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Here's the latest from the world of Lorry Spotting.

  Royal Mail new vehicles loads of them
Date Added: 02/03/2010

The Royal Mail run one of the largest fleets of lorries in the UK and of late they have been taking delivery of numerous new tractor units and rigids [ more... ]

  1st March 10 registration plates are out
Date Added: 01/03/2010

Today sees the new registration mark of 10 and we already have some 50 vehicles already registered and on the database. Pictured here is a DAF FALF45 [ more... ]

  Steve Whistance to be added to the site
Date Added: 01/03/2010

Steve Whistance are from Chepstow in Monmouthshire and run a fleet of 8W tippers in a very distinctive blue/turquoise livery. I am eternally grateful [ more... ]

  Axminster Carpets yes please !
Date Added: 28/02/2010

Axminster carpets have a fleet of vehicles which regularly win prizes at truckfests and to be quite honest it is about time that we listed them on the [ more... ]

  Volvo for Downton
Date Added: 28/02/2010

Downton from Moreton Valence near Gloucester have been on the database for many many years and they have always been very loyal to the DAF brand. [ more... ]

  BWOC stunning Scania with tanker
Date Added: 27/02/2010

BWOC (Bob Wayne's Oil Company) run a really well turned out fleet of vehicles transporting fuel around the country. Turners of Soham do operate [ more... ]

  DD Trans well turned out Belgian haulier
Date Added: 27/02/2010

DD Trans are from Belgium and they run a really well turned out fleet in a distinctive burgundy and yellow livery with an easily read fleet number on [ more... ]

  John Dorse haulier from Devon
Date Added: 26/02/2010

John Dorse are from Uffculme near Cullompton in Devon and are one haulier who I see almost on a daily basis. During the late summer they are more [ more... ]

  Allied Waste Management added to site
Date Added: 26/02/2010

Allied Waste Management will very shortly be added to the LS database. The company are from Sheffield Park in East Sussex and are a family run firm in [ more... ]

  New Scania for P & C Hamilton
Date Added: 25/02/2010

Girvan based haulier P & C Hamilton have a new Scania R580 4x2 (Top) tractor unit which is pictured here at Kingstown Industrial estate in Carlisle. [ more... ]

  W H Malcolm new 10 registrations
Date Added: 25/02/2010

W H Malcolm are taking delivery of numerous brand new vehicles ready to go on the road on 1st March on Monday. Pictured here are 6 Volvo FH 440 6x2 [ more... ]

  McBurney Transport in Aberdeen
Date Added: 24/02/2010

McBurney Transport are from Ballymena in Northern Ireland and must be one of our largest fleets where most vehicles have cherished plates. All of [ more... ]

  Foulger Transport interesting truck
Date Added: 24/02/2010

Foulger Transport will shortly be added to the site and they have some rather different trucks in the fleet like this T Cab Scania 112H 6x4 left hand [ more... ]

  Renault Magnum for R T Keedwell
Date Added: 23/02/2010

R T Keedwell from Highbridge join a growing number of Westcountry hauliers who have bought new Renault Magnum tractor units in recent months.This unit [ more... ]

  Thompsons at Wobbly Wheel
Date Added: 23/02/2010

Thompsons from Moretonhampstead are one haulier who sadly has declined our invitation to add their fleet to the site. Their Renaults are seen all the [ more... ]

  T French DAF
Date Added: 22/02/2010

T French from Cumnock have recently taken on some of the vehicles that used to be operated by Reids of Minishant one of which is this fantastic DAF [ more... ]

  Scrapheap Challenge never !
Date Added: 22/02/2010

Whilst in the Pathfields yard of M Way and Son recently I captured this photo of a lovely old Volvo F12 4x2 tractor unit that used to be operated by [ more... ]

  McElchar International Transport
Date Added: 21/02/2010

I would love to add the Southern Irish haulier McElchar Internatiuonal Transport to our flourishing European section. If anyone has any fleet [ more... ]

  M J Smale DAF in Barnstaple
Date Added: 21/02/2010

My next door neighbour runs a fleet of rigid tippers in North Devon that are in Hanson livery and all of them are registered SM ALE. Pictured here is [ more... ]

