
EnglandAuld, Dean
EnglandAustin Family Haulage
EnglandAustin Wilkinson
EuropeanAutaa Transports (France)
EuropeanAuto Andreas (Poland)
EuropeanAutocar Logistics (ROI)
EuropeanAutodoprava K & K (Czech Republic)
EuropeanAutodoprava Vodica s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
EuropeanAutoexpres (Czech Republic)
EnglandAutomatic Retailing
EnglandAutoplant Heavy Haulage
EuropeanAutoskola Pernica (Czech Republic)
EuropeanAutotrasporti Umbria (Italy)
EuropeanAutuori Group Logistics (Italy)
EnglandAvon Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandAvonline Transport
EnglandAWT Transport
EnglandAxle Haulage
EnglandAxtra Transport
EnglandAylestone Transport
EnglandAynsley, Richard
EuropeanAyrton Trans (Romania)
EuropeanAZ Alba-Zochling (Hungary)
EnglandAztek Logistics
EuropeanB & B Logistik AG (Luxembourg)
EnglandB & G Transport
EnglandB & H Transport
ScotlandB & L Transport
EnglandB & Q
EnglandB & S Transport
EnglandB & T at Work
EnglandB & W Feeds (Mobile)
EnglandB Line Plant & Haulage
EnglandB S Traction
EuropeanB.C. Logistics (Czech Republic)
EnglandB.D. Haulage
EnglandBaarda, David
EuropeanBaars, C M & Zn (Netherlands)
EnglandBackline Logistics
EnglandBacton Transport
EnglandBadley, N & D
EuropeanBaetsen B.V. (Netherlands)
EnglandBagnall & Morris Waste
EnglandBailey, Paul
EnglandBaileys Horse Feeds
EnglandBailey-Taylor Haulage
ScotlandBaillie Brothers
Northern IrelandBaird Brothers
ScotlandBaird of Clydebank
ScotlandBaird, Basil
EuropeanBaja Yu International Transport (Serbia)
EuropeanBak Brdr. (Denmark)
EnglandBaker, George
EnglandBaker, Martyn
EnglandBaker, T
EuropeanBakker Gam (Netherlands)
EuropeanBakker Internationaal Koeltransport (Netherlands)
EuropeanBaku gls (ROI)
EuropeanBalanza (Netherlands)
Northern IrelandBalcas Ltd
EnglandBaldry Distribution
EnglandBaldwins Crane Hire
EnglandBall Trucking
EnglandBall, D J
EnglandBallards Removals & Storage
EuropeanBallinalard (ROI)
EuropeanBallinroe Horse Transport (ROI)
EnglandBalls, J C
EuropeanBallycotton (ROI)
EnglandBalmforth Transport
EuropeanBalnak (Turkey)
EnglandBalsdon W J
EuropeanBaltic Transline (Lithuania)
EuropeanBaltransa (Spain)
EnglandBamber, R & S
EnglandBampton Cattle Transport
EnglandBanbury Plant & Skip Hire
EnglandBandvulc Group
EnglandBanham Poultry
EnglandBanham, H
EuropeanBanken Champignons (Netherlands)
EnglandBanks Group
EnglandBanks, A R
ScotlandBannerman Transport
EnglandBannister Transport
EnglandBannister, P D
ScotlandBarclay & Co
ScotlandBarclays Transport
EnglandBargh, S J
EnglandBarker, H
EnglandBarker, J A
Northern IrelandBarkley, R
EnglandBarley, W H
EnglandBarlow Bros
EnglandBarnack Storage & Logistics
EnglandBarnes Logistics
EnglandBarnes of Lincoln
EnglandBarnett Transport
EnglandBarnsley, D K
EnglandBarnsley, M T
ScotlandBarr, A G
EuropeanBarratrans (Portugal)
EnglandBarratt, Martyn
EnglandBarrett Steel Services
EnglandBarrett, J
EnglandBarrettine Group
EnglandBarrick, S J
WalesBarrow, Paul
EnglandBarrus, E P
EnglandBarry, T
EuropeanBarsan Global Lojistik (Turkey)
EuropeanBarSukas (Lithuania)
EuropeanBarszczewski (Poland)
EnglandBarter, John G
EnglandBartlett, Alan & Sons
EnglandBartlett, Albert
EnglandBartram Express
EuropeanBart's Logistics (Belgium)
EnglandBarwell, J & S
EuropeanBAS Transport (Netherlands)
EnglandBascombe, Phill
EnglandBassett, R G
EnglandBateman, R H & A J
EnglandBath International Transport
EuropeanBatim (Poland)
EnglandBatt, Colin
EuropeanBatu (Turkey)
EuropeanBaumann Spedition (Germany)
EuropeanBautrans Felbermayr (Austria)
EnglandBaxle Ltd
EnglandBaxter, James (Baxters Walking Floors)
EnglandBaxters Group
EnglandBay Freight
EnglandBaybutt, W
EnglandBayford Haulage
EnglandBayliss Bros
WalesBayliss Metals
ScotlandBayne, John
WalesBaynes & Son
EnglandBayram, F & Sons
EnglandBayston Transport
EnglandBaytree Transport
EnglandBBA Shipping & Transport
EnglandBC Transport
EnglandBCA Automotive
EnglandBCD Logistics
EuropeanBCL Services (Latvia)
EnglandBeaches Logistics
EnglandBeal, D & T J
EnglandBeale, Rob
EnglandBeamish Transport
WalesBear's Logistics
EnglandBearts of Stowbridge
EnglandBeattie Brothers
Northern IrelandBeatty Fuels
EnglandBeaty, John
EnglandBeck & Pollitzer
EnglandBecker Transport
EuropeanBecker, Ben (Netherlands)
EnglandBedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service
ScotlandBedrock Plant Hire
ScotlandBeedie Bros
EnglandBeelsby Contactors
EnglandBeeswax Dyson
EuropeanBegley Transport (ROI)
EuropeanBeier, Kurt (Denmark)
EuropeanBel Export (Belgium)
EuropeanBeleza Transporte (Portugal)
EuropeanBelga (Netherlands)
EuropeanBelin, G Transports (Belgium)
Northern IrelandBell International Transport
ScotlandBell, J C
EnglandBell, J M
ScotlandBell, Thom
EuropeanBellafrut (Germany)
EuropeanBellersheim (Germany)
WalesBellis, R F
EnglandBelvoir IHT
EuropeanBelzunces, A (Spain)
EuropeanBemotrans (Netherlands)
EnglandBence, W H
EuropeanBencsik Trans (Hungary)
EuropeanBender, Peter (Germany)
EnglandBennett, Ben Jr
EnglandBennett, Chris
EnglandBennett, D W
EnglandBennett, Dave
EnglandBennett, F & M & Son
EnglandBennetts Haulage
EnglandBenson, R.D.
EnglandBentley Haulage
EnglandBentley, Ian W
EnglandBenton Brothers
EnglandBenton, Steve Transport
EnglandBentons Haulage
EuropeanBenway Marine & Logistics (Germany)
ScotlandBenzies Produce
EuropeanBeran (Czech Republic)
EuropeanBerger (Austria)
EuropeanBergwerff (Netherlands)
EnglandBerrisford Sweepers
EuropeanBerser Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanBertschi (Switzerland)
EuropeanBessler (Germany)
EuropeanBest Freight (Turkey)
EnglandBestway Wholesale
EuropeanBET Trans (Poland)
EnglandBetts, W H
EuropeanBetz, Willi Group (Germany)
EnglandBevan Transport
EnglandBeverley Transport Services
EnglandBevis, Dave
ScotlandBeyard Services
EuropeanBezemer P M (Netherlands)
EnglandBFA Recycling
EnglandBG Haulage
EnglandBHC Logistics
ScotlandBHC Ltd
EnglandBibby Distribution
EnglandBickford Truck Hire
EnglandBiddulph, Gary J
EnglandBidwell Metals
EuropeanBierreti (Italy)
EuropeanBig Truck (Poland)
EnglandBigfoot Logistics
EnglandBiker Group
EuropeanBils-Deroo (France)
EnglandBimson Haulage
EnglandBinks, H
ScotlandBinn Group
EnglandBinns, A C (Previously AB Automotive)
EuropeanBiomet (Bulgaria)
EuropeanBipmobile (Romania)
WalesBirchard, C & M
EnglandBird Contractors
WalesBird, C J
EnglandBirmingham Fuel Oils
EuropeanBiro Transport (Slovenia)
EuropeanBischof (Austria)
EnglandBiscomb, Lance
EnglandBishop's Move
WalesBJ Transport
EnglandBJE (South Wales)
EnglandBJS Home Delivery
Europeanbkm (Turkey)
EuropeanBlack Box Music (Germany)
ScotlandBlack of Dunoon
EnglandBlack Sheep Brewery
ScotlandBlack, Andrew
ScotlandBlack, J & G
Northern IrelandBlack, Seamus
EuropeanBlackhorse Transport (ROI)
EnglandBlackmores Machinery Haulage
EnglandBlackpole Recycling
ScotlandBlack's Removals
EnglandBlackwater Transport
ScotlandBlackwood Plant Hire
Northern IrelandBlair International
EnglandBlake, A W
EnglandBlakeman, James T
EnglandBlakemore, A F
EnglandBlakey, J
EnglandBlakey's Haulage
EuropeanBlankers Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanBlättler (Switzerland)
EuropeanBlaya Y Garcia (Spain)
EnglandBleach of Lavant
EuropeanBleiras Logistics (Lithuania)
EnglandBliss Transport
EnglandBlockade Services
EnglandBlockley, Dave
EuropeanBlok W.M. BV (Netherlands)
EuropeanBlomquist (Slovakia)
EnglandBlue Collar Haulage
EuropeanBlue River (Romania)
EuropeanBlumen Market (Serbia)
EuropeanBM Transport (ROI)
ScotlandBMS Transport
EnglandBoak, H & E
EnglandBoal, H.G.
EnglandBoarhunt Garage
EnglandBoat-Shift Transport
EuropeanBoekel (Leegwater) Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanBoekestijn Eijfferts Express (Netherlands)
EuropeanBoerman Transport (NL)
EuropeanBoers (Netherlands)
EuropeanBoers, Thomas (Netherlands)
EuropeanBogaert Transports (France)
EuropeanBohemia Transport (Czech Republic)
EuropeanBojur Logistic (Poland)
EuropeanBoles Hire (ROI)
EnglandBoleyn Recovery
EuropeanBolk Transport BV (Netherlands)
EuropeanBolle Transport (Netherlands)
EnglandBolton Bros.
EnglandBomford, Neil
EuropeanBonaechea (Spain)
EnglandBonar & Sons
EnglandBond Transport
EnglandBond, F G
EnglandBone, A T & Sons
EuropeanBonisabis (Romania)
EnglandBonner, Doree
EnglandBonnings Transport
EuropeanBon-Trans (Romania)
EnglandBooles Tools & Pipe Fittings
EuropeanBoom Transport (Netherlands)
EnglandBoon Brothers
EuropeanBoon Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanBoonstra Transport BV (Netherlands)
EnglandBooth, Allan
EnglandBooth, E H & Co
EnglandBooth, James
EuropeanBoper Truck Servis (Slovakia)
EnglandBorchard Lines
EnglandBorder Aggregates
EnglandBorder Traffic Service
ScotlandBorders Straw
EnglandBoreham, R C
EuropeanBorkowski (Poland)
EnglandBosveal Transport
EuropeanBotrans (Poland)
EnglandBott Group
EnglandBottomley, H
EnglandBouch, Brian
EnglandBoulton, H L
EnglandBounds, H & N
EnglandBourne Textile Services
EnglandBourne, J S
EnglandBourne, John
EnglandBournes Removals
ScotlandBow, Gordon
EnglandBowen, Chris
WalesBowen, D J
EnglandBower Green Transport
EnglandBowers, F H
EnglandBowers, M & J
ScotlandBowie, Billy
EnglandBowker, W H
EnglandBowler, T W
EnglandBowles, Roy
ScotlandBowman, Ewen M
EnglandBowman, John
EnglandBowmans Transport
EnglandBowmer, G J
EnglandBowring Transport
EnglandBoxhill Haulage
ScotlandBoyd Bros
EnglandBoyes Transport
EnglandBoyes, A D (Ireby)
EnglandBoyes, A D, Logistics
Northern IrelandBoyle Transport
EuropeanBoyle, Martin (ROI)
EnglandBoyle, Pat
EnglandBoyse, H A
EnglandBraces Bakery
EnglandBracewell, A M
EnglandBradbury, L & Son
EnglandBradfords Group
EuropeanBradley (ROI)
EnglandBradshaw, E B & Sons
EnglandBradshaw, J
EuropeanBrady, Martin (ROI)
EnglandBraegate Produce
EnglandBraham, Chas & Sons
EnglandBraidwood, Roy & Sons
EnglandBraithwaite Excavations
EnglandBrakes Group
EnglandBrampton Skip Hire
EnglandBratt, David
EuropeanBraun Spedition (Austria)
EuropeanBraun, Sven (Germany)
EnglandBray & Son
EnglandBreadmore Commercials
EnglandBreedon Group
EuropeanBreen International (ROI)
EuropeanBreewel Transport BV (Netherlands)
EnglandBreheny Group
EnglandBrett Aggregates Group
EnglandBretts Transport
EuropeanBreviter (Poland)
ScotlandBrewster Bros
ScotlandBrewster, C & G
EnglandBriarwood Products
EnglandBrice Aggregates
WalesBridgetime Transport
EnglandBridmin Tankers
EnglandBrigg Haulage
EnglandBright, Malcolm
EnglandBrindley, John
EuropeanBring Cargo (Norway)
EuropeanBring International (ROI)
EnglandBrinicombe, Denis
EnglandBrinor International Shipping & Forwarding
EnglandBrisko Metal Resources
EnglandBristol & Avon
EnglandBristol Fruit Sales
EnglandBrit European
EuropeanBrita Grilos (Portugal)
EnglandBritaniacrest Recycling
EnglandBritannia Freight Stream
EnglandBritannia Movers International
EnglandBroadhurst Transport
EnglandBrocklebank & Co
EnglandBrocklehurst Transport
EnglandBrocks Haulage
EuropeanBroekema Bulk (Netherlands)
EuropeanBroliveira (Portugal)
EnglandBromley, P
EnglandBrookdale Transport
EnglandBrooker Haulage
ScotlandBroomhall Feeds
EnglandBroscombe, S E
EuropeanBross & Pliwischkies (Germany)
EnglandBroughsons Transport
ScotlandBroughton Removals
EnglandBroughton Transport (Ex D Mortimer)
EuropeanBrouwer (Netherlands)
EuropeanBrouwer Jos.H.& Zn. B.V. (Netherlands)
EnglandBrower, Martin
ScotlandBrown & Tawse
EnglandBrown and Mason
EnglandBrown, A & J
EnglandBrown, A R & R V
EnglandBrown, Andrew
ScotlandBrown, Douglas
EnglandBrown, E & Son
EnglandBrown, F
EnglandBrown, Geo. T
EnglandBrown, Gilbert
EnglandBrown, H & Son
EnglandBrown, Nick
EnglandBrown, P J
EnglandBrown, Raymond
EnglandBrownridge Transport
EnglandBrowns Distribution
ScotlandBrowns Food Group
EnglandBruce Express
EnglandBrumpton, L J
EnglandBrundle, F H
EnglandBrunel Recycling
EnglandBrunt, A J
EnglandBruntingthorpe Logistics
EuropeanBrussee, D (Netherlands)
EuropeanBruyer (Belgium)
EnglandBryant, Frank
EnglandBryants Transport
EnglandBrysons Haulage
EnglandBSB Transport
EnglandBSI Transport
EnglandBSW Group
EuropeanBT Transport (Slovakia)
EuropeanBTS Logistik (Germany)
ScotlandBuchanan Skips
EuropeanBuchart (Germany)
EnglandBuckhurst Plant Hire
EnglandBuckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandBuckle, Frank
EnglandBuckley Transport
EnglandBucks Concrete
EnglandBUD Rescue & Recovery
EnglandBuddle, Carl
EnglandBudget Waste Management
EnglandBuffaload Logistics
EuropeanBukowscy (Poland)
EnglandBulk Solutions
EnglandBulk Tainer Transport
EnglandBulk Transfer
WalesBull Transport
EnglandBullen Plant Hire
ScotlandBullet Express
EnglandBullivant, Roger
EnglandBulmans Bulk Haulage
EuropeanBunderšek Company (Slovenia)
EnglandBunton, R
EnglandBuoyant Upholstery
EnglandBurbank Produce
EnglandBurcombe Haulage
EnglandBurden Transport
EnglandBurgess & Walker Transport
EnglandBurgess Bros
EnglandBurgess, A.E. & Sons
EnglandBurgess, G
EnglandBurgoynes Transport
EnglandBurke Bros
ScotlandBurke, M P
EnglandBurlington Aggregates
ScotlandBurnett, A & R
ScotlandBurnett, I & L
ScotlandBurns Express
ScotlandBurns, D W
ScotlandBurns, James Y
ScotlandBurns, Robert
EnglandBurntwood Group
EnglandBurrell, James
EnglandBurridge, Tyson H
EnglandBurrows Recovery
EnglandBurstwick Freight Services
EnglandBurton Roofing Merchants
EnglandBurton, Shaun
EnglandBUS Alfa Travel
WalesBUS Cardiff Bus
ScotlandBUS First Aberdeen
EnglandBUS First Bristol
EnglandBUS First Solent/Wessex/Slough
EnglandBUS Go Ahead Brighton
EnglandBUS Go Ahead Cornwall / Plymouth
EnglandBUS Go Ahead Oxford
EnglandBUS Go Ahead South Coast
EnglandBUS Shearings
EnglandBUS Stagecoach Devon
EnglandBUS TFL Go Ahead
EnglandBushcade Haulage
EnglandButt, C
EnglandButt, Roy
EnglandBWS Waste Management
EnglandBywater, John
EnglandC & D South West
WalesC & D Transport Services
EnglandC & K Haulage Services
EnglandC & L Transport
WalesC & M International
EnglandC & R Livestock Haulage
EnglandC + C Transport
EnglandC L Transport
EuropeanC S Cargo (Czech Republic)
EuropeanCaballero (Spain)
EnglandCadman Plant & Haulage
ScotlandCadzow Heavy Haulage
EuropeanCaffrey International (ROI)
WalesCahill, Kevin
EnglandCain, D & Son
EnglandCains Farm
ScotlandCairney, N & L
ScotlandCairngorm Plant & Tool Hire
EnglandCaisor, S (SCT)
EnglandCaistor Distribution
WalesCaldicot Recovery
ScotlandCaledonian Logistics
EnglandCalibre Auto Logistics
EuropeanCallaghan Transport (ROI)
EnglandCallerton Haulage
EnglandCallingtons Construction
EnglandCallister Removals
EnglandCallow Oils
EuropeanCalsina-Carre (Spain)
WalesCambrian Plant Hire
EnglandCambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service
Northern IrelandCamden Group
ScotlandCameron, James A
EnglandCammack & Wilcox
EnglandCammack, N C
EnglandCamp Hopson Removals
Northern IrelandCampbell Bulk Haulage
EuropeanCampbell Carriers (Republic of Ireland)
ScotlandCampbell of Oxton
ScotlandCampbell, A
ScotlandCampbell, D & J
ScotlandCampbell, James P & Sons
ScotlandCampbell, R & F
EnglandCampeys of Selby
EuropeanCampillo (Spain)
EuropeanCampillo Palmera (Spain)
EnglandCampling, Fred & Sons
EnglandCannon Commercials
EnglandCannons Transport
EuropeanCano, J. (Spain)
EnglandCanoe Shops
EnglandCantlay, J
EnglandCantrell, J W
EuropeanCaparros Y Gavilan (Spain)
EuropeanCapelle Groupe (France)
EuropeanCapitrans S.L. (Spain)
Northern IrelandCapper Trading
EnglandCapper, W J
EuropeanCarballo, Y Gruas Transportes (Spain)
EnglandCarberry, B J & C
EuropeanCardoso & Irmao Transportes (Portugal)
EnglandCarefoot, Walter
EnglandCarew, D G & Son
EnglandCarey Group
EuropeanCargo Expert (Poland)
EnglandCargo Express
EuropeanCargo Express (Poland )
EnglandCargo Express Delivery
EuropeanCargo Flow (Czech Republic)
EnglandCargo Logic
WalesCargo Services UK
EuropeanCargo Via (Bulgaria)
EuropeanCargoBoss (Netherlands)
EuropeanCargoTrans (Germany)
EnglandCarlson Carriers
EnglandCarlton Forest Group
EnglandCarlyon, G.A.