  Macsalvors coming to the site
Date Added: 20/02/2010

The Cornish fleet of Macsalvors Heavy Haulage will be added to the site at some stage before the end of February. I have know the company for many [ more... ]

  Vogel meet up in Luxembourg
Date Added: 20/02/2010

Vogel are a transport company from Austria and pictured here at Capellen services in Luxembourg are four of their fleet two of which are enroute to [ more... ]

  Foulger Transport to be added to the site
Date Added: 19/02/2010

Foulger Transport from Snetterton in Norfolk will shortly be added to the database and I am eternally grateful to Frank White for obtaining the fleet [ more... ]

  Four more vehicles for M Way
Date Added: 19/02/2010

M Way & Son have acquired four vehicles from the fleet of E B Janes from Tiverton, two Renault Magnums,one Renault Premium and a MAN TG-A. Chumleigh [ more... ]

  Aardvark from Devon !
Date Added: 18/02/2010

Aardvark Excavations are from Woodbury Salterton in Devon and their fleet of vehicles all have AAR registration suffixes. Seen here is P888 AAR on the [ more... ]

  DHL fleet has plenty of liveries
Date Added: 18/02/2010

I made mention yesterday of how we were proceeding with adding the fleet details of DHL and the really great thing with a fleet this size are the [ more... ]

  DHL fleet list shaping up nicely
Date Added: 17/02/2010

DHL are by far the largest fleet that we have added to our online searchable database and we are very fortunate to have a very good relationship with [ more... ]

  Bobtail on the M5
Date Added: 17/02/2010

On the way back from a meeting in Bristol I stopped off at Taunton Deane for 10 minutes of photography and was greeted with K18 WTL (Ex FN02 JWV) [ more... ]

  Thomas Law to be added to the site
Date Added: 16/02/2010

We will shortly be adding the fleet of Thomas Law who are from Gartcosh just to the East of Glasgow. Many thanks to Paul Evans for their suggestion [ more... ]

  Eddie Stobart Polo team
Date Added: 16/02/2010

The Stobart group sponsor quite a few sporting teams and events including their own Polo team which has a vehicle that transports their [ more... ]

  Eric Gillie horse transportation
Date Added: 15/02/2010

Eric Gillie are a horse transport company from Kelso in Scotland and they run an amazing fleet of vehicles. If you want to know how much these sort of [ more... ]

  Gunns Transport cease trading
Date Added: 15/02/2010

The Erith based haulier Gunns Transport has ceased trading following the removal of support from their bank. Real pity as I would like to have put [ more... ]

  Pair of Evans
Date Added: 14/02/2010

Evans Transport from Barnstaple in North Devon are very local to me, so I was very happy to receive this picture of two of their vehicles taken on [ more... ]

  Renault Magnum for Westfield
Date Added: 14/02/2010

Westfield Transport are from Truro in Cornwall and they have recently taken delivery of the latest Renault Magnum with the 460 hp DXi [ more... ]

  Eddie Stobart tankers
Date Added: 13/02/2010

I made mention the other day about various hauliers venturing into the area of fuel transportation and pictured here is a MAN TG-X 26.440 6x2 (XL) [ more... ]

  New vehicle for Tyson H Burridge
Date Added: 13/02/2010

Tyson H Burridge have a brand new DAF FTGCF85 6x2 (SC) tractor unit which will go on the road on 1st March, it is named "Tarnside [ more... ]

  Popemobile for sale
Date Added: 12/02/2010

When Pope John Paul II visited Britain in 1982 he was transported around the huge crowds that gathered to see him on a specially converted Leyland [ more... ]

  Any chance of a Backy ?
Date Added: 11/02/2010

When I was a youngster all those many years ago if I didn't have my bike (A Chopper) and I was a long way from home I would ask any of my mates for a [ more... ]

  W H Malcolm Tankers !
Date Added: 10/02/2010

The number of hauliers who are now starting to look into fuel transportation has increased over the last few months with Eddie Stobart now having fuel [ more... ]

  Westfield at night
Date Added: 10/02/2010

Westfield Transport are from Truro in Cornwall and their black and white liveried vehicles are a familiar site on the UK motorway network.Pictured [ more... ]