Northern IrelandCarmichael Logistics
Northern IrelandCarmichael, R S
EnglandCarn View Commercials
EuropeanCarna (ROI)
ScotlandCarnegie Fuels
ScotlandCarnegie, D M
EnglandCarnevale Foods
ScotlandCarntyne Transport
EnglandCarpenter, J T
EuropeanCarpentier (France)
EnglandCarr Brothers
EuropeanCarrion, J (Spain)
EnglandCarrs Billington
EnglandCarrs Flour Mills
EnglandCarruthers, C & J
EnglandCarry Gently
EnglandCARS (Classic Automotive Relocation Services)
ScotlandCARS Recovery
ScotlandCarson Lifting & Transport Solutions
EuropeanCarspeed (Romania)
EuropeanCartechtrans (Slovakia)
EnglandCarter, Peter
EnglandCarter, W R
ScotlandCartner, Allan
EuropeanCartrans GMBH (Germany)
EuropeanCartrans Spedition (Romania)
EnglandCartwright Bros
EuropeanCarVolum (Spain)
EnglandCase, N H
WalesCastell Howell Foods
EnglandCasterton Haulage
EuropeanCastillo Trans (Spain)
EnglandCastle Cement (Hanson Cement)
EnglandCastledene Transport
EuropeanCastro, D (Spain)
EnglandCatchpole, Brian
Northern IrelandCathers, T
EuropeanCatone (Italy)
EnglandCatt, Wayne
EuropeanCaty Trans (Romania)
EuropeanCaudete (Spain)
Northern IrelandCauseway Pallets & Transport
EnglandCawley, F & R
EuropeanCayon (France)
EuropeanCB Groupe (Luxembourg)
EnglandCC Haulage
EnglandCCC Waste
EnglandCCR Ltd (Colin Clarke Roadfreight)
EnglandCCT Express
EuropeanCDO Prague (Czech Republic)
EuropeanCDS Nachod (Czech Republic)
EnglandCecil, B H
EuropeanCEE Logistics (Czech Republic)
EuropeanCelani Trasporti (Italy)
WalesCeltic International
WalesCeltic Recycling
EnglandCentral Aggregates
ScotlandCentral Demolition
WalesCentral Garages
EnglandCentral Supplies
ScotlandCenturion Freight
EuropeanCerezuela (Spain)
EuropeanCesped (Italy)
EuropeanCeusters, Ronny (Belgium)
EuropeanCeva (France)
EnglandCG Haulage
EnglandChallis, S T
EnglandChamberlain Transport
EnglandChambers & Cook
EnglandChambers Group
EnglandChampion, A J
EnglandChandlers Building Supplies
EuropeanChannelfret (France)
EnglandChantry, FJL
EnglandChappells Heavy Haulage
EnglandChappell's Removals
EnglandCharles, B M
EuropeanCharlier, R. (Belgium)
EnglandCharlton, Paul L
ScotlandChassar, Edward G
EuropeanChatel Nord (France)
EuropeanChedos (Slovakia)
EnglandCheetah Couriers
EnglandChelmsford Removals
EnglandCheshire Demolition
EnglandCheshire Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandChester Textile Services
EuropeanChickliner International Transport (Hazeleger) (Netherlands)
EnglandChiltern Cold Storage
WalesChilton Bulk Haulage
EuropeanChinchón, Hnos (Spain)
EuropeanChlechowicz (Poland)
EuropeanChomar (Poland)
EnglandChorlton Express Transport
EnglandChrisalis Worldwide
EuropeanChristeyns (Belgium)
ScotlandChristie, Bert
EnglandChristie, T
ScotlandChristies of Fochabers
EnglandChristmas, R A
ScotlandChristoffersen, B B
EnglandChristopher, M J & Son
ScotlandChrystal Petroleum
EnglandChurch, M J
EnglandChurchill Freight Services
EnglandChurchill, Graham
EuropeanCiku Trans (Belgium)
EuropeanCimoch, J & B (Poland)
EuropeanCinex (Czech Republic)
EuropeanCinquina Trasporti & Servizi (Italy)
EnglandCircle Express
EuropeanCitronex (Poland)
ScotlandCity Haul
EuropeanCiva Trans (Czech Republic)
EnglandCJ Transport
EnglandCJ Transport (Coseley)
EuropeanClaessen, Hein (Netherlands)
EnglandClan International
EnglandClancy Docwra
EuropeanClare County Trucking (ROI)
EnglandClarendon Haulage
EnglandClark Contracting
ScotlandClark, Arnold
EnglandClark, D W
EnglandClark, Phill
EnglandClark, S
ScotlandClark, William
EnglandClarke Transport
WalesClarke, B J
EnglandClarke, N S
EnglandClarke, Peter
EnglandClarkes of Walsham
EnglandClarkson, Les & Son
EnglandClaygate Distribution
EnglandCleansing Service Group
EnglandClearfast Ltd
ScotlandClearwater Waste Management
EnglandCleaver, A W
EnglandCleaver, Jase (JCT)
ScotlandClegg, William
EnglandClement Haulage
EnglandClements, C & A
EnglandCleveland Cable Co
EnglandCleveland Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandClipper Logistics
EnglandCloburn Transport
EnglandClose, M J
EnglandClowes, Simon
EnglandClubb, J
ScotlandCluckie, Neil
EnglandClugston Distribution
WalesClwyd Transport Services
EnglandCMA Haulage
EnglandCMG Rescue Services
EnglandCoach House
WalesCoast to Coast Caravans
EnglandCoastal Global Logistics
EnglandCoates, H W
EnglandCobley Transport
EnglandCobley, Richard
EuropeanCobra Transport (Czech Republic)
EnglandCockerill, R S
EnglandCocks, A J
EuropeanCodognotto (Italy)
EnglandCofco International
ScotlandCoille Haulage
ScotlandColbeck, Henry
EnglandColdstore Construction Services
EnglandCole, H J
EnglandCole, Richard J
EnglandCole, Ryan
EnglandColeman International
EnglandColeman, D & F
EnglandColeman, Ralph
EnglandColes & Sons
EnglandColes Plant
EnglandColes, J A
EnglandColes, James & Sons
EnglandColes, K S
EnglandColets Piling
EnglandCollard, R
EnglandCollett Transport
ScotlandCollier Haulage
WalesCollier Haulage (South Wales)
EnglandCollier, Michael R
ScotlandCollin, D R
EnglandCollins Earthworks
EnglandCollins Skip Hire
EuropeanCollins Transport (ROI)
EnglandCollinson PLC
EnglandCollinson, J & M
EuropeanCollitax (Belgium)
EnglandColson Transport
EnglandColton Commercials
EnglandColton Plant Hire
EnglandColwell & Friend Haulage
EuropeanCom Divers (Romania)
EnglandCombellack Vehicle Recyclers
EuropeanCombilo (Netherlands)
EuropeanComett Plus (Czech Republic)
EuropeanComextrans (Slovakia)
EnglandCommercial Drivers Personnel
EuropeanCompagnie Sud Express (Luxembourg)
EuropeanConchamar (Portugal)
EnglandConference Haul
EnglandConing, A & C
Northern IrelandConnolly, Liam
EnglandConods of Leominster
EnglandConway Bailey Transport
EnglandConway, F M
EnglandCook, C R
EnglandCook, J S
ScotlandCook, Ross
EnglandCooke, N & K
EnglandCooks Commercials
EnglandCookson, B
EnglandCool Move Mario
EnglandCool Solutions
EnglandCoombe Valley Transport
EnglandCooper Buckley
EnglandCooper, B & A
EnglandCooper, D A & Sons
EnglandCooper, Ernest
ScotlandCooper, J & Co
EnglandCooper, J & Sons
EnglandCooper, James
EnglandCooper, John
EnglandCooper, Paul Transport
EnglandCooper, Peter M
EnglandCooper, R & C
EnglandCooper, S
EnglandCooper's Freightmaster
EnglandCoopers Transport
EnglandCopart UK
ScotlandCopeland, E
EnglandCopps Removals & Storage
EuropeanCora-Trans (Slovakia)
EnglandCorbishley, D & L
EuropeanCordier (France)
ScotlandCormack, W D
EnglandCorner Transport
EuropeanCorneth, John (Netherlands)
EnglandCornwall Commercials
EnglandCornwall Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandCornwall Glass & Glazing
EnglandCornwell & Son
EnglandCorporate Solutions Logistics
EuropeanCorrecaminos (Spain)
EuropeanCorredor Hnos Transportes International (Spain)
EuropeanCorsi-FIT (France)
EnglandCotswold Carriers
EnglandCotswold Petroleum
EnglandCotteswold Dairy
EnglandCotton Transport
EnglandCougar Couriers
WalesCounsell, Alan
EnglandCountrystyle Group
EnglandCounty Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandCounty Lifting
EnglandCounty Linen (Chelmsford)
EnglandCoupland, D H
EuropeanCourcelle (France)
ScotlandCourier Connections
EnglandCousins, J W
EnglandCoutts Transport
EnglandCove, R W
EnglandCowan Transport
EnglandCoward, Alan & Son
EnglandCowern, Clive
WalesCowindale Feeds
EnglandCowling's Transport
ScotlandCowper, J & D
EnglandCox (Cranes), J.L.
EnglandCox, A L
EnglandCox, J A
ScotlandCoyle, Alan
EnglandCP Transport
EnglandCPJ Environmental Services
EnglandCPL Transport
EnglandCPT Distribution
EnglandCrabtree, A
EnglandCrabtree, H
ScotlandCraig of Denny
ScotlandCraig, David
EuropeanCraiss Logistik (Germany)
EuropeanCram Autotransporti (Italy)
EnglandCranage Haulage
EnglandCranbury Removals
EnglandCrane, Andy
EnglandCranleigh Freight Services
EnglandCranswick Country Foods
EnglandCraven Transport
EnglandCrediton Milling
EnglandCreed Foodservice
EuropeanCremers (Netherlands)
EnglandCris Services Group
EnglandCrisp Malting Group
EnglandCRL Logistics
EnglandCRL Transport
EnglandCroft, Robert
EnglandCrofts, D N & Son
EnglandCrompton, Thomas
EuropeanCroome (Lithuania)
EnglandCroome International Transport
EnglandCropper, James
EuropeanCrosbie Trans-Car (ROI)
EnglandCross Country Carriers
EuropeanCross Speed (Czech Republic)
EnglandCross Transport
EnglandCross, W R
EnglandCrossley Evans
EnglandCrouch Recovery
EnglandCrowfoots Carriers
EnglandCrown Milling
ScotlandCrown Motors
EnglandCrown Oil
EnglandCrowther, J W
EnglandCRS Building Supplies
EuropeanCruz Transportes (Spain)
WalesCrynant Plant
EnglandCS2 Transport
EuropeanCSAD Jihotrans (Czech Republic)
EuropeanCSAD Logistik (Czech Republic)
EuropeanCSAD Tisnov (Czech Republic)
EnglandCSH Environmental
EnglandCSH Transport
EnglandCSL Transport
EnglandCSM Haulage
EuropeanCsonka Trans (Slovakia)
EuropeanCsosz Trans (Hungary)
EnglandCTC Europe
EuropeanCTW Logistics (Netherlands)
Northern IrelandCubbit, Jim
EnglandCulina Logistics
EuropeanCullen, Kevin Transport (ROI)
EnglandCullimore, Moreton C
EnglandCumberland Packaging
EnglandCumbria Concrete Products
EnglandCumbria Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandCumbria Logistics
EuropeanCunningham, Brian (ROI)
EnglandCurnock, David
Northern IrelandCurran, D
EuropeanCurran, Daryl (ROI)
ScotlandCurrie European
ScotlandCurrie, W & M
EnglandCurtis, H
EnglandCurtis, R C
EnglandCustom Haulage
EnglandCutts Transport
EnglandCWC Logistics
EuropeanCzech Logistic (Czech Republic)
EnglandD & C Logistics
EnglandD & D Transport
EnglandD & F Hiab Haulage
EnglandD & L Driver Solutions
EnglandD & M Plant Hire
EnglandD & N Xpress
EnglandD & P Haulage
ScotlandD & S Metals (Forres)
EnglandD & S Titu Services
ScotlandD & W Agri
EnglandD D & H Ltd
EnglandD J Haulage
EuropeanD L Flowers (Netherlands)
EnglandD P Services
EnglandD.P. Cold Planing
EuropeanDabau Transports (Spain)
EuropeanDachser (Germany)
EuropeanDaf Trans Eood (Bulgaria)
EuropeanDaf-Trans SP (Poland)
EuropeanD'Agostino srl (Italy)
EuropeanDaily Logistics Group (Netherlands)
EuropeanDaisy Express (Belgium)
EnglandDale & Read
EnglandDale Brothers
EnglandDale Hire
EnglandDale, David
EuropeanDalessi International Transport BV (Netherlands)
ScotlandDalton Metal Recycling
EnglandDalton, Ron
EuropeanDaltrans (Belgium)
EnglandDamac Transporters
EuropeanDamar Trans (Czech Republic)
EnglandDanabb Transport
EuropeanDancsi (Hungary)
ScotlandDandie, Walter
EnglandDaniels Transport
EuropeanDann - Trans LKW (Poland)
EuropeanDar Bol (Poland)
EuropeanDark-Trans (Slovenia)
EnglandDarlingtons Group
EnglandDartmouth Crab Company
EuropeanDartom (Poland)
EuropeanDasselaar B (Netherlands)
EnglandDavanti Tyres (Oak Tyres)
EnglandDavenport Transport
EnglandDavey's of Launceston
ScotlandDavidson & Wilson
ScotlandDavidson Bros
ScotlandDavidson, F
EnglandDavidson, J
ScotlandDavie, Alan
WalesDavies Crane Hire
WalesDavies Fuels
EnglandDavies International Transport
WalesDavies Logistics
EnglandDavies Transport
EnglandDavies Turner
EnglandDavies, A
ScotlandDavies, A A & Co
EnglandDavies, Albert
WalesDavies, ATB
EnglandDavies, David G
WalesDavies, E & Son
WalesDavies, E Contractors
WalesDavies, Gary Meat Auctions
WalesDavies, Haydn
WalesDavies, I & S & Sons
WalesDavies, Jim
ScotlandDavies, John
WalesDavies, Mansel
EnglandDavies, Paul M
WalesDavies, Phil
EnglandDavies, Ralph
WalesDavies, S M
EnglandDavis, H C
EnglandDavis, S E & Son
EuropeanDavmar (Spain)
EnglandDawson, A V
ScotlandDawson, W & D
EuropeanDaw-Trans (Poland)
EnglandDay Aggregates
EnglandDay, John
EnglandDay, Walter & Sons
EnglandDayson, J & A
EuropeanDaytona (ROI)
EuropeanDB Schenker (Germany)
EuropeanDB Trans (Czech Republic)
EnglandDB Transport
EnglandDBL Logistics
EuropeanDBT Logistics (Belgium)
EuropeanDCC Group (ROI)
EnglandDCL Transport Services
EnglandDCP Haulage
EuropeanDe Block (Belgium)
EuropeanDe Bruyn Wed. J. (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Clercq Gilbert (Belgium)
EuropeanDe Decker-Van Riet (Belgium)
EuropeanDe Girolami (Italy)
EuropeanDe Groen (Netherlands)
Europeande Groot J. (Netherlands)
Europeande Jong A. Int. Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Jong, R (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Koter (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Lange Speciaal Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Man, Toon (Netherlands)
Europeande Mooij Bert bv (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Mooij, Gebr. (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Rijk, Jan (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Rijke (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Rooy (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Rooy Logistics (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Soete (Belgium)
EuropeanDe Waal, Wilfred (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Waard Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanDe Wit Transport (Netherlands)
EnglandDeakins, S G
EnglandDean Transport Services
EnglandDean, A J
EnglandDean, J C
EnglandDean, Jason
EnglandDeardens Haulage & Aggregate
EnglandDecco Ltd
EuropeanDedal (Poland)
EnglandDee, G J
EnglandDeeping Direct Deliveries
EnglandDeeprose, M
EuropeanDeertrans (Belgium)
EnglandDehe Ltd
Northern IrelandDeighan Transport
EuropeanDekker Tank Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanDekker, C H (Netherlands)
EuropeanDekkers Internationaal Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanDelaere Transports (Belgium)
EuropeanDelaney (ROI)
EuropeanDelaunay (France)
EuropeanDelca Logistics BVBA (Belgium)
EuropeanDelcroix (France)
EuropeanDelisle (France)
EnglandDelivery Group
EnglandDelphic Haulage
EuropeanDeltatrans (Poland)
EuropeanDema Service (Czech Republic)
EuropeanDemids (Lithuania)
EuropeanDemotrans (Poland)
EuropeanDempsey International (ROI)
EnglandDempsey, W J
EuropeanDen Hartogh (Netherlands)
EuropeanDen Ouden Tanktransport BV (Netherlands)
EnglandDenbigh Timber Products
EnglandDenby Transport
EnglandDenham, D & S
EnglandDenholm UK
EuropeanDenis (Belgium)
EnglandDennis Distribution
Northern IrelandDennison, W S
EnglandDent Logistics
EuropeanDepaeuw (France)
EnglandDerbyshire Fire & Rescue Service
EuropeanDerks, P (Netherlands)
EuropeanDeroo (France)
Northern IrelandDerry Refrigerated Transport
Northern IrelandDerry, G & J
Northern IrelandDerry, J
Northern IrelandDerryhale Transport
EnglandDerw Glass
EnglandDesign Scaffolding
ScotlandDevlin, Barry
EnglandDevon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandDevon Contract Waste
EnglandDextra Lighting
EuropeanDFDS Logistics (Denmark)
EuropeanDFL Transport (Poland)
ScotlandDGG Transport
EnglandDGT Transport
EuropeanDHL (Germany)
EuropeanDhollandia (Belgium)
EuropeanDHW (Czech Republic)
EnglandDiamond Freight
EuropeanDianthus (Romania)
EnglandDickinson Transport
EnglandDickinson, H
EnglandDickinson, J
EnglandDickinson, John
EnglandDigby Bros
EnglandDigging It Plant Hire
EuropeanDijco (Netherlands)
EuropeanDillon, B International Transport (ROI)
EuropeanDimetra (Netherlands)
EnglandDinham, John
EuropeanDinotrans (Latvia)
EnglandDirect Haul
ScotlandDirect Slating Supplies
EnglandDirect Transportation
EuropeanDiscordia (Bulgaria)
EuropeanDissegna Marcello (Overland) (Italy)
EuropeanDissegna SRL (Italy)
EuropeanDi-Trans (Macedonia)
EuropeanDivilly Transport (ROI)
EuropeanDixon International (ROI)
EnglandDixon, J R
EnglandDJH Transport
EnglandDJM Heavy Haul
ScotlandDJR Services
EnglandDJV Transport & Forwarding
EnglandDKL Commercials
EnglandDKM Logistics
EuropeanDo Valado, Transportes (Portugal)
EnglandDobbs Logistics
EnglandDobson, J / J D Bulk Liquids
EnglandDobson, T & Sons
EnglandDoccombe Global Logistics
EnglandDocksey, N J
EnglandDodds, Geoff
EnglandDoe, Ernest
EnglandDoe, N
EnglandDoel, Mark
EnglandDoherty, B & R
Northern IrelandDoherty, Michael
EuropeanDohmen, Jan BV (Netherlands)
EuropeanDolo Trans Olimpic (Romania)
EnglandDomestic Appliance Distributors
EuropeanDomino Trans Kft. (Hungary)
EuropeanDom-Trans (Poland)
EuropeanDON Trucking (Poland)
EnglandDonaldson Timber
Northern IrelandDonnell & Ellis
Northern IrelandDonnelly, James & Sons
ScotlandDonnelly, Stephen
EnglandDonoghue, P B
EnglandDoody, Tim
EuropeanDoolaeghe (Belgium)
EuropeanDoppelbauer (Austria)
EuropeanDopress (Slovakia)
EuropeanDorchies B. (France)
EnglandDorling Transport
EnglandDorothy, Nigel
EnglandDorse, John
EnglandDorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service
EuropeanDorys CZ (Czech Republic)
EuropeanDostawca Trans (Poland)
WalesDouble Time Distribution
EnglandDoubleday Group
ScotlandDouglas, E & J
ScotlandDouglas, G T
EnglandDouglas, S T
ScotlandDow Group
EnglandDownes Transport
EuropeanDowney, Denis J (ROI)
EnglandDownham's Haulage
EnglandDowns, P J
EnglandDowse Haulage
EnglandDowse of Richmond
EnglandDowson, C Neil
EnglandDoyle, C & Son
EuropeanDPD (Germany)
EnglandDPS Transport
WalesDraig Haulage
EnglandDraper, Bill
EuropeanDreams Trans Eood (Bulgaria)
EuropeanDreier AG (Switzerland)
EuropeanDrew - Trans (Poland)
EnglandDrewery Haulage
EnglandDrinkwater's Mushrooms
WalesDriven by Me Ltd
EnglandDromgoole & Sons
EuropeanDrost Trucks (Netherlands)
EuropeanDrost, A (Netherlands)
EnglandDRS Logistics
ScotlandDrumclog Plant
ScotlandDrummond Distribution
EnglandDrury, K
EnglandDrury's Transport
ScotlandDrysdale Freight
EnglandDSM Demolition
EnglandDSM Ltd
EuropeanDST Decin (Czech Republic)
EuropeanDSV (Denmark)
EnglandDTM Logistics
EuropeanDTP Trans Bredene (Belgium)
EnglandDTS International
EuropeanDTW Logistics (Poland)
EnglandDual Seal Glass Ltd
EuropeanDuarig Transports (France)
EuropeanDuarte, Paulo (Portugal)
EuropeanDudimex Trans (Poland)
EuropeanDudko & Lucia (Slovakia)
EuropeanDudo-AG (Macedonia)
ScotlandDuff, William & Sons
EnglandDuffields, W L & Sons
EnglandDugdale Nutrition
EnglandDugdale, George & Sons
WalesDuggan, Ivor & Sons
EnglandDuggans Transport
EuropeanDuhabex (Poland)
EuropeanDumagas (Romania)
Northern IrelandDumfries Freight
EuropeanDunca Expeditii S.A. (Romania)
ScotlandDuncan Grain
EnglandDuncan Plant Hire
ScotlandDuncan, David
EuropeanDundrum Transport (ROI)
EnglandDungait Transport
EnglandDunhouse Quarry
ScotlandDunlop, Fraser
EnglandDunmow Waste Management
ScotlandDunn, A & J M (Sandy Dunn)
EnglandDunnett, R & Son
EnglandDurham City Transport
WalesDurrant, Stuart
EuropeanDuvenbeck (Germany)
EuropeanDW Transport (ROI)
EnglandDWP & Sons
EnglandDX Delivery
ScotlandDyce Carriers
WalesDyer-Headlam Partnership
EnglandDyfed Steel
EnglandDynes Recovery
EnglandDynes, C P
EuropeanE Lorry (Russia)
EnglandEagle Plant
ScotlandEardley International
EnglandEarl Transport
EnglandEAS Consulting & Logistics
EnglandEasey, Brian
ScotlandEast Coast Viners
EnglandEast Float Logistics
EnglandEast Lancashire Box Co
EnglandEast Riding Sacks
EnglandEast Riding Transport
EnglandEast Sussex Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandEast Trans
EnglandEastern Concrete
EnglandEaston Transport
EnglandEasy Load
EnglandEasy Mix Concrete UK
EnglandEasy Trim
EnglandEasywalk Ltd
EnglandEaton, B S
EnglandEaton, Noel & Sons
EnglandEBB Papers
EuropeanEbeling Logistik (Germany)
EuropeanEbner, Adolf (Austria)
EuropeanEbrex (Poland)
EuropeanEchemar Transportes (Spain)
EnglandEclipse Distribution Solutions
EnglandECM (VDS) Ltd
EnglandEcoganix Logistics
EnglandEconomic Skips
EnglandEcono-move Ltd
ScotlandEconomove Removals
EuropeanEcoService Europe (Netherlands)
EuropeanECS Group (Belgium)
EnglandEddie's Transport
EnglandEddolls International
EnglandEddolls Transport
EnglandEden Transport
EuropeanEdes M P (Netherlands)
WalesEdge Transport
EuropeanEdmar (Poland)
EnglandEdmondson, F
ScotlandEdward, Richard & Sons
Northern IrelandEdwards Bulk Haulage
EnglandEdwards Transport
EnglandEdwards, M
WalesEdwards, M E
EnglandEdwards, W K
EuropeanEdy Group (Romanian)
EnglandEFM Distribution
EnglandEFS Global
WalesEgan Waste
ScotlandEgger Timberpak
EnglandEglinton Timber Products
ScotlandEIS Waste Services
EnglandEJ Transport
EuropeanEkol (Turkey)
EuropeanEl Mosca s.a. (Spain)
EnglandELB Partners
EnglandElddis Transport
EnglandElectrical Waste Recycling
EuropeanElektromet (Poland)
EnglandElevation Logistics
EnglandEley, Chris
EnglandELG Haniel Metals
EnglandElis UK
EnglandElite Transport
EuropeanEliton Trans (Romania)
EuropeanEljot (Poland)
EnglandElkington, Keith
EuropeanElkor (Poland)
EnglandEllgia Recycling
EnglandElliott and Sons
ScotlandElliott, J R
EnglandEllis, C S
EnglandEllis, J T
EnglandEllis, M S
EnglandEllison, W M
EuropeanElltrans (Poland)
ScotlandElmhurst Transport
ScotlandElrick's Transport
EuropeanEltom Transport (Poland)
EuropeanEL-Trans (Poland)
EnglandEM Transport
EnglandEmerson, C C & R J
EnglandEminence Logistics
EnglandEmmerson Transport
EnglandEmmitt Plant
EnglandEmms Transport
EuropeanEmons Group (Netherlands)
EuropeanEmpol (Poland)
EuropeanEMS (Germany)
EnglandEMS Waste Services
EuropeanEnco Logistics (Turkey)
EnglandEncon Group
EnglandEnva Group
WalesEnviroclear Site Services
EnglandEnviroco Services
EnglandEPD Insulation
EuropeanEPO-Trans (Poland)
WalesEPS Ltd
EnglandEpton, H & Son
EnglandEpwin Group
EnglandErewash Commercials
EuropeanEriks, Arjan (Netherlands)
EnglandErith Group
EnglandERL Group
EuropeanErontrans (Poland)
EuropeanEscudero, Vincente E (Spain)
EuropeanEssers, H (Belgium)
EnglandEssex Bulk Services
EnglandEssex County Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandEssex Grab Hire
EnglandEssex Hay & Straw
EnglandEssex Recycling
EuropeanEstela Trans SL (Spain)
WalesEstuary Oils
EuropeanEtap Transport (Romania)
EnglandETM Contractors
EnglandETR Logistics
EuropeanEuresco bv (Netherlands)
WalesEuro Foods Group
EuropeanEuro Haul (Romania)
EnglandEuro Packaging
EuropeanEuro via (Bulgaria)
EuropeanEuro.Tra.Ma. (Italy)
EuropeanEurocruz (Spain)
EuropeanEurodrav (Romania)
EnglandEuroline Commercials
EuropeanEurolinea (Italy)
EuropeanEuroloma (Spain)
EuropeanEuropa Flyer (Sweden)
EnglandEuropa Shipping Services
EnglandEuropa Worldwide
EuropeanEuropatransporte Wagner (Germany)
EnglandEuropean Metal Recycling (EMR)
EuropeanEuropegaz (Poland)
EuropeanEuropet Trasporti Internazionali (Italy)
EuropeanEuropombal (Portugal)
ScotlandEuroroute Recovery
EuropeanEuroseven (Poland)
EuropeanEurosol Cargo S.A. (Spain)
EuropeanEurospan (Netherlands)
EuropeanEurospeed (BG)
EnglandEuroswift Worldwide Logistics
EnglandEurotech Environmental
EuropeanEurotransit (Germany)
EuropeanEurotruck Das (Romania)
EnglandEurovision Logistics
EnglandEurowalk (GB) Ltd
EnglandEV Cargo
EuropeanEva Sped (Luxembourg)
WalesEvans Brothers
EnglandEvans Transport
EnglandEvans, Ben (Commercials)
WalesEvans, D A J
WalesEvans, Geoff & Sons
WalesEvans, J I
WalesEvans, Owen
WalesEvans, Ronnie, S
EnglandEvans, S & Sons
EuropeanEverest Logistics Services (Poland)
EnglandEveritt, W
EnglandEvitts Transport
EnglandEvolution Connection
EuropeanEwals Cargo Care (Netherlands)
EnglandEWD Recycling
Northern IrelandEwing Brothers
EnglandExceed Logistics
Europeanexcelent-trans (Romania)
EuropeanExellent Ilawa (Poland)
EuropeanExit S.A. (Spain)
EnglandExley, J
EnglandExmoor Hay & Straw
EnglandExol Lubricants
EnglandExpect Distribution
EnglandExpert Group
Northern IrelandExpress Distribution Services
EuropeanExpress Logic (Poland)
EnglandExpress Parcel Services
EuropeanExpress Trailers (Malta)
EnglandExpress Transport
EnglandExsample Courier Services
EnglandF & G Transport
EuropeanF.H.U. Transport (Poland)
EuropeanFaassen, Theo (Netherlands)
EnglandFagan and Whalley
EnglandFahey, P & Sons
EnglandFahey's Concrete Ltd
EuropeanFahrenheit Freight Forwarders (Malta)
ScotlandFailte Foods
EnglandFairburn, L J
EnglandFairhurst Concrete & Stone
EuropeanFakro (Poland)
EnglandFalcon Tower Crane Services
ScotlandFalkirk Car Carriers
EuropeanFani Trans (Hungary)
EnglandFarol Ltd
EnglandFarr, Nick
EnglandFarrall, Edwin C
EnglandFarrell Transport
EnglandFarrer, E & N
EnglandFarsley Transport
EnglandFarwell, G
WalesFast Forward Distribution
EnglandFast Frog
EnglandFastsource Ltd
EnglandFat Solutions Ltd
EnglandFaulder, Ian
Northern IrelandFaulkner, C & Sons
WalesFaulkner, R M
EuropeanFazi (Italy)
EnglandFCC Environment
EnglandFCL Event Logistics
EnglandFDC Holdings
EuropeanFeccia F.lli (Italy)
EuropeanFehrenkötter (Germany)
EuropeanFelber Transport Gesmbh (Austria)
EuropeanFeldmann Spedition (Germany)
EuropeanFelix (Spain)
EnglandFellows, Steve
EuropeanFendrich (Germany)
EnglandFenland Haulage & Storage
EnglandFenn, R G
EnglandFenton Packaging
ScotlandFenton Transport
EnglandFenwick Bros
EnglandFenwick Transport
EuropeanFercam (Italy)
ScotlandFerguson Transport (Spean Bridge)
ScotlandFerguson, James C C
ScotlandFerguson, Kenny & Son
EnglandFergusons Transport
ScotlandFergusson, John
EuropeanFerma Transport s.r.o. (Slovakia)
EuropeanFermy Wozniak (Poland)
EnglandFernhaul Transport Services
EnglandFerns Group
EnglandFerris, Nick
EuropeanFestina (Lithuania)
EuropeanFetal & Silva Transportes (Portugal)
EnglandFew, J T
EuropeanFiala Transport (Czech Republic)
EuropeanFidanli Nakliyat (Turkey)
EnglandField, J J
EnglandFielding, R E
EnglandFielding, R F
ScotlandFife Creamery
EnglandFifth Gear Transport Services
EuropeanFigueiredo Transportes (Portugal)
EuropeanFijavž Uroš (Slovenia)
EuropeanFijavž, Daniel (Slovenia)
EuropeanFilardi Grupo (Spain)
EuropeanFilija (Croatia)
EuropeanFilip (Romania)
EnglandFillongley Garage
EnglandFilmer, Rod
ScotlandFilshill, J W / Keystore
ScotlandFiltec Water Services
EnglandFinch, G & B
EnglandFinch, Neil
EnglandFinch, Perry
EnglandFinch, S
EnglandFinedon Bulk Haulage
EuropeanFinegan, P J Transport (ROI)
EuropeanFinejas (Lithuania)
ScotlandFinnie Heavy Haulage
ScotlandFinnie, A & R
EuropeanFiolet, J C (France)
EnglandFirbrook Agriculture
EnglandFire & Rescue (New Dimension)
EuropeanFirma Mardo (Poland)
EnglandFirmin, Alan
EuropeanFirtex Transport Spedycja (Poland)
EuropeanFischbach (Luxembourg)
EuropeanFischer Otto (Germany)
EnglandFischer, George
EnglandFisher, J
WalesFitzgerald Plant
WalesFitzpatrick, Noel
EnglandFlannery, P
EnglandFlegg Transport
ScotlandFlemings of Rosyth
EuropeanFLOgistika (Hungary)
EnglandFlood Transport
EuropeanFlor Express (Czech Republic)
EuropeanFlott Trans (Hungary)
EnglandFlow Logistics
EnglandFLS (Felixstowe Logistic Solutions)
EuropeanFluckinger (Austria)
EnglandFly By Nite
ScotlandFlynn, R
EuropeanFockedey Transports (Belgium)
EnglandFocus Removals
EnglandFoley & Miles
EuropeanFoley Transport (ROI)
EuropeanFoley, Pat (ROI)
EuropeanFoltrans-Center (Poland)
WalesFootman, Charles
EnglandFor Farmers (Previously BOCM Pauls)
ScotlandForbes, I & I
EnglandForce One
EnglandFord Fuels
EnglandFord Motor Company
EnglandFord, D R & F A
EnglandFords of Derby
EnglandFords Transport
EnglandForest Freight
EnglandForest Hill Transport
EnglandForest of Dean Caravans
EnglandForge Logistics
EnglandForman, Frank B & Sons
EnglandForrest Fresh Foods
ScotlandForsyth of Denny
EnglandForward Trucking Services
WalesForward Waste
EuropeanFosnjar (Croatia)
EnglandFoster, J R
EnglandFoster, Steve
EnglandFothergill, A R
EnglandFoulger Transport
EnglandFowle & Co
EnglandFowles Haulage
EnglandFox (Owmby) Ltd
EnglandFox Brothers (H F Fox)
EuropeanFox Cargo (Czech Republic)
WalesFox Removals
EnglandFox, David
EnglandFox, Miles
EnglandFracks Transport
EuropeanFrade, Antonio (Portugal)
EnglandFrancis Transport
EnglandFrancis Transport (Washington)
EuropeanFrancisco & Almeida Transportes (Portugal)
EnglandFranks, J&J
EnglandFraser Freight
Northern IrelandFraser, V & Sons
EuropeanFredotrans (Belgium)
Northern IrelandFreeburn Transport
EnglandFreelance Haulage
ScotlandFreelands Freight Service
EnglandFreeman Transport
EnglandFreeman, R
EnglandFreemans Transport
Northern IrelandFreight Direct Ireland
EnglandFreight Express
EnglandFreight Force
EuropeanFreight Line Europe (Netherlands)
WalesFreight Movement
EnglandFreight Transport
EnglandFreightlink Europe
EnglandFrench, R S
ScotlandFrench, T & Son
WalesFrenni Transport
EuropeanFresco Seafoods (ROI)
EnglandFresh Freight
Europeanfreshcargo (Poland)
EnglandFreshLinc Distribution
EuropeanFreund, H (Germany)
EuropeanFricke Spedition (Germany)
EuropeanFriderici Special (Switzerland)
EuropeanFrigo Transport & Spedycja (Poland)
EuropeanFrigo7 (France)
EuropeanFrigo-Trans (Germany)
EuropeanFrio Rens (Spain)
EnglandFrisby, E & S
EuropeanFrisinghelli Trasporti - Logistica (Italy)
EnglandFroggatt Haulage
EnglandFront Runner Logistics
EnglandFrontier Agriculture
EnglandFrost, C J
EnglandFrost, H
EnglandFrowen, Steve
EuropeanFrumax (Poland)
EnglandFryers Transport
EnglandFrys Logistics
WalesFSEW Ltd
EuropeanFTO nv (Belgium)
WalesFTS Hatswell
EuropeanFTT Group (Netherlands)
EuropeanFuentes (Spain)
EnglandFuller Smith & Turner Breweries
EnglandFuller, M
EuropeanFullsped (Turkey)
EnglandFurlong Flooring
EnglandFurnells Transport
EnglandFuture Industrial Services
ScotlandFyfe, Albert
ScotlandG & E Haulage
EnglandG & R Removals
EnglandG & S Transport
EnglandG C Haulage
EnglandG Force Transport
ScotlandG J Transport
ScotlandG S Light Haulage
EuropeanGacela (Spain)
EuropeanGaffert BV (Netherlands)
EuropeanGaj-Mar (Poland)
EuropeanGalaauto (Poland)
EnglandGalaxy Insulation
EuropeanGalex Transport (Romania)
ScotlandGall, Michael
EnglandGallagher Group
EuropeanGallen Crane & Truck Hire (ROI)
EuropeanGallery Transport (ROI)
ScotlandGalloway & MacLeod
ScotlandGalt Transport
EnglandGalt, Martin
EnglandGamage, G V & C A
EnglandGamber Produce
EnglandGammond's Transport
EnglandGAP Haulage
EnglandGAP Plant Hire
EuropeanGarantir (Portugal)
EnglandGarbutt, Mike
EnglandGarcia, Allan
EnglandGardner Distribution
EnglandGardner, E W & Grandson
EuropeanGarex (Poland)
EnglandGarn Transport
EnglandGarner, M & N
EnglandGarnham, David A
EnglandGarrett, Ross
EnglandGarside, James
EuropeanGartner KG (Austria)
EnglandGates, P W
EuropeanGateway Transport (Lohan Bros) (ROI)
ScotlandGauld, Alexander
EuropeanGavin, Eoin Transport (ROI)
WalesGay, Bob
EnglandGaze, M
EnglandGB Liners
EnglandGB Lubricants
EnglandGBA Group
EnglandGBA Services
EnglandGBN Logistics
EnglandGBN Services
EuropeanGCA Group (France)
ScotlandGCN Transport
EnglandGCS Farming
EnglandGD Environmental
EuropeanGé Simons (Netherlands)
EnglandGE-BE Transport
EuropeanGebr.van der Lee (Netherlands)
EuropeanGebruder Weiss (Austria)
ScotlandGeddes Group
EuropeanGeelhoed Transport (Netherlands)
EnglandGee's of Wakefield
EnglandGEF Transport
EuropeanGEFCO (France)
EuropeanGeizer (Hungary)
EuropeanGelderblom, Bas (Netherlands)
EuropeanGelhard Logistik (Germany)
EuropeanGelhart Transport & Logistik (Germany)
EuropeanGellen (Germany)
WalesGelli Plant Hire
EnglandGem Green Haulage
EnglandGeneral Express Services
EuropeanGeneral Trucking (Slovakia)
EnglandGenesis 2014 Ltd
WalesGenesis Distribution
EuropeanGenex Transport (Romania)
EnglandGent Transport
EuropeanGeo Sped (Romania)
ScotlandGeorge Freight
EnglandGeorge, A E & Sons
EnglandGeorge, Mick
EnglandGeorgeson, T
EuropeanGeorgi (Germany)
EuropeanGerex 2 (Poland)
EuropeanGering, F (Netherlands)
EuropeanGerman (Bulgaria)
EuropeanGermanetti (Italy)
EnglandGerrish, A B
EuropeanGesquière (Belgium)
EuropeanGesuko (Germany)
EuropeanGetron (Netherlands)
EuropeanGeuze (Netherlands)
EnglandGGR Group
EnglandGHBP Group
ScotlandGHC Transport
EuropeanGheeraert Transport (Belgium)
EuropeanGheys Group (Belgium)
ScotlandGibb, James
EnglandGibbard, Glen
EnglandGibbard, James
WalesGibbons, R
EnglandGibbs Metals
ScotlandGibb's of Fraserburgh
EnglandGibbs Surfacing
EnglandGibbs, F & S
Northern IrelandGibson, Peter
EnglandGibson, Simon
EnglandGibson, Wm
EnglandGibsons of Kendal
ScotlandGIF Transport
EnglandGilder, Edward
EnglandGilder, Gordon
EnglandGilder, Graham
EnglandGilder, Joe
EnglandGilder, William
EnglandGiles, E
EnglandGill, C V
EnglandGill, E A & Son
EnglandGill, J & J G
EnglandGillards Transport
EnglandGilleard, G & S
EnglandGiller, Owen C
EnglandGillespie, J C
ScotlandGillie, Eric
EnglandGillivers Haulage
ScotlandGilmour Bros
ScotlandGilmour, A J
EnglandGilpin Demolition
EuropeanGiro (Romania)
EuropeanGirteka (Lithuania)
EuropeanGive Svaergods (Denmark)
EnglandGJL Transport
EnglandGK Transport
EnglandGKR Scaffolding
Northern IrelandGlackin, John P
EnglandGladwell, H G (Copdock Mill)
EnglandGlasby Pallets
EnglandGlasgow Car Movers
EuropeanGlass Partners (Belgium)
WalesGlass Systems
ScotlandGlenalmond Contracts
EnglandGlendinning, Alan
EnglandGlendinning, E J W
ScotlandGlendinning, W
EnglandGlevum Commercials & Transport
WalesGLJ Recycling
EnglandGlobal Brands
Northern IrelandGlobal Cargo Solutions
EnglandGlobal Delivery Solutions / H S Bains
ScotlandGlobal Port Services
EuropeanGlobal Project Sped KFT (Hungary)
EnglandGlobal Road Runner's
EnglandGloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandGlover Road Haulage
EnglandGlover, K & A
EuropeanGlowacz Transport (Poland)
EnglandGLW Feeds
EnglandGlynn's Skips
EnglandGMA Transport
EnglandGo Plant
EnglandGo Waste
EnglandGoatham, A C
EnglandGobey, Doug
EuropeanGobi (Poland)
EnglandGodfrey, J & Son
EuropeanGoeminne Hipa Trans (Belgium)
EnglandGoff Petroleum
ScotlandGogar Logistics
EuropeanGoggins (ROI)
EuropeanGökbora (Turkey)
EuropeanGolcz & Synowie (Poland)
EnglandGoldstar Metal Traders
EnglandGoldstar of Heathrow
EnglandGoldstar Transport & Commercials
EuropeanGoMid (Serbia)
EuropeanGondrand (France)
EnglandGood, Chris
EnglandGoodall Transport
EnglandGooding, R H & Son
EnglandGoodMove Removals
ScotlandGoodwin, Dave
EnglandGoodwin, DJ & GD
EnglandGoodwin, M B & J
EnglandGordon Group
ScotlandGordon, Ian
EnglandGordons Transport
EnglandGore, T E & Son
EnglandGorry, J M
Northern IrelandGorthill
EuropeanGotra-Logistika (Croatia)
WalesGough, A E
EnglandGould, Mick
EuropeanGovern Low Loader Transport (ROI)
EnglandGowing & Pursey
EuropeanGoyanes (Spain)
ScotlandGracie, William
EnglandGrafton Group
EuropeanGraglia (Italy)
ScotlandGraham, Thomas
ScotlandGraham's Dairies
EnglandGrain Co
ScotlandGrampian Continental
EuropeanGranex (Slovakia)
ScotlandGrange Quarry
ScotlandGrangemouth Tank Services
ScotlandGrant Construction Services
ScotlandGrant, A & F
ScotlandGrant, J W
ScotlandGrant, Tom
EnglandGraphic Packaging (Previously Benson Group)
EuropeanGrasic Transport (Slovenia)
EuropeanGrasser (Austria)
EnglandGratton, T W & E J
ScotlandGray & Adams
ScotlandGray, H & R
EnglandGray, James
EnglandGraylaw Freight Group
ScotlandGrayline Automotive
EnglandGrays Farms
EnglandGrays Transport
ScotlandGRC Recycling
EnglandGready, Peter J
EnglandGreater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandGreen Box Recycling
EnglandGreen Group
EnglandGreen Recycling Ltd
EuropeanGreen Tiger Express (ROI)
EnglandGreen, George
EnglandGreen, L A
EnglandGreen, M & K
EnglandGreen, Peter
ScotlandGreen, W J & J
EuropeanGreencarrier Freight Services (Norway)
EnglandGreene King
WalesGreene, M & M
EnglandGreener Transport
EuropeanGreenlog SRO (Czech Republic)
EnglandGreens Removals
EnglandGreenways Recycling
EnglandGreenwood Hire
EnglandGreenwood, Allan
EnglandGreenwood, Fred
EnglandGregory & Davis Transport
EnglandGregory Distribution
EnglandGregory, J R & Sons
EnglandGregory, Matt
EuropeanGreiwing Alfons (Germany)
EuropeanGreiwing Rudolf (Germany)
EnglandGreves Farming
EuropeanGriciaus, A (Lithuania)
EnglandGrieves, Derek
EnglandGriffin Freight Services
WalesGriffin Haulage
EnglandGriffin, D C
EnglandGriffins Logistics
EnglandGriffith, W.E. & Sons
EnglandGriffiths L.D.
WalesGriffiths Recycling
EnglandGriffiths, M J
EuropeanGrimar (Romania)
EnglandGrimshaw, Paul (PGVM)
EuropeanGroda A.G.F. (Netherlands)
EuropeanGroen, Miquel (Netherlands)
EuropeanGroitl Transporte (Germany)
EuropeanGroup Malherbe (France)
EuropeanGroup V Transport (Luxembourg)
EuropeanGroupe CAT (France)
EuropeanGrowing Eco Transport Spedycia (Poland)
EnglandGRS Ltd
ScotlandGrubb, L & I
EuropeanGruber & Woitaske (Germany)
EuropeanGruber GmbH & Co (Germany)
EuropeanGruber Logistics (Italy)
EnglandGrundy & Co Excavations
EuropeanGrunke (Poland)
EuropeanGrupa Euro - Mix (Poland)
EuropeanGrupajes, GB (Spain)
EuropeanGrupo Socolo Logistics (Spain)
EuropeanGrupo Trans Onuba (Spain)
EuropeanGrzeskowiak (Poland)
EuropeanGrzybmar Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
EuropeanGSG Spedition (Germany)
EuropeanGST (Bulgaria)
EnglandGT Exhausts
EnglandGTR Aggregates & Recycling
Northern IrelandGTS Transport Services
EnglandGuatella, David A
EnglandGuest Express Transport
EnglandGuinan Girls Logistics
EuropeanGuisnel (France)
EnglandGurteen Recycling
EnglandGussion Transport
EnglandGuy, Kevin
EuropeanGuysmet Transport (Belgium)
WalesGW Recovery & Transportation
WalesGwendraeth Valley Tarmac
WalesGwent Mechanical Handling
WalesGwynedd Forklifts
WalesGwynedd Shipping Group
WalesGwynedd Skip & Plant Hire
EnglandGwynn, Mick
EnglandH & H Distribution
EnglandH & M Distribution
EnglandH & P Freightways
EnglandH & S Contractors
EuropeanH & S Transport (Netherlands)
EnglandH E Services
EnglandH S Logistics
EuropeanH Z Transport Group (Netherlands)
EuropeanHabjan Transport (Slovenia)
EnglandHaddy A.R.