  First 10 reg on the site
Date Added: 09/02/2010

The new registration mark on the 1st March will shortly be upon us and I received this photo recently of a Scania R440 4x2 (HL) which will join the [ more... ]

  D Steven cracking night shot
Date Added: 09/02/2010

Taking great photos at night is an art form and when people get it right the results can be brilliant.This fine example was taken with a Canon 450D [ more... ]

  J B Rawcliffe new MAN TG-X
Date Added: 08/02/2010

J B Rawcliffe from Skelmersdale have a new MAN TG-X 41.680 8x4 (XXL) left hand drive tractor unit.The vehicle is plated to work at STGO Cat 3 at up [ more... ]

  Turners of Hoole added to the LS database
Date Added: 08/02/2010

Turners of Hoole are a real welcome addition to the site with their predominantly ERF fleet and most vehicles with THL registration suffixes.I am most [ more... ]

  A brace of Hargreaves on the M5
Date Added: 07/02/2010

Hargreaves are one of my favourite fleets on the site and a couple of years ago I was presented with this great scene of two of their Scania R420 6x2 [ more... ]

  Harper Haulage pity about them
Date Added: 07/02/2010

One of the fleets I would have liked to have placed onto the LS database was Harper Haulage from Prestatyn, Denbighshire. They decided in late 2008 [ more... ]

  M & S Freight forwarding added to the site
Date Added: 06/02/2010

M & S Freight Forwarding have recently been added to the online searchable database and what a fantastic looking fleet they are. I am grateful to [ more... ]

  Graham Sweeting from Somerset
Date Added: 06/02/2010

The Sweetings from Somerset are much like the Gilders from Gloucestershire with many relatives with the same name operating haulage companies in very [ more... ]

  John Lewis Partnership added to the LS database
Date Added: 05/02/2010

Really pleased with the addition of the 610 vehicles from The John Lewis Partnership who operate vehicles in the livery of Waitrose and John Lewis. I [ more... ]

  Prestons memories.
Date Added: 04/02/2010

Prestons of Potto with ERFs now there's a trip down memory lane if ever there was one. Photo is courtesy of and copyrighted to Adrian [ more... ]

  Alex Mutch from Dundee to be added
Date Added: 03/02/2010

Alex Mutch are from Dundee and Brian has managed to get a full fleet list and their cooperation for being listed on the site. This pictures was taken [ more... ]

  AEC Mercury of Sparks
Date Added: 03/02/2010

The AEC Mercury was one of the most ubiquitous lorries of the 60's and early 70's and was available in both tractor unit and rigid formats. This old [ more... ]

  Parsons Mercedes with dog in same livery
Date Added: 02/02/2010

I am always interested in strange and somewhat unusual photos and this one of the latest Parsons Distribution Mercedes Actros appears to have a [ more... ]

  Amesbury Transport blast from the past
Date Added: 02/02/2010

Talk about a blast from the past what about this one from the mid seventies of an Amesbury Transport Volvo F717 4x2 with tandem trailer on the A303 [ more... ]

  Britannia Logistics we want you on the site please
Date Added: 01/02/2010

We are very keen to see Britannia Logistics on the site as they have rather a unique fleet numbering and naming policy. Pictured here is Renault [ more... ]

  Alfred Hymas new Volvo
Date Added: 01/02/2010

Alfred Hymas have a brand new Volvo FH 460 6x2 (G) tractor unit which is pictured here at their Burton Leonard depot on Sunday 31st January 2010. [ more... ]

  Clugston Distribution added to the LS database
Date Added: 01/02/2010

Clugston Distribution are the very latest haulier to be added to the online LS searchable database. I am most grateful to Paul Evans for securing the [ more... ]

  Ouch that must have hurt !
Date Added: 31/01/2010

This trailer had been loaded with 7 pallets of wine before the tractor unit unhitched, pity it had been loaded at the front.
Photo courtesy of and [ more... ]

  New Renault Premium 460 DXi for Downton
Date Added: 31/01/2010

Downton from Moreton Valence in Gloucestershire have taken delivery of a brand new Renault Premium 460 DXi 6x2 (Priv) tractor unit making it the first [ more... ]

  R I Stamper ex Eddie Stobart drawbar
Date Added: 30/01/2010

R I Stamper are from Kirkbride in Cumbria and one of their vehicles is an ex Eddie Stobart FH12 380 6W drawbar which is pictured here hauling bales of [ more... ]

  Maiden's of Telford at Darlington
Date Added: 29/01/2010

Maiden's of Telford were one of the fleets that I tried to get onto the database for years before they finally decided to come on board.As my old Nan [ more... ]

  Towens of Weston
Date Added: 29/01/2010

Towens of Weston were a very welcome addition to the database with their immaculate fleet of tippers in a yellow and black livery.