EnglandHadfield, R M
EnglandHadfields Transport
EnglandHadleigh Timber Group
EnglandHadley & Ottaway
EnglandHadley Scaffolding
EuropeanHaelewijn, R (Belgium)
EuropeanHagero (Romania)
ScotlandHaig Transport
EnglandHaigh, R B
EnglandHaines, Vic
EnglandHaird, D
EuropeanHajek, Vlastimil (Czech Republic)
EnglandHalcyon Tankers
EnglandHalder, B I
EnglandHales Freight
EnglandHales Sawmills
ScotlandHaley, WD & A
WalesHall & Roche Logistics
WalesHall Bros
EnglandHall, Chris
EnglandHall, Simon
EnglandHallam Express (Ex R W Simpson)
EnglandHalletts (Birmingham)
ScotlandHalliday, William
EnglandHamblion Transport
EnglandHamer, Tony
Northern IrelandHamill International
Northern IrelandHamilton Road Freight
ScotlandHamilton Waste & Recycling
ScotlandHamilton, P & C
ScotlandHamilton, Wm
EnglandHamiltons Removals
EuropeanHamm Silo Spedition (Germany)
EuropeanHämmerling (Germany)
EnglandHammond Produce
EnglandHammond, T J
EnglandHampshire Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandHampson Haulage
EnglandHamptons Metal Merchants
EnglandHams Transport
EnglandHamson's Haulage
WalesHancock Bros
EnglandHancock Machinery Removals
EnglandHandley, T R
EnglandHands, R & R
EnglandHankins, D & R
Northern IrelandHannon Transport
EnglandHansard, C R
EnglandHansford, Tim
EnglandHanson Caravans
EnglandHanson Logistics
EnglandHanson Plywood
EnglandHanson, Keith
EuropeanHanzalik (Czech Republic)
EnglandHarbidge, C J & Son
ScotlandHarbour Haulage
EnglandHarby's Haulage
EnglandHardiman, Peter
EnglandHarding, J R
WalesHarding, Peter
EnglandHardstaff Barriers
EnglandHardwick Haulage
EnglandHardy Transport
ScotlandHardy, S
EnglandHare, J M
EnglandHargreaves Services
EnglandHarker's Logistics
EnglandHarlex Haulage
EnglandHarleywood Haulage
EnglandHarlow Bros
EnglandHarlstone Transport
EnglandHarper Aggregates
ScotlandHarper Contracts
EnglandHarper, P
EnglandHarpers Environmental
EnglandHarradine, S R
EnglandHarradines Removals
EnglandHarrier Express
WalesHarries, G D & Sons
EnglandHarris Installation Services
EnglandHarris, D K
EnglandHarrison Solway
EnglandHarrison, D A
EnglandHarrison, F W
EnglandHarrison, Ian
EnglandHarrisons Transport
EnglandHarrowden Turf
EuropeanHartl Transporte (Austria)
EnglandHartley Haulage
EnglandHartley, Des & Sons
EnglandHart's Haulage
EnglandHarvey Transport
EnglandHarvey, Stuart
EnglandHarwood, Thomas
EnglandHaslam Transport
EnglandHastings, S I & S
EnglandHatfield, Rob
EnglandHathaway, David
Northern IrelandHaughey Haulage
EnglandHaughton, J W
EnglandHaulage Express
EuropeanHavetrans (Czech Republic)
EnglandHawkins Logistics
EnglandHawkins, A E
EnglandHawkins, F A
EnglandHawthorns Logistics
ScotlandHayden Chilled
EnglandHayes Haulage
EnglandHayes, Chris
EnglandHayes, Nigel
EnglandHaynes, C J & Son
EnglandHayter, Chris
EnglandHayward, J & Sons
ScotlandHazco Environmental
EnglandHazelcroft Garage
EnglandHazell & Jefferies
WalesHazrem Environmental
EnglandHCL Haulage Hire
EuropeanHCS Transport & Spedition (Denmark)
EnglandHDS (Chesterfield)
EnglandHead, W F
EnglandHeadley, Paul
EnglandHealey Transport
ScotlandHealey, Richard, Removals
EnglandHeanor Fleet Services
EnglandHearnden, J
EnglandHeath & Watts
Northern IrelandHeatrick, R
EnglandHeaver Brothers
EnglandHeavyhaul (Chelmsford) Ltd
EuropeanHeavyteam (Austria)
ScotlandHebrides Haulage
EnglandHedges Distribution
EnglandHedley, Wm & Sons
EnglandHedley's Humpers
EuropeanHeebink, J (Netherlands)
EuropeanHeemskerk, A. BV (Netherlands)
EuropeanHeemskerk, Gebr (Netherlands)
ScotlandHeeps, Derek
EuropeanHeezik Cv (Holland)
EuropeanHegvita (Lithuania)
EnglandHeidelberg Cement Group (Hanson UK)
EuropeanHeijboer (Netherlands)
EuropeanHeinloth Internationale Spedition (Germany)
EuropeanHeirwegh (Belgium)
EuropeanHeisterkamp (Netherlands)
EnglandHelsby & Longden
EnglandHemisphere Freight Services
EnglandHemmens, T M
EuropeanHempt Transporte (Germany)
ScotlandHenderson, Elliott
ScotlandHenderson, Grant
EnglandHendersons of Selby
EuropeanHendrick European (ROI)
EuropeanHenry Haulage (ROI)
EuropeanHenzel (Poland)
EnglandHeras Fencing
EnglandHerbie's Haulage
EuropeanHerbrich (France)
EnglandHereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue
EnglandHeritage vehicles
EuropeanHerks, Paul (Netherlands)
EuropeanHermanns & Kreutz (Germany)
EuropeanHermes (German)
EuropeanHermes, MTD (Poland)
EuropeanHernadi (Hungary)
EnglandHeron (Warcop)
EnglandHeron Foods
Northern IrelandHeron Transport
Northern IrelandHerron, Thomas
EnglandHertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service
EuropeanHertsens (Belgium)
EnglandHET Transport
EuropeanHeuvel Trans (Netherlands)
EnglandHewicks Haulage
EnglandHewitt, Adam
EnglandHewitt, W E & Son
EnglandHexagon Leasing
EnglandHFI Distribution
EnglandHGV Haulage
WalesHicks Transport
EnglandHiggins, Anthony
EnglandHigher Access
EnglandHighfield Haulage
EnglandHighfield, J S
ScotlandHighland Fuels
ScotlandHighland Haulage
ScotlandHighland Waste Services
ScotlandHighlander International Recycling
EnglandHighway 86 Transport
EnglandHighway Assurance
EnglandHilderbrands Removals
EnglandHi-Line Caravan Transport
EuropeanHilker Transporte (Germany)
WalesHill Brothers
EnglandHill, Duncan
EnglandHill, Maurice
EnglandHill, Roy
EnglandHill, W G
ScotlandHillhouse Quarry Group
EnglandHillman, Ross
EnglandHills Group
EnglandHills Transport
EnglandHiltons Distribution
EnglandHinchliffe, Paul
EuropeanHindelang Spedition (Germany)
EnglandHingley, A
EnglandHinks Haulage
EnglandHippo Waste
ScotlandHislop, James S
EuropeanHispa Maroc (Spain)
EnglandHi-Speed Services
EuropeanHLS Almelo (Netherlands)
EuropeanHM Group (Netherlands)
EuropeanHMT (Groupage) (ROI)
EnglandHNC Transport
EnglandHobbs, Geoff
EnglandHobdens Removals
EnglandHockin, William C
ScotlandHoddam Contracting
EnglandHoddesdon Distribution
ScotlandHodge Plant Hire
EnglandHodgson, Paul
EuropeanHödlmayr (Austria)
EuropeanHoese Transporte (Germany)
EuropeanHofmann Transport Service (Austria)
EnglandHogg, Murray
EnglandHoggart Haulage
ScotlandHoggarth, Kenneth
EnglandHolbrook, Rory J
EnglandHolden, J & R
EnglandHolding, R L
EnglandHollingworth, A P
EnglandHollingworth, B & S
EnglandHolloway, Joseph
EnglandHolmes of Heathrow
EnglandHolmes Transport
EnglandHolmes, T
EnglandHolridge Transport
ScotlandHolt Transport
EnglandHolt, H B
EuropeanHoltstieger (Germany)
EnglandHome Bargains (T J Morris)
EnglandHood, J R
Northern IrelandHood, T J
EuropeanHoogendoorn (Netherlands)
EuropeanHoogendoorn, Gebr. (Netherlands)
EnglandHook, P D
EnglandHooks Haulage
EnglandHooper, E & Sons
EnglandHopkins Concrete
EnglandHopkins, Robert Environmental
EuropeanHoptrans (Lithuania)
ScotlandHorizon Crane Hire
EnglandHorn, M R
EnglandHornigold Haulage
EnglandHorseshoe Distribution
EnglandHorton, Derek
EuropeanHorvath Hungary (Hungary)
EuropeanHorvath Mark (Hungary)
EuropeanHorvath, Rudolf (Hungary)
EuropeanHosko (Slovakia)
EnglandHottot Transport
EnglandHough & Ward
EnglandHough Green Garage
ScotlandHouston, Robert
EnglandHoward, P C
EnglandHoward, R J
EnglandHoward, W
EnglandHowdens Joinery
WalesHowell, Terry
WalesHowells, A D
WalesHowells, David
EnglandHowley Quay Motors
EnglandHowley, Kenneth
EuropeanHoyer Group (Germany)
EnglandHoylake Commercials
EuropeanHruby Moving sro (Czech Republic)
EuropeanHSF Logistics (Netherlands)
EuropeanHSV (Germany)
EnglandHTF Transport
EnglandHTP Transport
EuropeanHTR Spedition (Romania)
EnglandHubbuck, J S
EuropeanHuber (Poland)
EuropeanHudos (Slovakia)
EnglandHudson Haulage Ltd
EnglandHudson White Services
EnglandHudson, Frank
EnglandHughes Bulk Haulage
WalesHughes Specialised Transport
Northern IrelandHughes, B & Sons
ScotlandHughes, C J
EnglandHughes, G S
Northern IrelandHughes, J
EnglandHughes, Joseph
EnglandHughes, Les & Son
WalesHughes, Steve
EuropeanHuisman (Netherlands)
EuropeanHuizinga J J (Netherlands)
EnglandHull, Ron
EnglandHulme, A C
EnglandHulse, Andy
EnglandHumber Ports Logistics
EnglandHumberside Fire & Rescue Service
EnglandHumble, J R
EnglandHumphrey Feeds
EnglandHumphrey, Roy
WalesHumphreys, W A
EuropeanHuncargo (Hungary)
EnglandHunt, John F
EnglandHunt, L & Sons
EnglandHunt, W S
ScotlandHunter Transport
ScotlandHunter, Bernard
ScotlandHunter, Gordon
EnglandHunt's Foodservice
EnglandHuntsman Quarries
EnglandHurrell, G C
EnglandHurst Bros
EnglandHurt, Clive
EuropeanHurtrans (Spain)
EnglandHuse Transport
EuropeanHuska (Slovakia)
EuropeanHusmann, W. (Switzerland)
EnglandHutchinson Engineering
EnglandHutchinson Transport
EnglandHutchinson, J H & Sons
EnglandHutchinson, M D
ScotlandHutchison Haulage
EnglandHuws Gray
EnglandHuxtable, Chris
EnglandHydro Cleansing
EnglandHymas, Alfred
EnglandI.T.S Transport
EnglandI'Anson Bros
EuropeanIBA Transport (Luxembourg)
EnglandIC Express
EuropeanIdealogistic Verhoeven (Netherlands)
Englandideliver Group
EnglandIDS Transport
EuropeanIdskenhuizen, Hoekstra BV (Netherlands)
EnglandIDT Southern
EuropeanI-Fast Co. (Italy)
EuropeanIHRO-Jumbo (Germany)
EuropeanIkra (Turkey)
EuropeanIksija (Lithuania)
EnglandIllumin8 Lights
EuropeanILS (Germany)
EuropeanIltrans (Poland)
EuropeanIlyés Intertransport (Hungary)
EnglandImmingham Transport
EuropeanImperial Logistics Group (Germany)
EuropeanImperial Trans (Poland)
EuropeanImpex Lietuva (Lithuania)
EuropeanImpulse Plants (Netherlands)
EnglandIMS (Industrial Metal Services)
EnglandIn Situ Site Investigations
Europeanin 't Veen Kees Tanktransporten (Netherlands)
EuropeanIndeka (Poland)
ScotlandIndependent Glass
EnglandIndigo Food Group
EnglandIndustrial Chemicals
EnglandIndustrial Water Jetting Sysytems
EnglandInert Recycling
EuropeanInex Spedition (Czech Republic)
EnglandInfinity Container Logistics
EnglandInglenorth Contracting
EnglandIngrams Removals
EnglandInkerman Hire
ScotlandInnes, James & Son
EuropeanInsausti (Spain)
EnglandInsight Trans Logistics
EnglandInstarmac Group
EnglandInt Logistics
EnglandIntake Transport
EuropeanIntegral Logistics (Poland)
EnglandIntegrity Haulage
EuropeanInter Nat Group (Belgium)
EuropeanIntercargo Scandinavia a/s (Denmark)
EuropeanInterfrigo (Czech Republic)
EuropeanInternal Logistics (Formerly Ramos & Bento) (Portugal)
EnglandInternational Cargo Trans
EnglandInternational Plywood
EuropeanInterovo Egg Group (Netherlands)
EuropeanIntertrans Wasosz (Poland)
EuropeanIntra (Poland)
EnglandIn-Transit Transport Services
EnglandInvictor (Formerly InExpress)
EnglandIons, D & S A
EnglandIPL Haulage
Europeanirf (International Road Ferry) (Netherlands)
EnglandIronside & Son
WalesIsaac, James
EuropeanIseppi (Switzerland)
ScotlandIslay Crab Exports
EnglandIsle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service
EuropeanIsma (Lithuania)
EuropeanIstrate (Romania)
EnglandIT Fleet Automotive
EuropeanITC (Netherlands)
EuropeanIzowscy Transport (Poland)
EnglandIzzard, K & D
EnglandIzzard, P D
EnglandJ & A Recovery
EnglandJ & B Bulk Haulage
EnglandJ & G Environmental
EnglandJ & J Services
EnglandJ & M Crane & Transport
EnglandJ & P Vehicle Deliveries
EnglandJ J & S Transport
EnglandJ O Transport
EnglandJ R Hoarding & Fencing
EuropeanJ. S. Trans (Belgium)
EnglandJ.E.T Transport
EuropeanJ.M.I.T. (Czech Republic)
EnglandJ26 Trucking
ScotlandJack, G & J
EnglandJacklin, A C
EnglandJacklin, James
EnglandJackson, Charles
EnglandJackson, J A
EnglandJackson's Bakery
EnglandJacksons Fencing
EnglandJacksons Transport
EnglandJacob, A G & Sons
EuropeanJacobs Transport GmbH (Germany)
WalesJaga Brothers
EnglandJagelo Haulage
EuropeanJäger (Germany)
EuropeanJager Transport & Forwarding (Poland)
EuropeanJames International (France)
EnglandJames Removals
EnglandJames, Matthew
WalesJames, N & A
EnglandJames, T
EnglandJameson, R
ScotlandJamieson, Gavin
ScotlandJamieson, Jim
ScotlandJamieson, Norman
EuropeanJan v/d Berg BV (Netherlands)
EuropeanJanocargo (Spain)
EuropeanJans, R Transport BV (Netherlands)
EuropeanJantschitsch (Germany)
ScotlandJardine Logistics
ScotlandJardine, K
EuropeanJarex (Poland)
EuropeanJarkpol (Poland)
EnglandJarretts Removals
EuropeanJarych International Transport (Poland)
EuropeanJAS FBG (Poland)
EuropeanJasek (Poland)
EuropeanJatis (Slovenia)
EuropeanJavi Y Rafa Transportes (Spain)
EnglandJay, Charles
EnglandJB Transport
ScotlandJBP Transport
EnglandJBS Haulage
ScotlandJCS Express
WalesJD Express
EnglandJDC Transport
EnglandJeans, N D
EnglandJeavons Eurotir
EnglandJefferies of Otley
EnglandJeffrey, Barry
EnglandJeffrey, J T
EnglandJen Exports
EnglandJenkins Shipping
WalesJenkins, D & Son
EnglandJenkins, George
EnglandJenkinson, A W
ScotlandJennings, C F
EnglandJentone Freight
EuropeanJerich (Austria)
EuropeanJerzak Trans (Poland)
EnglandJet Express
EuropeanJet Logistics (Belgium)
EnglandJet Plant Hire Group
EuropeanJetfreeze (France)
EnglandJewell, R L
EnglandJewitt, Stan
EnglandJFH Transport
EnglandJH Caravans
ScotlandJH Transport
ScotlandJHP Transport
EnglandJHS Logistics
EnglandJibson, G E
EnglandJJ Transport
EnglandJJO PLC
EnglandJJR Haulage
EnglandJJX Logistics
EnglandJK Transport
EnglandJKH Ltd
EnglandJKS Group
EnglandJLM Transport
EnglandJM Distribution Services (JMDS)
EnglandJMA Transport
EuropeanJMK Logistik (Germany)
EnglandJML Haulage
WalesJMS Aggregates (Jeff Morgan & Sons)
EnglandJMS Plant Hire
EnglandJMS Transport
EuropeanJoanca Logistica (Spain)
EuropeanJoaquin Y David Transportes (Spain)
ScotlandJob, G F
EnglandJobe Transport
EnglandJoda Freight
EuropeanJohansen, Kim (Denmark)
EnglandJohn Lewis Partnership
WalesJohn, Cedric
EnglandJohnson Haulage
EnglandJohnson Service Group
EnglandJohnson, G & C
EnglandJohnson, G C S
EnglandJohnson, M A
EnglandJohnsons (Burscough)
EnglandJohnsons Moving Services
EnglandJohnsons of Whixley
Northern IrelandJohnston International
EnglandJohnston Wagstaffe
EnglandJohnston, C J
EnglandJohnston, Tod
ScotlandJohnstone, A
ScotlandJohnstone, Michael
ScotlandJolly, Martin
EuropeanJonathan (Spain)
EnglandJonen Shipping
EnglandJones Skip Hire
EuropeanJones Transport (ROI)
EnglandJones Waste Services
EnglandJones, Adam
WalesJones, Alan R
WalesJones, Arnold
WalesJones, B T & Sons
EnglandJones, Brian R
EnglandJones, Bryn
WalesJones, D & M
WalesJones, E W
WalesJones, Emyr
WalesJones, Gerry
WalesJones, J H & Son
ScotlandJones, James
WalesJones, John
WalesJones, Karl & Sons
WalesJones, Keri
WalesJones, L E
WalesJones, Les
WalesJones, O J
EnglandJones, Roger, Haulage
WalesJones, Roger, Transport
WalesJones, Ryan
WalesJones, S & Sons
WalesJones, T Alun
WalesJones, T Richard
WalesJones, W D
EuropeanJongeneel (Netherlands)
Northern IrelandJordan International
WalesJordan, Oliver
EuropeanJose, J (Spain)
EuropeanJost Group (Luxembourg)
EnglandJoyce European
EnglandJoyce, J
EnglandJoyce, K R, & Sons
EnglandJP Haulage
EnglandJPA Transport
EnglandJPE Holdings
EuropeanJPG Freight (ROI)
EnglandJPI Warehousing
EnglandJPL Transport
EnglandJRL Group
EnglandJSH Ltd
EnglandJSP Hauliers
ScotlandJST Services
ScotlandJTM Haulage
EuropeanJuchem, K (Germany)
EnglandJudge, Philip
EnglandJulian, T & Son
EuropeanJuna (Poland)
EuropeanJunker & Jung (Germany)
EuropeanJurbarkas (Lithuania)
EuropeanJurewicz, UT (Poland)
EnglandJWD Removals
EnglandJWS Waste
EnglandK & H (Bakewell)
EnglandK & T Plant
EnglandK C Transport
WalesK J Services
EnglandK Transport Services
EuropeanK.D.N. (Belgium)
EuropeanK+K Mezinarodni Doprava (Czech Republic)
WalesK1 Logistics
EnglandK2 Transport
EuropeanKaatee Transport (Netherlands)
EuropeanKadir Demir (Turkey)
EuropeanKalmet (Poland)
EuropeanKamida (Lithuania)
EuropeanKamir (Poland)
EnglandKammac PLC
EuropeanKämmler Spedition (Germany)
EnglandKane Group
EnglandKardos Recovery Services
EuropeanKarolina Co (Bulgaria)
EuropeanKarzol-Trans (Hungary)
EuropeanKastel Transport (Poland)
EnglandKatem Logistics
EuropeanKatoen Natie (Belgium)
EuropeanKawczyñski Logistics (Poland)
EnglandKaye, Brian
EnglandKB Event
    EnglandKBC Logistics
    EnglandKCS Crane & Transport Services
    WalesKCS Transport
    EuropeanKCT Logistics (ROI)
    EuropeanKDL European (Belgium)
    EnglandKearney Bulk Transport
    Northern IrelandKearney Transport
    EnglandKeedwell, N R
    EnglandKeedwell, R T
    EuropeanKeenan International (ROI)
    EuropeanKeijzer, Albert Transport (Netherlands)
    EnglandKelleher, F
    Northern IrelandKelly European
    EuropeanKelly, G K Transport (ROI)
    EnglandKelsa Truck Products
    WalesKelsan Transport Services
    EnglandKelston Sparkes Group
    EnglandKendrew, Mark
    EuropeanKendy CZ (Czech Republic)
    EnglandKenley Warehousing & Distribution
    EnglandKenmac Haulage
    EuropeanKennedy International Transport (ROI)
    ScotlandKennedy Transport
    EnglandKent Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandKent Foods
    EnglandKent Frozen Foods
    EnglandKent Machine Services
    EnglandKent Solutions
    EnglandKent, K E
    WalesKenwards Haulage
    EnglandKenyon Brothers
    EnglandKenyon Road Haulage
    EnglandKER Transport
    EuropeanKerber Transporte GmbH (Germany)
    EnglandKerfoot Oils
    EnglandKernow Mixers
    ScotlandKerr Transport
    ScotlandKerr, James B
    ScotlandKerr, M & M
    EnglandKersey Freight
    ScotlandKettle Produce
    EnglandKettlewell, M
    EnglandKevtra Transport
    EnglandKey, Jamie
    EnglandKey, M D
    EnglandKey, Nigel
    EuropeanKeyline Transport (ROI)
    EnglandKGB Transport
    EnglandKGT Logistics
    WalesKHL Logistics
    EnglandKibble, Matthew
    EuropeanKicinski (Poland)
    EnglandKidds Transport
    EuropeanKiedron (Poland)
    ScotlandKilloh, James A
    EnglandKilloughery Group
    EuropeanKillybegs Seafoods (ROI)
    EuropeanKillybegs Transport (ROI)
    EnglandKime, George H
    EnglandKing & Kearey
    EnglandKing Concrete
    EnglandKing Lifting
    EuropeanKing of the Maroccans (Romania)
    EnglandKing, Ivor
    EnglandKing, Richard
    EnglandKingdon, Jack
    EnglandKingman Services
    EnglandKings Heavy Haulage
    EnglandKingsborough Haulage
    EnglandKingswell Haulage
    ScotlandKinlochbervie Fish Selling Co.
    EuropeanKirby Billy (ROI)
    EnglandKirby, Mike
    EnglandKirby, Wm
    EnglandKirk, W H
    EnglandKirk, William
    EnglandKirkby Fleetham Haulage
    EnglandKirkby Steels
    EnglandKirkpatrick Carriers
    EnglandKirton Haulage
    EnglandKirwin, Craig
    EnglandKJT Haulage
    EnglandKKB Group
    EuropeanKlappenecker, Siegfried (Germany)
    EuropeanKlarenbeek (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKLG Europe (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKLM Transporte (Germany)
    EnglandKloeckner Metals
    EnglandKluj, Adam
    EnglandKMG Chemicals
    EuropeanKMP Gruppe (Bulgaria)
    EnglandKnight, C & W
    EnglandKnights of Old
    EnglandKnights Transport Solutions
    EnglandKnightsbridge Furniture
    EnglandKnowles, F
    ScotlandKnox, Alan
    EuropeanKohlman & Hasek (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanKoknar (Turkey)
    EuropeanKolcz Trans (Poland)
    EuropeanKollmannsberger Transport & Logistik (Germany)
    EuropeanKolner Flitzer (Germany)
    EuropeanKönig, Günther (Austria)
    EuropeanKoning & Drenth (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKoninklijke Saan (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKooline Freight Sevices (ROI)
    EuropeanKoolwijk (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKoopman (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKoops, Wolter (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKoordynator (Poland)
    EuropeanKop, Fa. en Zn B.V. (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKopex Trans (Slovakia)
    EuropeanKos Transporti (Croatia)
    EuropeanKottmeyer (Germany)
    EuropeanKoubatrans (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanKraft System Logistics (Germany)
    EuropeanKrall (Austria)
    EuropeanKralowetz (Austria)
    EuropeanKrediet, Jan (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKreiss (Latvia)
    EuropeanKrenn-Trans (Austria)
    EnglandKRG Transport
    EuropeanKrismar (Belgium)
    EnglandKRP Express
    EuropeanKrul (Poland)
    EuropeanKrummen Kerzers (Switzerland)
    EnglandKSD Haulage Contractors
    EnglandKTC Edibles
    EnglandKTH Group
    WalesKTJ International
    EnglandKtwo Sales
    EuropeanKubler (Poland)
    EuropeanKuehlspeed Internationale Speditions GmbH (Germany)
    EuropeanKuehne + Nagel (Germany)
    EuropeanKuijpers Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKuil, B (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKuiper, Frans Koeltransport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanKujach (Poland)
    EuropeanKulczyk, Jan (Poland)
    EuropeanKulda, Zdenek (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanKult Stavo Transport (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanKulton Transport (Poland)
    EuropeanKumas Trans (Belgium)
    EuropeanKuznia Trans (Poland)
    WalesKwan Yick (UK)
    WalesKyles Transport Services
    EnglandL & M Transport
    EnglandL & S Waste
    EuropeanL.C. Forwarding (Belgium)
    EuropeanLa Espada Transportes (Spain)
    EuropeanLa Log (Croatia)
    EuropeanLa Vascongada (Spain)
    EnglandLack, P
    EuropeanLagermax Group (Austria)
    EuropeanLahaye Global Logistics (France)
    ScotlandLaing, D J
    ScotlandLaing, P A
    ScotlandLaird Brothers
    ScotlandLaird, R A
    EnglandLakeside Container Services
    EnglandLakin, B
    EnglandLambert Brothers
    EnglandLambert, Mervyn
    EnglandLambert, R
    EnglandLamberts Transport & Engineering
    EnglandLambs Removals
    EnglandLancashire Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandLancashire Logistics
    EnglandLand Recovery
    EuropeanLandais (France)
    EnglandLane, Richard
    EnglandLanes Group
    WalesLanes Recovery
    EuropeanLanfer (Germany)
    ScotlandLang, John
    WalesLang, Nick
    EnglandLangdon Transport
    EnglandLanmax Plant
    EuropeanLannutti (Italy)
    EnglandLantern Grab Hire
    EnglandLantern Recovery
    ScotlandLapinskie, Brian
    EuropeanLaredo, Hnos (Spain)
    EnglandLarkins Logistics
    EuropeanLarycom (Romania)
    EuropeanLas Maravillas (Spain)
    EnglandLaser Tools Racing
    EuropeanLaso (Portugal)
    EnglandLatham Timber
    ScotlandLauder, Charlie
    ScotlandLaurelbank Nurseries
    EnglandLaver, Arnold
    EnglandLaw Distribution
    EnglandLaw Exports
    EnglandLaw, Stuart
    EnglandLawrance Transport
    ScotlandLawrie, John
    EnglandLaw's Transport
    ScotlandLawson, Colin
    ScotlandLawson, Harry
    ScotlandLawson, Robert M
    EnglandLawsons Haulage
    EnglandLawton Tubes
    EuropeanLazar Company (Romania)
    EnglandLBLT Transport
    WalesLBS Builders Merchants
    EnglandLDB Transport
    EnglandLeadbeater, A
    EnglandLeader Freight
    EnglandLeading Solvents
    EuropeanLeal & Guerra (Portugal)
    EnglandLeaning, W
    EuropeanLeatrans (ROI)
    EuropeanLebopoll (Poland)
    EuropeanLecho - Trans (Poland)
    EnglandLe-Dale Transport
    EnglandLee, Andy
    EnglandLee, CJC (Seaman)
    EnglandLee, Mark
    EnglandLee, T S
    EnglandLeeds Pallet Co
    EuropeanLeegwater Paul
    EuropeanLegarto Logistic (Poland)
    EuropeanLegro (Netherlands)
    EuropeanLehtonen, R V (Finland)
    EnglandLeicester Heavy Haulage
    EnglandLeicester Machine Movers
    EnglandLeicestershire Fire & Rescue Service
    ScotlandLeiths Group
    EuropeanLeman International Transport (Denmark)
    EnglandLenham Storage
    Northern IrelandLennon Transport
    EuropeanLenz Spedition (Germany)
    EnglandLescost Transport
    ScotlandLeslie, Gordon
    EnglandLeslie, Morris
    ScotlandLeslie, W & H
    EnglandLeslin Transport
    EnglandLester, Richard
    EuropeanLew Transport (Poland)
    EnglandLewis Tank Transport
    WalesLewis, C T
    WalesLewis, H & Co
    ScotlandLewis, James
    WalesLewis, Owen
    WalesLewis, W D
    EnglandLewton, I R
    EuropeanLexoviens Transports (France)
    EnglandLeyland, J T
    EnglandLH Transport Services
    WalesLickley, A & M
    EuropeanLiegl (Austria)
    EuropeanLierse Warehousing & Handling (LWH bvba) (Belgium)
    EuropeanLiesieline (Belgium)
    EnglandLifestyle Floors
    EnglandLifting Systems
    EuropeanLightfix (Germany)
    EnglandLightfoot, Viv S
    EnglandLimbert, R & R
    EnglandLime Logistics
    ScotlandLimehillock Quarries
    EnglandLimer, Barry
    EuropeanLimpens (Netherlands)
    EnglandLinch, Derek
    EnglandLincolnshire Field Products
    EnglandLincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EuropeanLinde Group (Netherlands)
    EnglandLindley Hall Farms
    EnglandLineage Logistics
    EuropeanLinford (Estonia)
    EnglandLing Group
    EuropeanLink International Transport (Poland)
    EnglandLinkline Transport
    EnglandLinroyale Potatoes
    EnglandLions Logistics
    EuropeanLipinski (Poland)
    EnglandLiquid & Gas Transport Services
    EnglandLiquid Fuels
    EuropeanLiseenan Transport (ROI)
    Northern IrelandLissan Coal Company
    EnglandLister, William Dennis
    EuropeanLit Gruppe (Germany)
    EuropeanLitra (Czech Republic)
    EnglandLittle Pot Transport
    EnglandLittle, K
    EnglandLive Trakway (Previously EVE)
    EnglandLiverton, Philip
    EnglandLJ Transport
    EnglandLJ Transportation
    EnglandLJS Transport
    EuropeanLKW Budweiser Spedition (Czech Republic)
    WalesLlantilio Transport
    EuropeanLlorsan 95 (Spain)
    EnglandLloyd Fraser
    EnglandLloyd's Animal Feeds
    EnglandLloyds Haulage
    WalesLloyds of Ludlow
    EnglandLloyds Transport
    EnglandLMD Skip & Grab Hire
    Northern IrelandLoane Transport
    EnglandLOC International Transport
    EuropeanLocaTrans (Belgium)
    ScotlandLoch Shiel Garage
    ScotlandLochmaben Transport
    ScotlandLochwinnoch Motors
    EnglandLock, A A
    WalesLocke Bros
    EnglandLockhart Plant Hire
    EnglandLodge Transport
    EnglandLodge, Gary
    EuropeanLodisna Transporte (Spain)
    EuropeanLog Road (Poland)
    ScotlandLogan, W & R
    EnglandLogikal Network
    EuropeanLog-In (Germany)
    EnglandLogistic Planning Services
    EuropeanLogistica Bidecargo (Spain)
    EnglandLogistical Support Services
    EuropeanLohberger (Austria)
    EnglandLomas Distribution
    EnglandLombard Shipping
    EuropeanLombart, J A (France)
    EnglandLomer, G A & Son
    EnglandLondon Energy
    EnglandLondon Fire Brigade
    ScotlandLong Lane Deliveries
    EnglandLong, C P
    EnglandLong, Chas
    EnglandLongcliffe Quarries
    EnglandLongden's Transport
    EnglandLonghaul Logistics
    EnglandLonglands, Lee
    EnglandLongs of Leeds
    EnglandLongthornes of Hebden
    EuropeanLonsdorfer, Peter (Germany)
    EuropeanLoos Simon (Netherlands)
    EnglandLoosemores Transport
    EnglandLord, Kelvin
    EuropeanLorenc (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanLorqui, Ruiz (Spain)
    EuropeanLos Canos Transportes (Spain)
    EnglandLote, Daniel C
    EnglandLovatt, G B
    ScotlandLove, R & J
    ScotlandLovie Quarry & Concrete Products
    EnglandLowes Transport
    EuropeanLowey Transport (ROI)
    EnglandLowfield Haulage
    ScotlandLowmac Alloys
    EnglandLPD Doors
    EuropeanLPX Trans ( Romania)
    EnglandLRB Logistics
    EuropeanLS Intertank (Denmark)
    EnglandLSS Waste
    EnglandLTS Distribution
    EnglandLTS Haulage
    EuropeanLTT (Netherlands)
    EuropeanLubbers Transport Group (NL) (Netherlands)
    EuropeanLuberda Logistics (Poland)
    EuropeanLucey Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanLucey, Christy Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanLucius Autotransport
    EnglandLuck, Mark
    EnglandLuckings Ltd
    EnglandLuffman, John
    EuropeanLuible (Germany)
    EnglandLuker Bros
    EuropeanLukri (Slovakia)
    EnglandLumley, Steve
    EnglandLumsden & Carroll
    ScotlandLunar Freezing
    EnglandLunn, W
    EuropeanLüpsen & Sohn (Germany)
    EuropeanLuscan (Romania)
    EnglandLV Shipping
    EnglandLyles, Dave
    EnglandLymers Assist
    EnglandLynch, James
    EnglandLynch, L Plant Hire
    EnglandLynda's Transport
    EnglandLynn Star
    EnglandLynskey, T K (TKL Group)
    EnglandLynx Transport
    EnglandLyon, S
    Northern IrelandLyons European
    ScotlandM & H Logistics
    WalesM & J Plant & Transport
    EnglandM & J Transport (Avon)
    EnglandM & M Waste Solutions
    EnglandM & N Transport
    WalesM & S Transport
    EuropeanM & S Transport (Flowervision) (Netherlands)
    EnglandM C Transport
    EnglandM J Refrigeration
    EnglandM M Acquisitions
    ScotlandM8 Recovery
    EnglandMAC Contracting
    EnglandMac European Freight
    EuropeanMacak, Martin (Czech Republic)
    ScotlandMacAlister, John
    ScotlandMacarthur, W S
    ScotlandMacAskill, N D
    EnglandMacDonald, C R
    ScotlandMacDonald, Christie
    ScotlandMacDonald, D A
    ScotlandMacDuff Shellfish
    ScotlandMacEachen, Iain
    EnglandMacfarlane Packaging
    ScotlandMachine Movers
    WalesMachinery Movements & Crane Hire
    ScotlandMaciver, I A & C
    ScotlandMackay, M D
    ScotlandMackenzie Plant
    ScotlandMackenzie Transport
    EnglandMackenzie, J A
    ScotlandMackie, W & W
    ScotlandMackie's of Scotland
    ScotlandMacKinnon, I A
    ScotlandMacKinnon, M
    ScotlandMackirdy of Rothesay
    ScotlandMacleod, D R
    ScotlandMacNeil Shellfish
    ScotlandMacritchie Highland Distribution
    EuropeanMacSped (Poland)
    ScotlandMacTaggart Bros
    EuropeanMadden, Iggy (ROI)
    EnglandMaen Karne
    EuropeanMaes Transport (Belgium)
    EuropeanMagdak Transport & Spedition (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanMagdenli (Turkey)
    EuropeanMagetra International SA (Belgium)
    ScotlandMagilton, A
    EnglandMagnum Logistics
    EnglandMagnus Group
    EuropeanMagroad (Poland)
    EuropeanMAGtrans (Serbia)
    EuropeanMagtrans Sp z.o.o (Poland)
    EuropeanMaguire International (ROI)
    EnglandMaher, W & Sons
    EnglandMaidens of Telford
    EuropeanMailogist (Spain)
    EuropeanMainfreight (Ex Wim Bosman) (Netherlands)
    EnglandMainline Haulage
    ScotlandMains Freight
    EuropeanMaintaler Group (Germany)
    EnglandMalco Freight
    ScotlandMalcolm, W H
    EnglandMale, M J
    WalesMallett Transport
    EnglandMallinson, Ken
    EnglandMalton Transport Services
    EnglandMalvern Removals
    EnglandMAM Transport
    EuropeanMammoet Road Cargo (Netherlands)
    EnglandManchetts Recovery
    EnglandMandarin Stone
    Northern IrelandManfreight International
    EuropeanMangan Haulage (ROI)
    EnglandManners Transport
    EnglandManning, Phil
    EnglandManor Farm & Storage
    EnglandMansfield Group
    EuropeanManvesta (Lithuania)
    EnglandManx Independent Carriers
    EuropeanMarathon International (Poland)
    EuropeanMarble City Transport (ROI)
    ScotlandMarchbank, Walter
    EnglandMarchent, Darren
    EuropeanMarcotran (Spain)
    EnglandMarcus Transport
    EuropeanMarin, Diaz (Spain)
    EnglandMarine & Cargo
    EuropeanMarisa (Lithuania)
    EnglandMaritime Transport
    EuropeanMark Trans Sped (Poland)
    EuropeanMarko-usluge (Croatia)
    EuropeanMarkpol Transport (Poland)
    EnglandMarley, W
    EuropeanMar-Pol (Poland)
    ScotlandMarr, C & K
    EnglandMarriage's Flour
    EnglandMarriott's of Newark
    EuropeanMarron International (ROI)
    EuropeanMars Logistics (Turkey)
    EnglandMarsh, P & G
    EnglandMarshall & Macintosh
    ScotlandMarshall Trailers
    EnglandMarshall, J & A
    WalesMarshall, R C
    EnglandMarshalls Transport
    WalesMars-Jones Ltd
    EnglandMarston's PLC
    EnglandMartello Transport
    EnglandMartell's Removals
    EuropeanMartex (Poland)
    EnglandMartin, H W Waste
    ScotlandMartin, W & Son
    EuropeanMartinez, Porto (Spain)
    EnglandMartin's Transport
    Northern IrelandMar-Train Heavy Haulage
    EuropeanMarvi Logistic (Romainia)
    EuropeanMarwer Transport (Poland)
    EnglandMason Brothers
    WalesMason Brothers Plant
    EnglandMason, A
    EnglandMason, Ade
    EnglandMason, Derek
    WalesMasons Moving Group
    EnglandMassey Feeds
    EnglandMassey Wilcox
    EnglandMassey, E
    EuropeanMassimo Radi (Italy)
    EuropeanMassong Spedition + Logistik (Germany)
    EnglandMasterson Group
    EuropeanMaszonski (Poland)
    EuropeanMat Inter (Poland)
    EnglandMather, K G
    ScotlandMathers, V G
    EnglandMathew, Paul
    EuropeanMatra Transport (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanMattheeuws, Eric (Belgium)
    EnglandMatthews Group
    EnglandMatthews Haulage
    EnglandMatthews International
    EnglandMatthews Transport
    EnglandMatthews, FWP
    WalesMatthews, Paul & Son
    EnglandMattison Contract Beds
    EnglandMaun Motors
    EuropeanMavitrans (Poland)
    WalesMax Logistics
    EuropeanMax Trans eu (Poland)
    EnglandMaxi Haulage
    EnglandMaxim Logistics
    EuropeanMaxivolum (Spain)
    EuropeanMax-Pol (Poland)
    Northern IrelandMaxwell Freight Services
    EnglandMay Glass Recycling
    EuropeanMay Logistik (Germany)
    EnglandMay, Jimmy
    EnglandMay, M J
    EuropeanMayer Transporte (Germany)
    EnglandMayflower Transport
    EnglandMayling Transport
    EnglandMaze Logistic Solutions
    EuropeanMazo (Spain)
    EnglandMB Bilston
    EnglandMC International
    EuropeanMC Trans (Poland)
    ScotlandMcAdie & Reeve
    EuropeanMcArdle D.G (ROI)
    EuropeanMcArdle Skeath (ROI)
    EnglandMcAuliffe Group
    EuropeanMcAuliffe Trucking (ROI)
    ScotlandMcBain, D & J
    ScotlandMcBean, J B
    Northern IrelandMcBurney Transport
    Northern IrelandMcCaffrey Transport
    ScotlandMcCallum Haulage
    ScotlandMcCallum's Caravan Transport
    EnglandMcCance Heavy Transport
    EnglandMcCann European Transport
    Northern IrelandMcCann Haulage
    EnglandMcCann Transport Services
    Northern IrelandMcCann, F P
    ScotlandMcCarroll, Robert
    EnglandMcCarthy Haulage
    EnglandMcCarthy Marland
    WalesMcCarthy, J
    EnglandMcCarthy, P
    EnglandMcCarthy's Removals
    ScotlandMcClenaghan of Slamannan
    Northern IrelandMcCluskey, David
    Northern IrelandMcConaghy Transport
    Northern IrelandMcCormick Contracts
    EnglandMcCready, G & B
    Northern IrelandMcCulla (Ireland)
    Northern IrelandMcCurdy, Wilson
    EnglandMcCurry, John & Sons
    ScotlandMCD Logs
    EnglandMcDaid Bros
    EnglandMcDermott, A Transport
    ScotlandMcDonald Haulage
    EnglandMcDonald of Belford
    EnglandMcDonald, AD
    EnglandMcDowell, R
    EuropeanMcElchar International Transport (ROI)
    ScotlandMcEwan, R T
    ScotlandMcFadyens Transport
    Northern IrelandMcFarland Transport
    EnglandMcGarrie Transport
    ScotlandMcGawn Bros
    ScotlandMcGeady, John
    EnglandMcGee Group
    Northern IrelandMcGeown Logistics
    Northern IrelandMcGeown Transport
    EnglandMcGill, I J
    Northern IrelandMcGimpsey Removals
    EnglandMcGowan, Paul
    EnglandMcGrath Group
    EnglandMcGregor Haulage
    EnglandMcGregor Logistics
    EuropeanMcGuinness (ROI)
    EnglandMcGuinness Feeds
    EnglandMcGuinness Haulage
    Northern IrelandMcilvanna Transport
    ScotlandMcIntosh Plant
    ScotlandMcIntosh, D & Sons
    EuropeanMcKay, Kieran Ltd (ROI)
    Northern IrelandMcKeefry, B P
    Northern IrelandMcKeegan International
    EuropeanMcKenna, P Transport (ROI)
    EnglandMcKenzie, M
    ScotlandMcKerral, P
    WalesMCL Logistics
    ScotlandMcLanachan, Matt
    ScotlandMcLaren, Peter W
    ScotlandMcLaughlan Transport
    EnglandMcLean, R J & K D
    ScotlandMcLennan, Brian
    EnglandMcLeod Transport
    ScotlandMcLeod, Alex
    ScotlandMcLeod, R J
    ScotlandMCM European
    EuropeanMCMS (Romania)
    Northern IrelandMcMullan International
    EnglandMcMurchy, Stuart
    EnglandMcMurray's Haulage
    EuropeanMcNally Logistics (Ireland)
    ScotlandMcNally, John
    ScotlandMcNaughton, G & Son
    ScotlandMcPherson of Aberlour
    ScotlandMcVicar, M C
    ScotlandMcWilliam Transport
    ScotlandMcWilliam, W H
    EuropeanMD Logistika (Czech Republic)
    EnglandMDF Transport
    EnglandMDL Recycling
    EnglandMDR Transport
    EnglandMDT European
    EnglandMDT Logistic Solutions
    EnglandMeachers Group
    EnglandMead Plant
    EnglandMeadley Caravans
    EnglandMeadowhall Transport
    EnglandMEC Grab Services
    EnglandMechanical Removals & Installations
    EnglandMediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
    EnglandMedler, J
    EnglandMedler, M A & H V
    EnglandMeek, Jon
    EnglandMeer, Amos
    EuropeanMeers transport - logistics (Belgium)
    EuropeanMeeus Group (Netherlands)
    EuropeanMega-Trans Logistics (Poland)
    EuropeanMeijndert, Rien (Netherlands)
    EuropeanMeindl Transporte (Austria)
    EnglandMelbourne Freight Services
    EuropeanMelikont (Czech Republic)
    ScotlandMellex Plant & Construction
    ScotlandMelrose Haulage
    ScotlandMelville, Alexander
    EuropeanMemel Logistics (Lithuania)
    EnglandMemmory, R R
    EnglandMEMS Power Generation
    EuropeanMenath Transporte (Germany)
    EnglandMendip Wood Shavings
    EnglandMenzies Distribution
    EuropeanMera (Netherlands)
    EnglandMercer, C M
    EnglandMercer, Rob
    EnglandMerchant Transport
    EuropeanMercur (Romania)
    EnglandMeridian Steel
    EuropeanMerkur (Germany)
    EuropeanMerla Trans (Spain)
    EuropeanMermans-Van Houdt, L. (Belgium)
    EnglandMerrett, D C
    EnglandMerritts Heavy Haulage
    EnglandMerseyside Fire & Rescue Service
    EuropeanMervielde nv Transport / van Heesvelde Transport nv (Belgium)
    EuropeanMesaroli (Italy)
    EuropeanMesguen (France)
    EnglandMessenger, John & Sons & Daughters
    EnglandMessenger, S J
    EnglandMetcalfe Farms
    EnglandMetcalfe Plant Hire
    EnglandMetcalfe, W & Sons
    EuropeanMetratir (Spain)
    EnglandMetro Mechanical Services
    EnglandMetro Removals
    EuropeanMexem (Poland)
    EnglandMeynell Plant Hire
    EnglandMeyrick, Nick
    EnglandMFT Commercials
    EuropeanMGE (France)
    EnglandMGF Excavations
    EnglandMGL Group
    ScotlandMGM Timber
    ScotlandMGS Logistics
    EuropeanMichel Transporte (Germany)
    WalesMid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandMidas Transport
    EnglandMid-Counties Waste Management Services
    EuropeanMiddelkoop, J (Netherland)
    EnglandMiddlebrook Transport
    EuropeanMiddlegate Europe (Belgium)
    EnglandMiddleton Aggregates
    EnglandMidland Bacon Co
    EnglandMidland Container Logistics
    EnglandMidland Machinery
    EnglandMidland Quarry Products
    EnglandMidland Rock
    ScotlandMidlothian Skip Hire
    ScotlandMigdale Transport
    EuropeanMikel Miroslav (Czech Republic)
    EnglandMiles, Dave
    ScotlandMillar International
    ScotlandMiller Plant
    ScotlandMiller, Billy
    Northern IrelandMiller, D A & Sons
    EnglandMiller, John
    ScotlandMiller, R & L
    EnglandMillers Environmental & Sons Ltd (Formerly Millers Haulage)
    ScotlandMills Contractors
    EuropeanMilord Transport & Trade (Serbia)
    EuropeanMini Express (Hungary)
    EnglandMiniclipper Logistics
    EuropeanMinnaard Transport (Netherlands)
    EnglandMinto, Eric
    EnglandMinto, R
    EuropeanMira Trans (Spain)
    EuropeanMiratrans (Poland)
    EuropeanMirjan24 (Poland)
    EuropeanMirtra Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanMisic Trans (Serbia)
    EnglandMitchell Potatoes
    ScotlandMitchell, A
    EnglandMitchell, B P
    ScotlandMitchell, Douglas F
    ScotlandMitchell, James K & Son
    ScotlandMitchell, John
    ScotlandMitchell, Wm
    EnglandMitchell's of Mansfield
    EnglandMitchinson, J
    EuropeanMitliv (Romania)
    EnglandMixed Freight Services
    EnglandMixIt (Modern Mix Ltd)
    EnglandMJG Transport
    Northern IrelandMJI Transport Services
    EnglandMJS Express
    EnglandMJS Transport
    EnglandMK Plant Transport
    EnglandMK Top Transport
    EnglandMK Transport
    Northern IrelandMK Transport (NI)
    EnglandMKM Group
    EnglandMLC Transport
    ScotlandMLG Transport
    EnglandMLH Transport
    EnglandMLT Transport
    EnglandMobile Mini
    EnglandMobile Services
    EnglandModular Movements (Ex Westram)
    EuropeanMoeijes (Netherlands)
    ScotlandMoffat, T L
    EuropeanMol Cargo (Netherlands)
    EnglandMole Valley Farmers
    EuropeanMolihan International Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanMolinero Logistica (Spain)
    EnglandMonaghan Freight Ltd
    EnglandMonahans Transport
    ScotlandMonarch Transport
    EnglandMone Bros
    ScotlandMoneyacres Transport
    WalesMonk Farms
    EnglandMonkhouse, Peter
    EnglandMonkhouse, R J & I
    EnglandMonks Contractors
    EnglandMonroe, Mark
    Northern IrelandMontgomery Transport
    ScotlandMontgomery, K T
    EnglandMoody Logistics
    EnglandMoody, Jack
    EnglandMoore, D W
    EnglandMoore, G
    EnglandMoore, H G & Son
    EnglandMoore, S A
    EnglandMoorhead Excavations
    EnglandMoorhouse, Tom
    EnglandMor Cross Transport Services
    EuropeanMoran & Boxwell International (ROI)
    EnglandMoran Logistics
    ScotlandMorar Motors
    EnglandMorgan Machinery
    EnglandMorgan Transport
    WalesMorgan, A T & Son
    EnglandMorgan, Alasdair
    WalesMorgan, B A
    EnglandMorgan, Charles
    EnglandMorgan, D
    WalesMorgan, H
    WalesMorgan, John R
    WalesMorgan, M K
    WalesMorgan, S A
    EnglandMorgan, V E
    EuropeanMorgantane (Spain)
    EnglandMoriarty Haulage
    EnglandMorley Skips
    EnglandMorley, J W
    EnglandMorris Lubricants
    WalesMorris, Allan
    EnglandMorris, C J
    EnglandMorris, D C
    EnglandMorris, ET
    WalesMorris, Kevin
    WalesMorris, Rob Groundworks
    EnglandMorris, S
    WalesMorris, W & Son
    ScotlandMorrison, J W
    ScotlandMorrison, Jim
    EnglandMorrisons Supermarkets
    EuropeanMorschhauser (Germany)
    EnglandMortimer, James
    EnglandMoseley, Joel A
    EnglandMosey, Ian
    EuropeanMoss Logistics (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanMost 81 (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanMotiejausko Transportas
    EnglandMouland Haulage
    EnglandMould, John
    EnglandMountain, M C
    EnglandMouser, Jamie
    ScotlandMove It Express
    EnglandMoy Park
    Northern IrelandMoyle Transport
    EnglandMPB Structures
    EnglandMPH Group
    EnglandMRA Transport
    EnglandMRB Transport
    EnglandMRM Transport
    EnglandMRW Waste Recycling
    EuropeanMS trade (Czech Republic)
    EnglandMSA Coast Transport
    EnglandMSB Haulage
    EnglandMSH Yorkshire
    EnglandMSL (Milton Keynes)
    ScotlandMSL (Scotland)
    ScotlandMSP Transport
    EuropeanM-System (Romania)
    EnglandMT Haulage
    EuropeanMTAB (Sweden)
    EnglandMTL Haulage
    EnglandMTO Logistics
    EnglandMTS Cleansing Services
    EnglandMTS Logistics
    ScotlandMuir Group
    ScotlandMuir, R & A
    EuropeanMulders, Kees (Netherlands)
    Northern IrelandMulgrew Haulage
    ScotlandMulholland Plant Services
    EuropeanMüller Fresh Food Logistics (Netherlands)
    EuropeanMüller Transporte (Austria)
    ScotlandMuller Wiseman Dairies
    EuropeanMullins, George (ROI)
    EnglandMulti Vehicle Movers
    EnglandMultimodal Logistics
    EuropeanMultiwheels (Netherlands)
    ScotlandMundell, B
    EnglandMunson Transport
    EuropeanMunster Joinery (ROI)
    ScotlandMurdoch, J & M
    EnglandMurphy Group
    EuropeanMurphy Transport (ROI)
    WalesMurphy, Tim
    ScotlandMurray Bros
    ScotlandMurray, David
    ScotlandMurray, F B
    ScotlandMurray, Keith
    ScotlandMurray, Wm & D
    ScotlandMurray's Transport
    ScotlandMurrie, Ian A
    EuropeanMurtagh, Shay (ROI)
    EnglandMusgrave Transport
    EuropeanMusolino (Italy)
    ScotlandMutch, Alex
    EuropeanMutlular Transport (Turkey)
    EuropeanMutti (Italy)
    EnglandMVL Transport
    Northern IrelandMVT (Motor Vehicle Transport)
    EnglandMyers Group
    EnglandN & M Logistics
    EuropeanN & N (Bulgaria)
    EnglandN D Services
    EnglandNagel Logistics UK (Previously Langdons)
    EuropeanNapoli Trans (Italy)
    EnglandNassriver Haulage
    EuropeanNatanek Logistics (Poland)
    EuropeanNati Olimpia Group (Romania)
    EnglandNational Hickman
    EnglandNational Tube Stockholders
    EnglandNationwide Metal Recycling (NMR)
    EnglandNationwide Platforms
    EnglandNature's Menu
    EnglandNaylor, Reg
    EnglandNaylor's of Leyland
    EuropeanNB & BV (Latvia)
    EnglandNB Transport
    EnglandNDC Services
    WalesNeal Soils
    EnglandNeed, F J
    EnglandNeedham Haulage
    EuropeanNeedham, Michael (ROI)
    EnglandNeely Transport
    EuropeanNeier Transport + Logistik GmbH (Austria)
    EnglandNeill & Brown
    ScotlandNeill, Robert
    EuropeanNeko (Poland)
    EnglandNells Haulage
    EnglandNelson Car Transport
    ScotlandNelson, A & J
    EnglandNelson, R T
    EnglandNelsons Transport
    EuropeanNemeth (Hungary)
    EnglandNene Transport (Lincs)
    EuropeanNera (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanNestor, David (ROI)
    EuropeanNetlog Logistics (Turkey)
    EuropeanNetzer, Norbert (Germany)
    EuropeanNeves International Transports (Portugal)
    EnglandNew Allies Transport
    EnglandNew Era Fuels
    EnglandNew Horizon
    EnglandNewall Plant
    EnglandNewark Motor Auctions
    EnglandNewell & Wright Transport
    EnglandNewey Transflora
    EnglandNewhall Transport Services
    EnglandNewis, Gerald G
    EnglandNewman, Mike (Haulage)
    EnglandNewton Transport
    ScotlandNewtown Waste Solutions
    ScotlandNewtyle Commercials
    EnglandNext PLC
    EnglandNichol, J & V E
    ScotlandNichol, W
    EnglandNicholas Packaging
    EnglandNicholls & Clarke Group
    EnglandNicholls, E H
    EnglandNicholls, L F
    EnglandNicholson & Holdswoth
    EnglandNickolls, H
    ScotlandNicol of Skene
    ScotlandNicol, Stuart
    ScotlandNicol, William
    EnglandNidd Transport
    EuropeanNielsen (Denmark)
    EuropeanNiemiec (Poland)
    EuropeanNieuwkoop B V, J P v (Netherlands)
    EuropeanNijman/Zeetank Group (Netherlands)
    EuropeanNIKA Logistics (Formerly NIKA-Chrudim) (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanNillezen BV (Netherlands)
    EuropeanNinatrans (Belgium)
    EnglandNingbo Distribution
    EuropeanNippon Express
    ScotlandNisbet, G & M
    EnglandNissin UK
    ScotlandNiven, T P
    EnglandNixon Hire
    EnglandNixon, E
    EnglandNixon, Julie
    EnglandNJI Transport
    EnglandNoble Foods
    EnglandNoble, D & G
    ScotlandNoble, David
    EuropeanNolan Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanNoone Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanNoprosu s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanNord Spedition (Romania)
    EuropeanNord Sud (Germany)
    EnglandNorfolk Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandNorfolk Logistics
    EuropeanNoriega Grupo Logistico (Spain)
    EnglandNorman Road Haulage
    EnglandNorman, David S
    EnglandNorman's Transport
    ScotlandNorscot International
    EuropeanNortes, Hnos (Spain)
    EnglandNorth Cornwall Transport
    ScotlandNorth East Fallen Stock
    EnglandNorth East Tippers
    EnglandNorth East Truck & Driver
    EnglandNorth Kent Distribution
    EnglandNorth Lincs Aggregates
    EuropeanNorth Sea Express Group (Belgium)
    EnglandNorth Shropshire Transport
    WalesNorth Wales Fire & Rescue Service
    WalesNorth Wales Transport
    EuropeanNorth West Carriers (ROI)
    EnglandNorth West Logistics
    EnglandNorth Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandNorthamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandNorthern Disposal Services
    EnglandNorthern Installations
    Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandNorthern Straw
    EnglandNorthern Trading
    EnglandNorthfield Farms Partnership
    EnglandNorthumberland Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandNorthumbrian Roads
    EnglandNorthwood Logistics
    EnglandNorton, S
    EnglandNortons Hiab Services
    EuropeanNortraffic (Belgium)
    EuropeanNothegger (Austria)
    EnglandNottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EuropeanNouwens Transport (Netherlands)
    EnglandNova Express
    EnglandNova Transport
    EuropeanNowakowski Transport (Poland)
    EuropeanNox-Pol (Poland)
    WalesNPC Commercials
    EnglandNPLC Haulage
    EnglandNRS Ltd
    EuropeanN-Trans (Czech Republic)
    Northern IrelandNummy, James
    EuropeanNunki (Bulgaria)
    EnglandNunn, Bryan
    EnglandNutt, Tom & Son
    EnglandNuttall, James
    EuropeanNVD (National Vehicle Distribution) (ROI)
    EnglandNWF Group
    ScotlandNWH Group
    EnglandNWH Transport
    EnglandNX Group
    EuropeanNyir-Flop-Holding (Hungary)
    EuropeanO.K. Trans (Czech Republic)
    ScotlandOakbank Services
    EnglandOakland Distribution
    EnglandOakley Logistics
    EnglandOakley, Arthur
    EnglandOasis Rescue
    EnglandOates, Dennis
    EuropeanObjektif Lojistik (Turkey)
    EnglandO'Brien, M
    EnglandOcean Fish
    EnglandO'Connor Utilities
    EnglandO'Connor, P P
    EnglandO'Doherty, J
    EuropeanO'Donovan Transport (ROI)
    EnglandO'Donovan Waste
    EuropeanOegema (Netherlands)
    EuropeanOffergeld Logistik (Germany)
    ScotlandOfficer, W J
    EnglandO'Gara, Frank
    ScotlandOgilvie, David
    EnglandO'Hara Bros
    EuropeanO'Harte Transport
    EnglandOil Salvage
    EuropeanOK Logistik (Turkey)
    EuropeanOL Trans (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanOlam International
    EuropeanOlano Groupe (France)
    EuropeanOlbtar (Estonia)
    EnglandOld, W A
    EnglandOldbury Garage
    EnglandOldhams Removals
    EuropeanOldrich Transport (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanO'Leary International (Republic of Ireland)
    Northern IrelandOliver Transport Services
    EnglandOliver, Martin
    WalesOlivers Skips
    ScotlandOlivers Transport
    EnglandOllands Removals & Storage
    EnglandOllerton, S
    EuropeanOlympias (Greece)
    EnglandO'Malley Haulage
    EuropeanOmega Pilzno (Poland)
    EnglandOne Step Beyond
    EuropeanO'Neills International Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanOnix (Poland)
    EnglandOnline Group
    EnglandOnpoint Logistics
    EnglandOntime Logistics
    EuropeanOp 't Hof Jac. (Netherlands)
    EnglandOpenultra Felixstowe Ltd
    EnglandOpex Logistics
    EuropeanOprean (Romania)
    EnglandOptima Logistics
    EuropeanOptimax (Germany)
    EnglandOrbital Equipment
    ScotlandOrchard Timber Products
    EnglandOrchard, Henry
    EnglandOrd Group
    EuropeanO'Reilly (ROI)
    EnglandO'Reilly, D E
    EuropeanOrizont (Romania)
    EuropeanOrkun (Turkey)
    EnglandOrme, A E
    ScotlandOrmiston, Robert
    EuropeanOrmonde, Richard (ROI)
    EnglandO'Shea, J & Sons
    EuropeanOskar Trans (Poland)
    EnglandOsmonds Planing & Transport
    EuropeanOstelmann Transporte (Germany)
    EnglandOstridge, A J
    EuropeanO'Sullivan's (ROI)
    EnglandOswestry Waste Paper
    EuropeanOteiza (Spain)
    EuropeanO'Toole (ROI)
    EnglandOvenden Tipper Services
    EnglandOverland Transport
    WalesOwen, G
    WalesOwen, H F
    EnglandOwen, J D
    EnglandOwen, John
    WalesOwen, Kieron M.
    WalesOwen, Owen G
    WalesOwen, R A & Sons
    WalesOwen, S & Sons
    WalesOwens Road Services
    EnglandOxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service
    WalesP & A Transport
    EnglandP & B Foods
    EnglandP & L Transport
    EuropeanP & M Express (Netherlands)
    EnglandP X Farms
    EuropeanPabst (Germany)
    EuropeanPacas (Slovakia)
    EnglandPace Logistics
    EuropeanPadari (Belgium)
    EuropeanPadrosa (Spain)
    EnglandPadstow Sea Sand Co
    EuropeanPaganella (Italy)
    EnglandPage, R T
    EnglandPallant, A W
    EnglandPallet Plus
    ScotlandPalmer Deliveries
    EnglandPalmer, Brian
    EuropeanPamatrans (Poland)
    EuropeanPanalon (Spain)
    EuropeanPanda East spol (Czech Republic)
    ScotlandPanda Rosa Metals
    EuropeanPaneuro International (Romania)
    EnglandPanic Transport
    EuropeanPanigada (Italy)
    EnglandPanther Group
    EuropeanPapi-M94 (Bulgaria)
    EnglandPar Petroleum
    EnglandParhams Removals
    EnglandParhams Transport
    EnglandPark, E & Sons
    EnglandParker Building Supplies
    Northern IrelandParker Car Transport
    EnglandParker, Colin W
    EnglandParker, Grant
    EnglandParker, John, International
    EnglandParker, K T
    EnglandParkinson, H
    EnglandParkside Transport
    EnglandParrish, J & Son
    EnglandParry, J G
    EnglandParsons Distribution
    EnglandPartridge Transport Services
    EnglandPartridge, Nigel
    EuropeanPascoal (Portugal)
    EuropeanPasquinelli, Flli (Italy)
    EnglandPatefield, Brian R
    ScotlandPaterson, David
    ScotlandPaterson, J
    ScotlandPaterson, J M
    ScotlandPatersons Haulage & Plant
    ScotlandPatersons Quarries
    ScotlandPatersons Skip & Plant Hire
    EuropeanPatinter (Portugal)
    EnglandPattemores Transport
    EnglandPatterson, Barry
    EuropeanPaula Trans (Poland)
    EnglandPAV Haulage
    EuropeanPawmar (Poland)
    EnglandPawson Transport
    EuropeanPawtrans (Poland)
    EnglandPayne, F E & Son
    EnglandPayne, H E
    EnglandPayne, J R
    EnglandPayne, J T & Sons
    EnglandPayne's Caravan Transport
    EnglandPayne's Dairies
    EnglandPD Ports
    EnglandPDG Machinery Services
    EnglandPDS Direct
    EnglandPeach, Terry
    EnglandPeacock Brothers
    EnglandPeacocks of Thirsk
    EnglandPearce, J F
    WalesPearce, John
    EnglandPearce, L F
    EnglandPearce, S
    EnglandPears, JG
    EnglandPearson, A & Sons
    EnglandPearson, Edward
    EnglandPearson, Ralph
    ScotlandPearsons of Duns
    ScotlandPeche Group
    EnglandPeckover Transport
    EnglandPedersen Contracting Services
    Northern IrelandPedro Pet Foods
    EuropeanPedroso, Issac (Portugal)
    EuropeanPeethultra Transport (Belgium)
    ScotlandPegasus Express
    EnglandPegasus Grab Hire
    EuropeanPekaes (Poland)
    EuropeanPeklaj-A.S. (Slovenia)
    EuropeanPelikan Ltd. (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanPelliet, Laurent (France)
    EuropeanPelowski Transport Spedycia (Poland)
    EuropeanPEMA (Germany)
    EnglandPenfold Driveways
    EnglandPenfold Verrall
    EnglandPennine Stone
    EnglandPennington Haulage Co
    EnglandPenny, R M
    ScotlandPenny, W & S
    EuropeanPennykid (Spain)
    EnglandPennymoor Timber
    EnglandPensworth Dairy
    EnglandPentagon Freight Services (Previously Aquatran)
    EnglandPentons Haulage
    EuropeanPerchemliev (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanPerditrans (Belgium)
    EuropeanPerea (Spain)
    EuropeanPerennial Freight (ROI)
    EnglandPerfect, D & Son
    EuropeanPerrier (France)
    EnglandPerry Removals & Storage
    EnglandPerrys Recycling
    EnglandPetch, John
    EnglandPetch, Roger
    EuropeanPeter & Mireille Transport (Belgium)
    EuropeanPeter Transporte (Slovakia)
    EuropeanPeter Vis Transport (Netherlands)
    WalesPeter's Pies
    EuropeanPeters, Rolf H. (Germany)
    EuropeanPeterstar (Poland)
    EuropeanPetrans (Slovenia)
    EuropeanPetraTrans (Hungary)
    EnglandPetrie, George
    ScotlandPetrie, John
    EnglandPets at Home
    EnglandPets Corner
    EuropeanPetschl (Austria)
    EnglandPettifor, A & Son
    EuropeanPet-Trans (Romania)
    EnglandPetty, K & Co
    EnglandPFE Express
    EnglandPGS Global Logistics
    EnglandPhilips, John K
    EnglandPhillips Brothers (Woodshavings)
    EnglandPhoenix Metals
    EuropeanPHU EL-Trans International Transport (Poland)
    EnglandPickering, Richard
    EnglandPickerings Hire
    EnglandPickford Contracting
    EnglandPier (UK) Ltd
    ScotlandPierce, J & D
    EnglandPierce, S & J
    EuropeanPietro Conserva Group (Italy)
    EuropeanPiggotts Express (ROI)
    EuropeanPigliacelli Group (Italy)
    EuropeanPik Trans (Poland)
    EnglandPike, K J
    EnglandPilgrim Food Services
    EnglandPinches, M
    EnglandPinden Ltd
    EnglandPink Parrot
    EuropeanPink, Michael (Germany)
    EnglandPiper Transport
    EuropeanPires, Joao (Portugal)
    EnglandPittaway Transport
    EnglandPitter Brothers
    EnglandPittick, D P
    EuropeanPiwowarczyk (Poland)
    EnglandPJM Fleet Services
    ScotlandPJM Services
    EnglandPJW Contracting
    EuropeanPKS Gdansk (Poland)
    ScotlandPlank, Callum M
    EnglandPlant Speed
    EuropeanPlantLine (Netherlands)
    EnglandPlasmor Concrete Products
    EuropeanPlastchim - T (Bulgaria)
    EnglandPlatinum Transport Solutions
    WalesPlatt's Animal Bedding
    EuropeanPLC Trans (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanPLCC (Poland)
    EnglandPlessas, Andreas
    EnglandPlevin, R
    EuropeanPloj (Slovenia)
    EuropeanPlovie (Belgium)
    EnglandPlummer, T W
    EnglandPMA Logistics
    EuropeanPML Transportes (Portugal)
    Northern IrelandPMP International
    EnglandPMW Quarries
    EnglandPocklington, John
    EnglandPocklington, Mark
    EuropeanPol Bud (Poland)
    EuropeanPolach Logistics & Transport (Romania)
    Northern IrelandPolar International
    EuropeanPolar Trans Berlin (Germany)
    EnglandPolaris Group
    EnglandPollard, A.
    EnglandPollard, Dave
    EuropeanPolley Groupe (France)
    EuropeanPoll-Nussbaumer (Austria)
    ScotlandPollock Scotrans
    EuropeanPolonia Logistyka (Poland)
    EuropeanPolytrans (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanPombalense Central (Portugal)
    EnglandPonsonby, M A
    EnglandPonsonby, Paul
    EnglandPontrilas Timber
    EnglandPoole, Adrian & Sons
    EnglandPoole, Graham
    EuropeanPoppe Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanPorebski (Poland)
    EnglandPorretta, S
    EnglandPort of Tyne Logistics
    EnglandPort Xpress
    EnglandPortable Space
    EnglandPorter, Andrew
    ScotlandPorter, Robert
    EnglandPorters Quality Feeds
    EnglandPortman Logistics
    EnglandPotteries Heavy Haulage
    EnglandPoundfield Products
    EnglandPowell, R W
    WalesPowell, Tony
    EnglandPower Plane
    EnglandPPC Transport
    EuropeanPracticom (Romania)
    EnglandPratt, S H
    EnglandPRD Transport Services
    EnglandPrecious, Chris
    EnglandPrecon Products
    EnglandPreece, Phill
    EuropeanPregon (Netherlands)
    WalesPremier Forest Group
    EnglandPremier Freight Services
    EnglandPremier Logistics
    EnglandPreston Plastics
    EnglandPrestons of Potto
    EnglandPretlove's Removals
    EuropeanPrevost (France)
    EnglandPrice Express
    WalesPrice, Alan & Sons
    WalesPrice, Clive
    EnglandPrice, L & J
    WalesPrichard, Tom
    EnglandPridmore's Haulage
    EnglandPriestley, J L
    EnglandPrigmore Haulage
    EuropeanPrigo (Slovenia)
    EuropeanPrima 91 (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanPrimafrio (Spain)
    EuropeanPrime Transport (Poland)
    EnglandPrime, T.L.
    EuropeanPrincezi International Transport (Macedonia)
    ScotlandPringle, Wm
    EuropeanPrins Transport (Netherlands)
    EnglandPriority Transport
    EnglandPritchard, Stephen
    Northern IrelandPRM Group
    EuropeanProbe Trans (Poland)
    EnglandProbulk (Formerly JB's Haulage)
    EnglandProctor, Barry
    EnglandProctors Transport (Langar)
    EnglandPro-Drive Boat Transport
    EuropeanProfit (Poland)
    EnglandProfreight - Ferryspeed
    EuropeanProgres (Czech Republic)
    WalesProject Power
    EnglandPrologic Services
    EnglandPrompt Transport
    EuropeanPronk, John (Netherlands)
    EnglandProspect Nurseries
    EnglandProsser, J
    EuropeanProtrans (ROI)
    EnglandProudlock, R L & Sons
    EnglandPRS Distribution
    EnglandPryce, H W & Son
    WalesPryce, Steve
    EnglandPTM International
    EuropeanPTM Polski Transport (Poland)
    EnglandPugh, James & Son
    WalesPugh, Martin
    EnglandPugh's Haulage
    EnglandPulham Steels
    EnglandPullan, David
    EnglandPulleyn Transport
    EnglandPunchard, Josh
    EnglandPunchard, Seth
    EuropeanPunk (Latvia)
    ScotlandPurdie, Matt & Sons
    ScotlandPurvis Group
    EnglandPurvis, K W
    EuropeanPVM Solar Transportes (Spain)
    EnglandPye, Trevor
    EnglandQualitech Environmental Services
    EuropeanQualitrans-Cargo (Hungary)
    EnglandQuattro Group
    EnglandQuattro UK
    EnglandQuay Transport
    EnglandQuayside Wholesale
    EuropeanQuehenberger Logistics (Austria)
    EnglandQuick Reach
    WalesQuicks Haulage
    EnglandQuinn Farm Services
    Northern IrelandQuinn Group
    Northern IrelandQuinn Piling
    EnglandQuinn's Car Transport
    EnglandQuinn's Transport
    EnglandQuinto Crane & Plant
    WalesR & B Transport
    WalesR & M Transport
    EnglandR & R Car Transport
    ScotlandR & S Plant
    EnglandR & S Recovery
    EnglandR A Delivery
    EnglandR E Transport
    EnglandR F Landscape Products
    EnglandR R Transport & Storage
    EnglandR.A.K Haulage
    EuropeanR.B.I.I. (Lithuania)
    EuropeanRabelink Logistics (Netherlands)
    EuropeanRaben Group (Netherlands)
    WalesRacecourse Haulage
    EnglandRadbournes Ltd
    EnglandRainham Steel
    EnglandRainthorpe Transport
    EuropeanRalu Logistika (Croatia)
    EnglandRamage Transport
    EuropeanRamman (Belgium)
    ScotlandRamsay Ladders
    EnglandRamsay Transport
    ScotlandRamsay's Waste Management
    EnglandRamshaw Removals & Transport
    EuropeanRamzes Logistics (Poland)
    EuropeanRan Logistics (Turkey)
    EnglandRand Brothers
    EnglandRandall Barber
    EnglandRanger, D F
    EnglandRapid Response Solutions
    EnglandRase Distribution
    EuropeanRasta (Poland)
    EnglandRatcliffe, Frank & Son
    EnglandRatcliffe, W H
    EuropeanRattenni Autotrasporti (Italy)
    EuropeanRavCar Spedition (Romania)
    WalesRaven Express
    ScotlandRavens Express
    ScotlandRavensby Glass Co
    EnglandRavenscroft Motor Company
    EuropeanRavitex (Romania)
    EnglandRawcliffe, J B
    EnglandRawlings Transport
    EnglandRawlings, A S
    EuropeanRayden (Belgium)
    EuropeanRaymackers Transports sprl (Belgium)
    EuropeanRaymatrans (Spain)
    WalesRaymond, John
    EuropeanRB Trans (Poland)
    EnglandRBF Services
    EnglandRCA Transport
    WalesRDH Contractors
    EnglandRDS Transport
    EuropeanRDV Transports (France)
    EuropeanRE.MA Trasporti & Logistica (Italy)
    EnglandReact Transport
    WalesRead Plant Hire
    EnglandReader, T A
    EnglandReadymicks Concrete Products
    EnglandReadypower Rail Services
    EnglandReally Trucks
    EnglandReason Transport
    EuropeanReber Mobel-Logistik (German)
    EuropeanRecht (Germany)
    EnglandRecovery North West
    EnglandRecycle Me UK
    EnglandRecycled Material Supplies (RMS Ltd)
    EnglandRecycling Lives
    EnglandRed Horse Fuels
    EnglandRed Industries
    EnglandRedgate Recycling
    EnglandRedhead International
    EnglandRedline Transport
    EnglandRedway European
    EnglandReed Boardall
    EnglandReed, L A
    EnglandReed, P J
    EnglandRees, C J
    WalesRees, D John
    WalesRees, P M
    WalesRees, Tony M
    EuropeanReese Gruppe (Germany)
    EnglandRegaldon UK Ltd
    Northern IrelandRe-Gen Waste
    EuropeanRegesta (Poland)
    EnglandReid Freight
    EnglandReid, Doug
    ScotlandReid, Ian F
    EnglandReid, John
    ScotlandReigart Contracts
    EuropeanReilly, Walter (ROI)
    EuropeanReimler Worldwide Logistics (Germany)
    EuropeanReinsch Spedition (Germany)
    ScotlandReive & Grossart
    EnglandREL Transport
    EnglandReliable Moving & Storage
    EnglandReliance Scrap Metal
    EnglandRelief Logistics
    EuropeanRemie (Netherlands)
    EuropeanRemitrans (Belgium)
    EnglandRemix Dry Mortar
    EnglandRemondis UK
    EnglandRendrive Haulage
    EuropeanRenemar Trading (Estonia)
    EuropeanRenex (Poland)
    EnglandRenray Healthcare
    EuropeanRensink (Netherlands)
    EuropeanRepinski (Poland)
    EuropeanResl Transport Servis (Czech Republic)
    EnglandReston Waste
    EuropeanRetrans (Poland)
    EuropeanRévész Group (Hungary)
    EnglandRevill, George
    EnglandRevis Transport
    EnglandRevolution Transport Services
    EuropeanRextar Logistic (Latvia)
    EnglandReynolds Catering Supplies
    EnglandReynolds Logistics
    EnglandReynolds Recruitment
    EnglandReynolds Transport
    EnglandReynolds, K J
    EnglandRF Transport
    EuropeanRG Transporte (Germany)
    EnglandRGB Building Supplies
    EnglandRGF Logistics
    EnglandRhead, D & A
    EnglandRhodes Freight Services
    EnglandRhodes, A
    EnglandRhodes, Keith
    EnglandRHS Transport
    EnglandRI Haulage
    EuropeanRiboni (Italy)
    EuropeanRicardo (Croatia)
    EnglandRice, Nigel
    EnglandRich, R J
    WalesRichards, Howel
    EnglandRichards, Jack
    EnglandRichardson Traction
    EnglandRichardson Transport
    EnglandRichardson, Andrew
    ScotlandRichardson, John
    EnglandRiches, Chris
    ScotlandRichmond Menzies
    EuropeanRichter Transport (Germany)
    EnglandRicketts, H D
    WalesRicketts, Jim
    ScotlandRiddell, J & G
    ScotlandRiddell, W A
    ScotlandRidgway, P S
    EnglandRidley, Ian
    EnglandRidley, Thomas
    EnglandRidsdale, K F
    EuropeanRiedijk (Netherlands)
    WalesRight Freight
    EnglandRight Mix Concrete
    EuropeanRijnart International Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanRijnberg A.C. Transport (Netherlands)
    EnglandRiley Logistic Services
    EnglandRiley, T
    EnglandRimell Transport
    EuropeanRinkleib, Peter Transport GmbH (Germany)
    EuropeanRinnen (Germany)
    EnglandRinus Roofing
    EnglandRipon Select Foods
    EnglandRissen, Adam
    ScotlandRitchie, David
    EnglandRitchie, E & N
    EuropeanRitex (Poland)
    EuropeanRitmo BV (Netherlands)
    EnglandRiver Ridge Recycling
    EnglandRix Petroleum
    EnglandRJC Transport
    EnglandRJH Transport Services
    EnglandRJM Commercials
    EnglandRJ's Transport
    ScotlandRJT Excavations
    EnglandRK Transport
    EnglandRLC Transport
    EuropeanRLD Trans (Bulgaria)
    EnglandRMS Boat Transport
    EnglandRMS Trent Ports
    WalesRNA Plant
    EnglandRNZ UK
    EnglandRoad & Land Services Ltd
    EuropeanRoad Cargo Service (Italy)
    EuropeanRoad International Transport and Logistics GmbH (Austria)
    ScotlandRoadhead Farm Feeds
    EuropeanRoadlink BV (Netherlands)
    EuropeanRoadrunner Transport Services (Germany)
    EuropeanRoadtrain (ROI)
    EnglandRobbins, Stephen
    EuropeanRoberto (Italy)
    EnglandRoberts (Ross Roadways)
    EnglandRoberts Bakery
    EnglandRoberts Transport (Sussex)
    EnglandRoberts, D & E
    EnglandRoberts, George
    EnglandRoberts, George & Son
    ScotlandRoberts, Ian
    WalesRoberts, John (Ffestiniog)
    ScotlandRoberts, John, H
    EnglandRoberts, Paul
    WalesRoberts, R N
    EnglandRobertson, M & Sons
    WalesRobins Haulage
    EnglandRobins, T J
    EnglandRobinson Contract Services
    EnglandRobinson Haulage
    EnglandRobinson, Ian
    EnglandRobinson, Stan
    EnglandRobinson, V & A
    EnglandRobinson, W
    EnglandRobinsons Auto Logistics
    EnglandRobinsons Haulage (Sussex)
    EnglandRobinsons of Worcester
    EnglandRobinsons Pallet Services
    EnglandRobinsons Relocation
    ScotlandRobinsons Scotland Ltd
    EnglandRobinsons Transport
    EnglandRobson, Anthony
    EuropeanRocco (Italy)
    EnglandRochfords Recovery
    ScotlandRock Haulage (Previously D Renton & Sons)
    EuropeanRockert (Germany)
    EnglandRocket Logistics
    EnglandRocket Rentals
    EnglandRockley Transport
    EuropeanRock'n Roll Trucking (Germany)
    ScotlandRocksoff Gravel
    EnglandRode Haulage
    EuropeanRodos V+J Teodoridis (Czech Republic)
    EnglandRoe, Nigel
    EnglandRoe, R J
    EuropeanRofia (Poland)
    EuropeanRoFood (Poland)
    EuropeanRogan, Prevoznistvo (Slovenia)
    ScotlandRoger, Ian S
    EnglandRogers Rescue
    ScotlandRogers Skip Hire
    EnglandRogers Transport
    EnglandRogers, D.L. & Sons
    EnglandRogers, E M
    EnglandRogers, W G D
    EuropeanRokita (Poland)
    EuropeanRola Trans (Poland)
    EuropeanRolka (Poland)
    EuropeanRolling Cars (Hungary)
    EnglandRolls, W
    EuropeanRollsped (Hungary)
    EuropeanRoLogiSped (Romania)
    EnglandRomac Logistics
    EuropeanRomano Transporti (Italy)
    Northern IrelandRonan, Gerry
    ScotlandRooke, Justin
    EuropeanRooney Transport (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanRoosens, M. (Belgium)
    EnglandRose Removals
    EuropeanRosendaal Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanRosner (Germany)
    EnglandRothery, Joe
    EuropeanRotra (Holland)
    EnglandRouse, K
    EnglandRoute Logistics
    EnglandRoute One Freight
    EuropeanRouxel (France)
    EnglandRowell, Nicholas
    EnglandRowell's Transport
    EnglandRowland, F G
    EnglandRowland's Transport
    EnglandRowlands, Allan
    EnglandRoyal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandRoyal Mail
    EnglandRoyal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
    EuropeanRoyal Wagenborg (Netherlands)
    EuropeanRoyal-Trans (Slovakia)
    EnglandRoys Auto's
    WalesRPM Ltd
    EnglandRPS Transport
    EnglandRS Express
    EnglandRS Recovery
    EnglandRSL Distribution
    EuropeanRT Trans (Poland)
    EnglandRTH Lubbers
    EnglandRTS Tanker & Jetting Services
    EnglandRTS Waste
    EnglandRuane Transport
    EnglandRuddock, G J
    EnglandRudler Car Transportation & Storage
    EuropeanRumping, J.W.J. & Zn (Netherlands)
    EnglandRushyford Transport Services
    EnglandRussell, C W
    EnglandRussell, Charles
    ScotlandRussell, John G
    ScotlandRussell, Wm & Sons
    EnglandRussell's Vehicle Management & Towing
    EnglandRust, Jody S
    EuropeanRutges Cargo Logistics (Netherlands)
    ScotlandRutherford Transport
    EuropeanRutilli Adolfo Logistics & Transport (Italy)
    EuropeanRutom Cargo (Netherlands)
    EnglandRutter, Tim
    EnglandRuttle Plant Hire
    EnglandRV Transport
    EuropeanRV Transport (Lithuania)
    EnglandRWK Transport
    EuropeanRyan, Martin & Sons (ROI)
    EuropeanRyano Logistics (Netherlands)
    EnglandRygor Group Services
    EnglandS & A Produce
    EnglandS & G Plant
    WalesS & G Soils
    EnglandS & G Transport
    EnglandS & J European Haulage
    WalesS & K Logistics
    EnglandS & L Fastrack
    EnglandS & L Services
    EnglandS & S Distribution
    ScotlandS A R S (Sinclair Agriculture)
    European's Heeren, Frédéric (Belgium)
    EuropeanS Transport (ROI)
    EnglandS.A.W Transport
    EuropeanS.I.T.S.Zlin (Czech Republic)
    EnglandS1 Transport (Wigglesworth)
    EuropeanSAAN Trucking (Romainia)
    EuropeanSachs Trans (Poland)
    EuropeanSacotte (Belgium)
    EuropeanSadarbiba (Latvia)
    EuropeanSaelens (Belgium)
    EnglandSaint Gobain Group
    EnglandSAL Commercials (Grimsby)
    EnglandSalford Van Hire
    EnglandSalop Haulage
    EnglandSalter, M C
    EnglandSalvo 1968
    EuropeanSamat (France)
    EuropeanSambular (Czech Republic)
    EnglandSammans, Alfred A
    EnglandSampson, Nick
    EnglandSam's Transport
    EnglandSamworth Brothers
    EuropeanSan Jose & Lopez (Spain)
    EuropeanSanchez, Tomas (Spain)
    EuropeanSandermans (Belgium)
    EnglandSanderson, Arnold
    EnglandSanderson, Stephen
    EnglandSandham, Chris
    EnglandSandiford, Trevor
    EuropeanSandoval (Spain)
    EnglandSanray Freight
    EuropeanSara AG (Macedonia)
    EuropeanSarens (Belgium)
    EnglandSAS Cars Direct
    EnglandSAS Logistics
    EuropeanSAS Trans (Poland)
    EuropeanSAS Vecanord (France)
    EuropeanSatori (Poland)
    EnglandSaunders, B R
    WalesSaunders, D & A
    EnglandSaunders, M E & Sons
    EnglandSavage Haulage
    EnglandSawkins, Alan
    EnglandSaxon Motors
    EnglandSayer, Ben
    ScotlandSBM Logistics
    EnglandSBS Transport
    EnglandSC Fabrications
    EuropeanScalabrin Flli (Italy)
    EnglandScammell Commercials
    EnglandScenic Transportation Services
    EuropeanSchade Transport Logistic (Germany)
    EuropeanSchafft Daniel (German)
    EuropeanSchavemaker ( Netherlands)
    EuropeanScheffknecht Transporte (Austria)
    EuropeanSchellekens, A Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanSchenk Tanktransport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanScherpenhuizen (Netherlands)
    EuropeanSchers Transporten Beringe (Netherlands)
    EuropeanSchikker Trucking (Netherlands)
    EuropeanSchmalz + Schon (Germany)
    EuropeanSchmechel (Germany)
    EuropeanSchmelz Spedition (Germany)
    EuropeanSchmitt Peterslahr (Germany)
    EuropeanSchmitz H.P. (Germany)
    EuropeanSchneider Liquid Food Transports (Germany)
    EnglandSchofield, R & D
    EuropeanSchoones BV (Netherlands)
    EnglandSchroeder Bros
    EuropeanSchuck, Albert (Germany)
    EuropeanSchumacher (Germany)
    EuropeanSchuoler AG (Switzerland)
    EuropeanSchuon (Germany)
    EuropeanSchwandner Group (Germany)
    EuropeanSchwarz GMBH & Co.kg (Germany)
    EnglandSCK Haulage
    EnglandScorpion Engineering
    ScotlandScot Heat & Power
    ScotlandScotia (Previously Rembrand Timber)
    ScotlandScotlee Transport
    EnglandScott Bros
    WalesScott Commercials
    ScotlandScott Group
    ScotlandScott, Alex, & Son
    EnglandScott, P D
    EnglandScott, R & H
    ScotlandScottish Fire & Rescue Service
    ScotlandScottish Removal Services
    EnglandScotts Haulage
    EnglandScotts Heavy Haulage
    EnglandScotts Plant & Haulage
    EnglandScrapco Metal Recycling
    EnglandSCS Haulage
    EnglandSCS Logistics/Heysham Truck Hire
    EnglandSDB Haulage
    EnglandSDL Solutions
    EnglandSDM European
    EnglandSea Bea Transport
    EnglandSea Transport
    ScotlandSeacliff Haulage
    EnglandSeacon Group
    EnglandSeales Road Haulage
    EnglandSealy UK
    EnglandSeaman, Terry
    EnglandSearle, Les
    EnglandSeaton, D
    EnglandSeaways Services
    EuropeanSecnik Transport (Slovenia)
    EuropeanSedico Transport (Poland)
    EnglandSelby's Garage
    EnglandSelor Transport
    EuropeanSemiramis (Romania)
    EuropeanSemiTrans (Poland)
    EnglandSenator Group
    EnglandSenior Haulage
    EuropeanSertrans (Spain)
    EuropeanServeto (Spain)
    EuropeanServitrans (France)
    EuropeanSesé (Spain)
    EnglandSeven Lincs
    WalesSevern Sands
    EnglandSevern Valley Woodworks
    EuropeanSevilla Transportes (Spain)
    EnglandSG Haulage
    EnglandS-G Transport and Training Services
    EnglandSharbax Traction
    EnglandSharp Skips
    ScotlandSharp Transport
    EnglandSharp, Joe
    EnglandSharpe, Vince
    EnglandSharples Transport
    EnglandSharpley, Steven
    EnglandSharp's Brewery
    EnglandShaw Haulage
    EnglandShaw, James & Son
    EnglandShaw, Stephen
    EnglandShear, C H
    EnglandSheard, Andrew
    ScotlandShearer, Chris
    ScotlandSheffield & Co
    EnglandSheldon Clayton
    EnglandShepherd Distribution Services
    ScotlandShepherd, John
    EnglandSheppard, G A
    EnglandSheridon UK Ltd
    EnglandSherwood, Fred
    EnglandShewring, J
    EnglandShield Haulage
    EnglandShields of Driffield
    EnglandShields, T
    EnglandShift It Removals Group
    EnglandShifty Haul
    WalesShillibiers Haulage
    EnglandShipley Transport
    ScotlandShire Agri Hire
    EnglandShirley, Edwin (EST)
    EnglandShirley's Transport
    ScotlandShore Porters' Society
    EnglandShoreline Yacht & Boat Transport
    EnglandShores, D A
    EnglandShorts Group
    EnglandShred Station
    EnglandShropshire Express
    EnglandShropshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandShropshire Forestry Contractors
    EnglandShuttleworth, G & J
    EnglandShuttleworth, P R
    EnglandShuttleworth, R E & Sons
    ScotlandSibbald, D & J
    WalesSidoli, D & Sons
    EnglandSilver X Group
    EnglandSimmonds Transport
    EnglandSimon Transport Services
    EnglandSimply Waste Solutions
    EnglandSimpson Plant Hire
    Northern IrelandSimpson, Des
    EnglandSimpson, P & S
    ScotlandSimpson, R & J
    EnglandSimpsons Malt
    EnglandSimpsons Skip Hire
    EnglandSims Metals
    EnglandSims Milling
    EnglandSims Worldwide Logistics
    EuropeanSimunic Promet (Croatia)
    EnglandSinclair, R
    EnglandSindle, B
    EnglandSingleton Transport
    EnglandSingletons Transport
    EuropeanSingtrans (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanSirakovi (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanSirbutrans (Spain)
    WalesSiteServ Recycling
    EuropeanSitra (Belgium)
    EnglandSivyer, H
    Europeans'Jegers Transport (Belgium)
    EnglandSJG Haulage
    EnglandSJH Logistics
    EuropeanSKA trans (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanSkat (Poland)
    EnglandSkelcher Express
    ScotlandSkeldons Transport
    EnglandSkelton, A C & C E
    ScotlandSkene Group
    WalesSkinner, Ron & Sons
    EnglandSkipper, W J
    EnglandSKM & Son Haulage
    EuropeanSkryja (Czech Republic)
    EnglandSkuse T.W. & Son
    EnglandSkybound Services
    EnglandSkyline Roofing
    EnglandSlades Garage
    EuropeanSlam International (Poland)
    EnglandSlam Transport
    EnglandSlater, M J
    EnglandSLD Transport
    EnglandSleaford HGV Services
    EnglandSleaford Quality Foods
    EnglandSli (Systematic Logistics International)
    EnglandSlicker Recycling
    EnglandSLN Transport
    Northern IrelandSloan Transport
    EuropeanSlock (Belgium)
    EnglandSlough International
    EuropeanSluis, Thomas (Germany)
    EnglandSmall, John
    EnglandSmalldene (Midlands) Ltd
    EnglandSmart Freight Solutions
    EnglandSmart, Paul
    EnglandSmedley, George
    EuropeanSmeets Ferry (Netherlands)
    ScotlandSmellie, L S
    EuropeanSMET (Italy)
    EuropeanSmidl (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanSmit, Pieter (Netherlands)
    EnglandSmith Bateson
    EnglandSmith Construction Group
    ScotlandSmith of Denny
    ScotlandSmith, A
    ScotlandSmith, A & M
    EnglandSmith, A J A
    EnglandSmith, D
    EnglandSmith, D S
    EnglandSmith, David
    EnglandSmith, E H
    EnglandSmith, Fred
    EnglandSmith, G A
    EnglandSmith, G E
    ScotlandSmith, Gary
    EnglandSmith, J A J & Son
    EnglandSmith, J R
    ScotlandSmith, James & Co
    EnglandSmith, John & Sons (JS Transport)
    ScotlandSmith, John A
    EnglandSmith, K G & Son
    EnglandSmith, Les
    EnglandSmith, Mark A
    EnglandSmith, Ron Recycling
    EnglandSmith, S & D
    EnglandSmith, S & R
    EnglandSmith, S A
    EnglandSmith, Stan & Sons
    WalesSmith, Stuart
    EnglandSmiths & Sons (Bletchington)
    WalesSmiths Mechanical
    EnglandSmiths of Bloxham
    EnglandSmiths of Bury
    EnglandSmiths of Scotter
    EnglandSmiths Transport
    EnglandSmithson, Mark
    EnglandSMW Haulage
    EuropeanSmyth (ROI)
    EnglandSnatchPac Ltd
    EuropeanSNCF Geodis (France)
    ScotlandSneddon, W T
    EuropeanSneltransport Pater Ede b.v (Netherlands)
    EuropeanSnick Volumetransport (Belgium)
    EnglandSnowdon Transport
    EuropeanSobanscy (Poland)
    EuropeanSocotra Logistics (France)
    EnglandSolent Transport Services
    EuropeanSolidaris (Poland)
    ScotlandSolway Transport
    EnglandSomerscales Timber Merchants
    EnglandSomerscales, John
    EnglandSomerset, F R
    EuropeanSorensen, Klaus Transport (Denmark)
    EuropeanSorensen, Svend E (Denmark)
    WalesSouth Wales Fire & Rescue Service
    WalesSouth Wales Wood Recycling
    EnglandSouth West Boat Transport
    EnglandSouth West Crane Hire
    EnglandSouth Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service
    ScotlandSouthbar Transport
    EnglandSouthern Cranes & Access
    EnglandSouthern Recovery Services
    EnglandSouthern Van Lines
    EnglandSouthern, M H
    EnglandSovereign Recovery
    EuropeanSovereign Speed (Germany)
    EnglandSP Logistics
    EnglandSpaniard Hall Recycling
    EnglandSparks Transport
    EnglandSPB Transport
    EnglandSpectrum Freight
    EuropeanSped Partner (Poland)
    EuropeanSpedition Gobel (Germany)
    EuropeanSpeed HAN a.s. (Czech Republic)
    WalesSpeed Welshpool
    EuropeanSpeednet (Romania)
    EuropeanSpeedy (Netherlands)
    EnglandSpeedy Hire
    ScotlandSpence Transport Services
    EnglandSpencer, E E
    EnglandSpendlove Logistics
    EnglandSpiers & Hartwell
    EnglandSpiralway Transport
    EuropeanSpitzer Spedition (Germany)
    EnglandSpriggs, Arthur
    EnglandSprint Shift
    EuropeanSpy Trans (Romania)
    EnglandSQS Ltd
    EnglandSquab Group
    EnglandSquibb Group
    EnglandSquires Garages
    EnglandSquires Transport
    EnglandSRC Aggregates
    EnglandSRS Rail System
    ScotlandSt Andrews Timber & Building Supplies
    EnglandSt Austell Brewery
    EnglandSt Georges Removals & Storage
    EuropeanST Logistic (Czech Republic)
    EnglandSt Mary's Transport
    EnglandST Transport
    EnglandStacey, D & Son
    EnglandStacey, John
    EnglandStafford, B M & Sons
    EnglandStaffordshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandStage Truck
    EnglandStagefreight Ltd
    EuropeanStagra (Poland)
    EuropeanStahl Spedition (Germany)
    EnglandStalker, K
    EnglandStalley, M
    EuropeanStamp Transport (ROI)
    EnglandStamper, Gareth
    EnglandStamper, J G
    EnglandStamper, Mike
    EnglandStamper, R I
    EnglandStandard Motor Transport
    EnglandStanian Transport
    EnglandStanley, David
    EnglandStanton Logistics
    EnglandStaplehurst Transits
    EnglandStaples Vegetables
    EnglandStar Transport
    EnglandStarkey, Paul
    EnglandStarkey-Smith, Tim
    EnglandStarlings Transport
    EnglandStarmer, Tony
    EuropeanSTD-Donivo (Slovakia)
    EnglandStears Haulage
    EuropeanStebal Trans (Czech Republic)
    ScotlandSteel & Murdoch
    EnglandSteel, A
    EnglandSteeles Removals
    EuropeanSteiner Alois (Austria)
    EuropeanSteinkühler (Germany)
    EuropeanSten (Poland)
    EuropeanStengel Kuechen (Germany)
    EnglandStennetts Transport
    EnglandStephens, John A
    EnglandStephens, L P
    EuropeanStera (Czech Republic)
    EnglandSterling Services
    ScotlandSteven, D & Son
    EnglandStevens, C A
    ScotlandStevenson of Avonbridge
    ScotlandStevenson, A.D.J
    EnglandSteve's Logistics
    EnglandSteward Transport
    EnglandSteward, Mark
    Northern IrelandStewart International
    ScotlandStewart Trailers
    ScotlandStewart, Ewen & Son
    ScotlandStewart, M N
    EnglandStewart, Mark
    ScotlandStewart, R W
    ScotlandStewarts of Tayside
    EuropeanSTG Transport GmbH (Germany)
    EnglandStiller Transport
    ScotlandStirling, Ian
    EnglandStirling, Peter D
    EuropeanSTL Logistics (ROI)
    EnglandStobart Group
    EnglandStobart, Allan
    EnglandStockdale, James
    EuropeanStockhausen (Germany)
    EnglandStocks & Sons
    EuropeanStok - Pol (Poland)
    EnglandStokes Haulage (Midlands) Ltd
    EnglandStokes, Rick
    EnglandStone Supplies
    EnglandStoneman Stainless
    EuropeanStoptrans (Portugal)
    EnglandStorage on Site
    EnglandStorefield Aggregates
    EuropeanStork Transport (Czech Republic)
    EnglandStory Contracting
    EnglandStott, Peter
    EnglandStrange, M & L
    ScotlandStrathore Plant Hire
    ScotlandStreamline Shipping
    EnglandStreet, R G & M E
    EnglandStroat Transport
    WalesStrong, Ray
    EnglandSTS Logistics
    EuropeanSTT Transports (France)
    EnglandStuart Group
    ScotlandStuart, James M
    EuropeanStuz (Macedonia)
    EuropeanStyropianex (Poland)
    EnglandSu-Bridge Pet Supplies
    EuropeanSubrt Transport (Czech Republic)
    EnglandSuffolk Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandSuma Wholefoods
    ScotlandSummers, Robert
    EnglandSummit Platforms
    EnglandSunbelt Rentals (Formerly A-Plant)
    WalesSunhill Transport
    EuropeanSupernova (Hungary)
    EnglandSupple Transport
    Northern IrelandSurefreight
    EnglandSureway Transport
    Northern IrelandSurphlis, L W
    EnglandSurrey Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandSurya Foods
    EnglandSussex Transport
    EnglandSutch, John
    EnglandSutcliffe's Transport
    ScotlandSutherland Game & Shellfish
    ScotlandSutherland Shellfish
    ScotlandSutherland, Ross
    EnglandSuttle Transport Services
    EnglandSuttons Group
    EuropeanSVB Asorti (Bulgaria)
    EnglandSW Group Logistics
    EnglandSwain, R & Sons
    EnglandSwain, Steve
    EnglandSwains of Stretton
    EnglandSwan Transport
    EnglandSwannell, A N
    WalesSwansea Bay Logistics (Previously Phillips, T & R)
    EnglandSweeting, Graham
    EnglandSweeting, W
    EnglandSwift Carriers
    EnglandSwift, M A
    EnglandSwingler, J
    EnglandSwinnerton Transport
    EnglandSwinson, Terry
    EnglandSworder, Mick
    EnglandSWT (Simon Willitts Transport)
    EnglandSykes Brothers
    EnglandSymphony Group
    EuropeanSyncreon (ROI)
    EnglandSynergy Hire
    EnglandSystem 3
    EnglandSyston Freight
    EuropeanT & A International (Czech Republic)
    EnglandT & J Haulage
    EnglandT & M Plant
    EnglandT Quality
    ScotlandT S Transport
    EuropeanT.T.S. (Belgium)
    EnglandT4 Logistics
    EnglandTab Trans
    EuropeanTaberno (Spain)
    EnglandTabner, Stephen J
    EuropeanTael (Netherlands)
    EuropeanTahpol-Trans (Poland)
    EuropeanTAJ Transport Air Cargo Service (Poland)
    EuropeanTalke Alfred Logistic Services (Germany)
    WalesTandem Transport
    EnglandTank & Container Services
    EuropeanTanke Theo bv (Netherlands)
    EnglandTAP Freight
    EuropeanTaplick Trans (Germany)
    EnglandTardis Environmental
    EnglandTarget Plant
    EuropeanTarrant International (ROI)
    EnglandTasker, M W
    EnglandTate Oils
    EnglandTattersall, P D
    EuropeanTaurus (Poland)
    EnglandTaurus Waste Recycling
    ScotlandTaylor & Morrison
    EnglandTaylor Davis
    EnglandTaylor, A S
    EnglandTaylor, B & Sons
    ScotlandTaylor, D & R
    ScotlandTaylor, Harold
    ScotlandTaylor, Kenneth
    ScotlandTaylor, Mungo
    ScotlandTaylor, R & Sons
    EnglandTaylor, R L
    EnglandTaylor, Sean
    ScotlandTaylor, W & Sons
    EnglandTaylormade Timber
    ScotlandTaylors Industrial Services
    EnglandTaylors of Whitehaven
    EnglandTaylor's, Timothy
    EnglandTB & H Transport
    EuropeanTB Europe International (Romania)
    EnglandTCS (Shropshire)
    EnglandTDJ Transport
    EuropeanTDL Group (Belgium)
    EnglandTDR Heavy Haulage
    WalesTDW Distribution
    EnglandTears Recovery
    EnglandTeatime Tasties
    EuropeanTedex (Poland)
    EnglandTEF Transport
    EuropeanTeleki Trans (Hungary)
    EnglandTelescopic Haulage
    ScotlandTelfer, D W
    EuropeanTemmel, Herbert (Austria)
    EnglandTemplant Hire
    EnglandTempleman Retailing & Vending
    ScotlandTempleton, John
    EuropeanTempletown Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanTenart Transports Europe (France)
    EnglandTenens, Howard
    ScotlandTennant Transport
    EnglandTennant, S D
    EnglandTennants Distribution
    EnglandTerranova Group
    EuropeanTerres, Hnos. (Spain)
    EuropeanTessa Trans (Latvia)
    EuropeanTesselaar, Jac (Netherlands)
    EnglandTesseyman Transport
    EnglandTetley, J R
    EnglandTeward Bros
    EuropeanTFO (Truck Force One) (Hungary)
    EnglandTG Group
    EnglandThackray, R.G. & E.A.
    EnglandThames Group
    EnglandThames Materials
    EnglandThamesdown Recycling
    EnglandThe AA
    EnglandThe Best Solutions Ltd
    EnglandThe Eurogroup Removals
    EnglandThe Ice Co
    ScotlandThe Real McKay
    EuropeanThermo Transit (Denmark)
    EuropeanThermotraffic (Germany)
    EuropeanThestrup, Bo as (DenmarK)
    ScotlandThistle Removals
    EnglandThomas Bros Excavations
    WalesThomas Plant Hire
    WalesThomas Waste Management
    WalesThomas, Huw & Daughters
    EnglandThomas, Ken
    EnglandThomas, Mervyn
    EnglandThompson Plant Hire
    EnglandThompson Transport
    EnglandThompson, B
    EnglandThompson, Mark
    EnglandThompson, W & M
    EnglandThompson, W & M (Prudhoe)
    ScotlandThompson, Wm & Sons
    EnglandThompson, Wm (York)
    ScotlandThomson Removals
    ScotlandThomson, H & Son
    ScotlandThomson, Henry
    ScotlandThomson, John
    ScotlandThomson, R
    EnglandThorburn Bros
    EnglandThorley, H & Sons
    WalesThorncliffe Building Supplies
    EnglandThornton Logistics
    EnglandThorp, Alex
    EnglandThorpe, Ernest
    EnglandThorpe, L & K R
    EnglandThory, P J
    EnglandThumbs Up
    EnglandThursby, G & A
    EuropeanTierney International (ROI)
    EuropeanTif Gomez S.A (Spain)
    ScotlandTillicoultry Quarries
    EuropeanTiltrans (Netherlands)
    EuropeanTIM van Vlaandern (Hungary)
    EnglandTime Logistics
    EuropeanTimmer, J D (Netherlands)
    EuropeanTimmermans C G & Zn (Netherlands)
    EnglandTimmins Transport
    EnglandTimms, James
    Northern IrelandTinnelly Construction
    Northern IrelandTinnelly Transport
    EnglandTinsley, Richard
    EuropeanTintter (Slovenia)
    EuropeanTipes (Italy)
    EuropeanTIR Express srl (Romania)
    EnglandTitan Containers
    EnglandTitan Trans
    EnglandTJ Transport
    EuropeanTJA (Portugal)
    EuropeanTKS-Trans (Poland)
    EnglandTLM Mangement
    EnglandTLP Haulage
    EnglandTMA Bark Supplies
    EnglandTMC Haulage
    EuropeanTMM Transporte (Germany)
    EuropeanTMP Transport (Portugal)
    EnglandTMR International Transport
    EnglandTMR Southcoast
    EuropeanTNAD (Slovakia)
    EuropeanTobi Grupa (Poland)
    EnglandTomato Plant
    EnglandTomlinson, F C
    EnglandTommy's Removals & Storage
    EnglandTompsett Growers
    EuropeanTomtrans International Transport (Poland)
    EnglandTonks Removals
    EnglandToogood International
    EnglandTooles Transport
    EnglandTopham, G W
    EuropeanTopp International Transport (Slovenia)
    EuropeanTorello Trasporti (Italy)
    EuropeanTorotrans (Poland)
    EuropeanTorrestir (Portugal)
    EnglandTorridge Transport
    EuropeanTortosa, Luis (Spain)
    EnglandTotal Cargo Services
    EnglandTotal Rail Solutions
    EnglandTotal Reclaims Demolition
    EnglandTotal Recycling Services
    EnglandToughsheet Building Products
    EnglandToureen Group
    EnglandToutes Directions
    EnglandTovey, Richard
    EnglandTowens of Weston
    EnglandTracto European
    ScotlandTractor Exports Ltd (David Craig)
    EnglandTrading Base (Haulage) (Partrick)
    EuropeanTradomi Transportes (Spain)
    EuropeanTrafuco (Belgium)
    EnglandTRAILERS Downton
    EnglandTRAILERS Maritime
    EnglandTRAILERS Stobart
    EnglandTrailerTrans (Europe) Ltd
    EuropeanTrans (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanTrans Cor (Germany)
    ScotlandTrans Ecosse
    EuropeanTrans Euro Express (Romania)
    EnglandTrans Europa Express
    EnglandTrans European
    EuropeanTrans Gernad (Belgium)
    EuropeanTrans Handel (Poland)
    EnglandTrans Haul (EU) Ltd
    EuropeanTrans JVD International (Belgium)
    EuropeanTrans Logistics (Poland)
    EuropeanTrans LTL (Hungary)
    EuropeanTrans Orion (Poland)
    EuropeanTrans Patan (Poland)
    EuropeanTrans Petro Color (Poland)
    EuropeanTrans Rendufense (Portugal)
    EnglandTransafe Logistics
    EuropeanTransalliance Group (France)
    EnglandTransam Trucking
    EuropeanTrans-Avella (Spain)
    EuropeanTransavis (Lithuania)
    EnglandTransbridge Freight Services
    EuropeanTranscom (Russia)
    EuropeanTransdanubia Group (Austria)
    EuropeanTrans-Dobrei (Romania)
    EuropeanTransdonat (Spain)
    EuropeanTransdovis (Lithuania)
    EuropeanTrans-Dynasty (Bulgaria)
    EuropeanTrans-Europ (Belgium)
    EnglandTransfloor Nationwide
    EuropeanTransintertop Kft. (Hungary)
    EuropeanTranslait (Switzerland)
    EuropeanTranslandija (Lithuania)
    EuropeanTransLog West (Germany)
    EuropeanTransmanolet (Spain)
    EuropeanTransmec Group (Italy)
    EuropeanTransmet (Belgium)
    EnglandTransol Logistics
    EuropeanTranspak Spedition (Germany)
    EuropeanTranspartner Logistics (Switzerland)
    EuropeanTranspik (PL)
    EuropeanTranspil-Spedition (PL)
    EuropeanTranspol 3 (Poland)
    EuropeanTranspol, KP (Poland)
    EnglandTransport 83
    EuropeanTransport Logistica (Germany)
    EuropeanTransportes Nogueira (Portugal)
    EuropeanTransportes S. Luis (Portugal)
    EuropeanTranssilv (Slovakia)
    EuropeanTranssped (Poland)
    EuropeanTransterra Polska sp. z o.o. (Poland)
    EuropeanTranstira (Lithuania)
    EuropeanTransWhite Transportes (Portugal)
    EuropeanTranszone Logistics (ROI)
    EuropeanTranz Iberia (ROI)
    EuropeanTrapiser (Spain)
    EnglandTravis Perkins
    EuropeanTrawöger Group (Austria)
    EnglandTreacles Transport Services
    EnglandTreasure Transport
    EnglandTrent, Charles
    EuropeanTresserras Transports, S.A. (Spain)
    EnglandTrevail, R.J.
    EuropeanTrevomar (Portugal)
    EnglandTrevor, Roy
    EuropeanTrex Logistik (Germany)
    EnglandTrezor Trans
    EnglandTri Counties Biogas
    EnglandTrigg, B L
    EnglandTrilogy Freight
    EnglandTrim, Philip
    EuropeanTrinity Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanTriolog (Turkey)
    EnglandTripod Crest
    EnglandTripp Removals & Storage
    EnglandTripp, A H
    EnglandTrivett, Paul
    EuropeanTroll Felix (Austria)
    EuropeanTron Group (Poland)
    EuropeanTroost Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanTropics Cargo (Belgium)
    EuropeanTrota, A T (Spain)
    EnglandTrotter, H & E
    EnglandTroughton Transport
    EnglandTroy Foods
    EnglandTRS Tyres
    EnglandTru 7 Group
    EuropeanTrucking Service (Germany)
    EnglandTruswell Haulage
    EuropeanTSA (France)
    ScotlandTSL Contractors
    EnglandTSL Ltd
    Northern IrelandTST Transport
    EuropeanTTC (Romania)
    EuropeanT-Trans (Poland)
    EuropeanTudefrigo (Spain)
    EnglandTudor Services
    EnglandTuffnells Parcels Express
    EnglandTugwell Contracting
    Northern IrelandTullyniskey Transport
    Europeantur transit & kerme (Turkey)
    EuropeanTurinsky Transport (Czech Republic)
    EnglandTurnbull, Trevor & Son
    EnglandTurner P A & S C
    EnglandTurner, R
    EnglandTurners (Soham)
    EnglandTurners of Hoole
    Northern IrelandTurtle Transport
    EnglandTux Transport
    EnglandTVC Transport
    EnglandTVC Vehicle Rentals
    EuropeanTvrdy Miroslav Autodoprava (Czech Republic)
    EnglandTW Road Haulage
    EnglandTW Services
    EnglandTWE Haulage
    EnglandTweddle, S.E. & C.
    EnglandTwente Express
    EnglandTwigg, T J
    EuropeanTwist-Pol (Poland)
    EnglandTWR (Haulage)
    WalesTWT Logistics
    EnglandTyler, M F
    EnglandTyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandTyneside Express
    EnglandTyre Renewals
    EnglandTyrells Court
    EuropeanTyretrans NV (Belgium)
    EuropeanTZN (Transport Zuid Nederland) (Netherlands)
    EuropeanU.C. Transports BV (Netherlands)
    EuropeanU.S.P. Transport (Poland)
    EnglandUBU Environmental
    EnglandUCH Logistics
    EnglandUden, Paul
    EnglandUK Lift & Haul
    EnglandUK Packaging
    EnglandUK Power Networks
    ScotlandUK Road Solutions
    EnglandUKCM Ltd
    EuropeanUlma Trans (Poland)
    EnglandULS & Son
    EuropeanUlusoy (Turkey)
    EuropeanUlustrans (Turkey)
    EnglandUnderhill, W G
    EuropeanUniflor (Poland)
    EnglandUniserve Group
    EnglandUnited Grab Hire
    EnglandUnited Utilities
    EnglandUniversal Recycling Company
    EnglandUniversal Tanker Group
    EuropeanÜnkar (Turkey)
    EuropeanUpi Frigo (Turkey)
    EnglandUpton, Glyn
    EnglandUptons Transport
    EnglandUtopia Bathrooms
    Europeanv.d. Ijssel BV G.S. (Netherlands)
    Europeanv.d. Lee BV (Netherlands)
    Europeanv.d. Linden, C. (Netherlands)
    Europeanv.d. Mark, Int. Transport B.V. (Netherlands)
    Europeanv.d. Swaluw BV (Netherlands)
    Europeanv.d. Zwan R. (Netherlands)
    EuropeanValatrans (Czech Republic)
    EnglandValentine Haulage
    EuropeanValiente s.l. (Spain)
    EnglandValley Services
    EnglandValley Transport Solutions
    EuropeanValsen (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanVan Aalst (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Aerde (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan Bentum, H J (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Bohemen, Wim (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan de Mierop Transport NV (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan de Pol (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan de Steeg (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan de Velde, Theo (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan De Wetering (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan De Wetering BV (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Den Bosch (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Der Ende Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan der Haas BV, Joh. (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Der Meer Jan (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Der Vlist Group (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan der Wal (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Dievel Transport (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan Dommelen, H (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Dorst (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Duijn & Zonen (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Egdom P. (Belgium)
    EnglandVan Elle
    EuropeanVan Goitsenhoven (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan Grinsven BV (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Heugten (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Heusden (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Heyste (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan Keulen (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Landschoot, Gerard & Zonen N.V. (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan Liere, Gebr. (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Loo, L (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Mieghem Logistics (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan Olst, Andre (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Opdorp Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Overveld (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Praet (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan Rijn (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Sambeek-Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Steenbergen Group (Belgium)
    EuropeanVan Uden (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Vliet, J (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Wieren (Netherlands)
    Europeanvan Wijk E (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVan Wijngen (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVandamme (Belgium)
    EuropeanVanGils Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVanhooren Xavier (Belgium)
    EuropeanVanlangenaker (Belgium)
    EuropeanVanneste N.V. (Belgium)
    EuropeanVarga & Beemster (Holland)
    EnglandVater, Andy
    EnglandVaughan Plant Haulage
    EuropeanVCM (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVectra International (Romania)
    EuropeanVeenplant (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVeenstra Eurogroupage (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVeenstra Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVegex (Poland)
    EuropeanVelkov, N (Bulgaria)
    EnglandVellco Tyre Control
    EuropeanVelox Trans Europe (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanVelthoven (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVeolia Environmental Services (France)
    EuropeanVerbeken Transport (Belgium)
    EuropeanVerbert (Belgium)
    EuropeanVerbessem, Vervoer (Belgium)
    EuropeanVerboon, P. BV (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVercesi (Italy)
    EuropeanVerdijk H. Int. Transport BV (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVerhelst (Belgium)
    EuropeanVerhoek Europe (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVermeer Group (Netherlands)
    EnglandVernon Land Transport
    WalesVernon, Steve
    EnglandVerran Freight
    EuropeanVersteijnen Logistics (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVervaeke Transports (Belgium)
    EuropeanVervaeke, Koen (Belgium)
    EuropeanVervloessem, G (Belgium)
    EuropeanVervoir (Belgium)
    EuropeanVerweijen Handel & Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVesschemoet, Dirk (Belgium)
    EuropeanVesta Polska (Poland)
    EuropeanVH Intertransport (Belgium)
    EnglandViamaster Transport
    EuropeanViator & Vektor (Slovenia)
    EuropeanVicarli (Spain)
    EuropeanViciunai Group (Lithuania)
    EnglandVictoria Group
    EuropeanVictoria Service (Lithuania)
    EuropeanVidresta (Lithuania)
    EuropeanVigitrans (Slovenia)
    EuropeanVigusta (Lithuania)
    EuropeanVijator (Serbia)
    EnglandViking Logistics
    EuropeanVila y Fayos (Spain)
    EuropeanVillart Logistic (Spain)
    EnglandVipond, Graham
    EuropeanVirginia (ROI)
    EnglandVirginia Water Motor Co
    EnglandVision Modular (Kirby Transport)
    EnglandVital Pet Products
    EuropeanVitrans (Slovenia)
    EnglandVKVP Haulage
    EuropeanVlantana (Lithuania)
    EuropeanVlase (Romania)
    EuropeanVlastuin, G (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVlastuin, v Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVlot, Henk (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVögel (Austria)
    EnglandVolkert, C J
    EuropeanVondracek, Josef (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanVorex Logistics (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVortex (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVOS Internationale Transporten (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVos Logistics (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVos Zaltbommel (Netherlands)
    EnglandVP PLC
    EuropeanVrbic (Croatia)
    EuropeanVredeveld SiLogistics (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVreugdenhil, C (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVreugdenhil, T (Netherlands)
    EuropeanVSW Expedite (Holland)
    EuropeanVTB International Transport (Netherlands)
    EnglandW B Services
    EnglandW T Transport
    EuropeanWaberers (Hungary)
    EnglandWaddoups, Jon
    EnglandWade, Geo R
    EnglandWade, John
    EuropeanWagner (Germany)
    EnglandWains Transport
    EuropeanWaistrans (Bulgaria)
    EnglandWaite & Son
    EnglandWaite, Chris
    EnglandWaites & Stones
    WalesWales Environmental
    EnglandWalker & Son
    Northern IrelandWalker Bulk Transport
    ScotlandWalker Timber
    EnglandWalker, F F & P
    EnglandWalker, George
    EnglandWalker, Robert
    ScotlandWalker, W
    ScotlandWalker, Wm
    EnglandWalkers of Ashbourne
    ScotlandWalkers Shortbread
    EuropeanWallenborn (Luxembourg)
    WalesWalls Truck Services
    EnglandWalmsley, Bill
    EnglandWalpole, E & S J
    EnglandWalsh & Dearden
    EnglandWalsh, S & Sons
    WalesWalters Group
    WalesWalters, DTH & Sons
    EnglandWalton, H
    EnglandWalton, J C & I
    EnglandWalton, J P & Son
    EuropeanWalton, Thomas Transport (ROI)
    EnglandWarburton, J & Sons
    EnglandWarcup, Clive
    EnglandWard Bros
    EnglandWard Brothers
    EnglandWard Recycling
    EnglandWard, J & J
    EuropeanWard, Maurice (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanWard, Sean (ROI)
    EnglandWard, Tony
    EnglandWardle & Keach
    ScotlandWardrop, Graeme J
    ScotlandWardrop, Stan & Sons
    EnglandWareing, J & Son
    EnglandWarisa Distribution Services
    EnglandWarley Carriers
    EnglandWarnes, Roger
    EnglandWarren, L L & Sons
    EnglandWarren, Phil
    EnglandWarsop Transport
    EnglandWarton Freight Services
    EuropeanWartrans (Poland)
    EnglandWarwickshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandWashingtons of Congleton
    EuropeanWassink Transport Company (Netherlands)
    EnglandWaterfield, A & Sons
    EnglandWaterhouse, Colin
    EnglandWaters, B J
    EnglandWatson European
    EnglandWatson Fuels
    EnglandWatson Plant Hire
    EnglandWatson, David
    ScotlandWatson, John S L
    EnglandWatson, Les
    EnglandWatson, Lloyd
    EnglandWatson, R
    Northern IrelandWatson, Walter
    ScotlandWatt, Iain
    EnglandWatts, Clifford
    ScotlandWaugh, William
    EnglandWay, M & Son
    EnglandWayman, M S
    EnglandWCF Group
    EnglandWDE Logistics
    EnglandWeald Granary
    EnglandWeaver Haulage
    EnglandWeaver Transport
    EnglandWeaving Machinery
    EnglandWebb Distribution
    EnglandWebb International Movers
    EnglandWebb, A P
    EnglandWebb, G
    EnglandWebb, Norman E
    WalesWebb, Phill
    EnglandWebb, William E
    EnglandWebber Transport
    EnglandWebber, R J
    EnglandWebster Miller
    EnglandWebster, E B & Sons
    EnglandWebsters Plant Haulage
    EnglandWedge Group Galvanizing
    EuropeanWedzikowski Grupa (Poland)
    EnglandWeetman, Ed
    EuropeanWega (Germany)
    EuropeanWeila Transporte (Germany)
    EnglandWelbeck Transport
    EnglandWelch's Transport
    EuropeanWellhofer (Germany)
    EnglandWells, R J & I
    EuropeanWelter, Arthur (Luxembourg)
    EnglandWelton Aggregates
    EuropeanWemmers (Netherlands)
    EuropeanWerfring Silotransporte (Austria)
    EnglandWerrell, John
    EnglandWessex Grain
    EuropeanWest Cargo (Netherlands)
    EnglandWest Coast Corrugated
    EnglandWest Coast Haulage
    EnglandWest Country Bulk
    EuropeanWest Logistics (Slovakia)
    EnglandWest Midlands Fire & Rescue Service
    ScotlandWest of Scotland Heavy Haulage
    EnglandWest Road Haulage
    EnglandWest Sussex Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandWest Transport
    WalesWest Wales Lubricants
    EnglandWest Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service
    EnglandWestbury Haulage
    WalesWestbury, Richard
    EnglandWestcountry Skip Hire
    WalesWestdale Press
    EuropeanWestdijk (Netherlands)
    EuropeanWesterfeld, Stephan (Germany)
    EuropeanWesterman (Netherlands)
    EnglandWestern Tyres
    EnglandWestfield Transport
    EnglandWestgarth Haulage
    EnglandWestminster Waste
    EnglandWestmoor Transport
    EnglandWeston & Edwards
    EnglandWeston Homes
    ScotlandWeston Transport
    EnglandWeston, H & Son
    ScotlandWestons Recovery
    EnglandWestons Transport Company
    EuropeanWestrans (Poland)
    EuropeanWestvlees (Belgium)
    EuropeanWetralog (Germany)
    EnglandWeybridge Skip Hire
    Northern IrelandWez Tranz
    EnglandWheaton, J B
    EnglandWheeler, Andrew
    EnglandWheelers Transport
    EuropeanWheels Logistics (Germany)
    EnglandWheller Group
    EnglandWhincup, Brian
    WalesWhistance, Steve
    EnglandWhistl (Ex TNT Post)
    EnglandWhite & Co
    EnglandWhite Logistics & Storage
    EnglandWhite Peak Distribution
    EnglandWhite, J & Co (TDE)
    EnglandWhite, M J
    EnglandWhite, M W
    EnglandWhite, Ray
    EnglandWhite, Tom
    ScotlandWhitecairn Transport
    EnglandWhitehead, P F
    ScotlandWhitelink Seafoods
    EnglandWhites Haulage
    EnglandWhites Recycling
    EnglandWhites Transport
    EnglandWhittaker, H & Sons
    EuropeanWhittens (ROI)
    EnglandWhittle, Barry
    EnglandWhitworth Bros. Ltd
    ScotlandWhyte, William
    EnglandWicks Group
    EuropeanWidem Logistics (Belgium)
    EnglandWigan Tippers
    EnglandWigham, S M & T
    EnglandWilby, James
    EnglandWilcox, J M P
    EnglandWilcox, P W
    WalesWild Water Group
    EuropeanWildt Spedition (German)
    EnglandWiles, B C
    ScotlandWilkie, J L
    EnglandWilkin & Sons
    WalesWilkins Transport
    EnglandWilkinson, A L
    WalesWilliams Haulage
    EnglandWilliams Shipping
    EnglandWilliams Transport
    EnglandWilliams, Brooke
    EnglandWilliams, D.V.
    WalesWilliams, Danny
    EnglandWilliams, Eddie
    WalesWilliams, Ken
    EnglandWilliams, Mark
    EnglandWilliams, R J
    EnglandWilliams, R T
    ScotlandWilliamson, A W
    EnglandWillis Haulage
    EnglandWillis, Colin
    WalesWillis, J H
    EnglandWillmotts Transport
    EnglandWillow Transport Solutions
    EnglandWillows, A E
    EnglandWills, D J
    EnglandWills, Daren
    EnglandWills, Steve
    EuropeanWillsborough Transport (ROI)
    EnglandWillshee Waste & Recycling
    EnglandWilmot Transport
    ScotlandWilson McIntyre
    EnglandWilson of Kendal
    ScotlandWilson Steven Transport
    EnglandWilson, A E
    EnglandWilson, H C
    EnglandWilson, Ian
    ScotlandWilson, Jas P
    EnglandWilson, L & W
    Northern IrelandWilson, M
    EnglandWilson, Nick
    ScotlandWilson, Robert
    EnglandWilson, T & Sons (Farmers)
    EnglandWindmill Transport (Shropshire)
    EnglandWindsor Waste Management
    EnglandWink, Brian J
    EnglandWinter, K L & S
    EnglandWinterburn, W & S & Son
    EnglandWinterton, P H
    EuropeanWirtz (Germany)
    EnglandWise Logistics
    EnglandWIT Transport Solutions
    EnglandWitham Bros
    EnglandWitham Group
    EnglandWitham Plant Hire
    EnglandWitney Plant Hire
    EuropeanWittwer (Germany)
    EnglandWixey Transport
    EnglandWJ Group
    EuropeanWL- Spedition (Germany)
    EuropeanWLS Spedition (Germany)
    ScotlandWMB Heavy Haulage
    EnglandWMB Specialist Transport
    EuropeanWolf Transporte (Germany)
    EnglandWolfendale Transport
    EnglandWolseley UK
    EnglandWood Logistics & Lifting
    ScotlandWood, Andrea
    EnglandWood, Clive
    EnglandWoodcock Transport
    EnglandWoodcock, G & Son
    EnglandWoodcraft, R D
    EnglandWoodgate Sawmills
    EnglandWoodhouse, M
    EnglandWoodland Group
    Northern IrelandWoodside Group
    ScotlandWoody's Express
    EnglandWookey, R
    EnglandWoolner Freight
    EnglandWoolston, Les
    EnglandWordsworth Excavations
    EnglandWorld Freight Consultants
    EuropeanWormser Bohemia s.r.o (Czech Republic)
    EnglandWorsdall, M L
    EnglandWorsley Plant
    EnglandWotton of Tiverton
    EnglandWragg, Brian
    ScotlandWRC Recycling
    EnglandWreford's Transport
    EnglandWren Kitchens
    EnglandWrennall Brothers
    EnglandWright Minimix
    EnglandWright Mix
    EnglandWright, Carl
    EnglandWright, Charles & Sons
    EnglandWright, Chris
    EnglandWright, H C
    EnglandWright, J S & Sons
    EnglandWright, John
    EnglandWright, P.A.
    EnglandWright, W S
    EnglandWright's Flour
    EnglandWrings Transport
    EuropeanWroban (Poland)
    EnglandW's Transport
    EnglandWS Transportation Ltd.
    EnglandWyatt, Pearn
    EnglandWye Valley Group
    EnglandWykes Transport
    ScotlandWyllie Recycling
    WalesWynnstay Group
    EuropeanWyse Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanWyss, K (Switzerland)
    EnglandWyvern Cargo
    EuropeanXantos Transport (Poland)
    EnglandXL Logistics
    EuropeanXPO Logistics (France)
    ScotlandXS Transport
    EnglandYates & Co
    EnglandYates Haulage
    EnglandYates, A E
    EnglandYates, Neil
    EnglandYDS UK Ltd
    EnglandYeardley, Brian
    EnglandYorkshire Aggregates
    EnglandYorkshire Freight Worldwide
    EnglandYoull Construction
    EnglandYoung Brothers Transport
    EnglandYoung European
    EnglandYoung, F P (YTL)
    EnglandYoung, H
    EnglandYoung, J & A (Jayplas)
    EnglandYoung, M L
    EnglandYoung, N D
    WalesYoung, Roland
    ScotlandYoung, Scott
    EnglandYoxall Transport
    ScotlandYuill and Dodds
    ScotlandYule, James W
    EnglandYusen Logistics
    EuropeanZaalberg (Netherlands)
    EuropeanZandbergen (Netherlands)
    EuropeanZandbergen's Transport (Netherlands)
    EuropeanZbyszko (Poland)
    EuropeanZdemar (Czech Republic)
    EuropeanZeelantic Transport (ROI)
    EuropeanZelonax (Slovakia)
    EuropeanZET Transport (PL)
    EnglandZeus Packaging
    EuropeanZiegler Group (Belgium)
    EuropeanZijderlaan BV (Netherlands)
    EuropeanZitzlsperger, Spedition & Logistic (Germany)
    EuropeanZST Pawlowski (Poland)
    EuropeanZTE.PL (Poland)
    EuropeanZwatra Transport (Netherlands)

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