The photo [ more... ]

  RTH Lubbers in Aberdeen
Date Added: 28/01/2010

RTH Lubbers have been one of the most welcomed hauliers on the site by all of our members.Their vehicles invariably have RTH registration suffixes and [ more... ]

  Oakbank Services company car ?
Date Added: 28/01/2010

Oakbank services have recently been added to the site and it seems they have a Skip which bears a remarkable resemblance to a converted Mini [ more... ]

  Countrywide at Truckstar !
Date Added: 27/01/2010

In July of every year there is the annual Truckstar festival in the town of Assen in the Netherlands.Last year Countrywide entered S8 CWF which came [ more... ]

  Gregory Distribution many thanks for your help
Date Added: 26/01/2010

I am grateful to every haulier on the database who has given permission for us to list their vehicles on our database and for the continuing flow of [ more... ]

  JHP Transport added to the LS database
Date Added: 26/01/2010

JHP Transport from Lanark are the latest haulier to be added to the Lorryspotting online database. The company might only have two vehicles but boy [ more... ]

  Gibsons of Garstang vintage Bedford
Date Added: 25/01/2010

A Lorryspotting member recently visited the premises of Gibsons of Garstang and was made most welcome.Their two vintage Bedford livestock transporters [ more... ]

  H D Ricketts at the Peak truck show
Date Added: 24/01/2010

Whilst sorting through various photo directories on one of the office computers I came across a whole load of photos taken at the Peak truck show in [ more... ]

  SBS Removals very tasty !
Date Added: 23/01/2010

SBS Removals from Sheffield must have one of the most distinctive liveries going for a removal firm. Pictured here on Riverside Drive Aberdeen is R1 [ more... ]

  Ford Transcontinental blast from the past
Date Added: 23/01/2010

The Ford Transcontinental was manufactured between 1975 and 1983 and it was made almost entirely from OEM parts ie; cab was from Berliet, engine from [ more... ]

  Kane Group added to the LS database
Date Added: 22/01/2010

The Kane Group have become the latest haulier to have their fleet details listed on the Lorryspotting online searchable database. The fleet of tippers [ more... ]

  Richards and Osborne one of my favourite fleets
Date Added: 22/01/2010

As Lorryspotting is a West Country based company there is ample opportunity to photograph the numerous fleets that are based in Devon and Cornwall. [ more... ]

  Welsh patriotism is alive and well
Date Added: 21/01/2010

I was talking to a Lorryspotting member the other day about how most Scottish hauliers have some form of reference to Scotland on the lorry, could be [ more... ]

  Allely's in Scotland
Date Added: 20/01/2010

One of the heavy hauliers listed on the site is Allely's from Studley in Warwickshire. Pictured here at Hamilton services is one of their vehicles [ more... ]

  George Jenkins moving house !
Date Added: 20/01/2010

George Jenkins are from Apse Heath on The Isle of Wight and two of their vehicles are seen here on the A1 with sections of prefabricated houses. Looks [ more... ]

  Very apt name
Date Added: 19/01/2010

Many years ago whilst working in Dartford I arrived at work one morning to find this lorry delivering opposite our offices.A potato merchant named [ more... ]

  Recovery trucks possible additional feature
Date Added: 18/01/2010

Recovery trucks are a specialist part of the transport industry and it seems that the registration suffix TOW is very prevalent amongst those vehicles [ more... ]

  New Scanias for Bretts Transport
Date Added: 18/01/2010

Bretts Transport from Guyhirn near Wisbech have several new Scania R400 6x2 (HL) tractor units which can be seen across the UK.. Pictured here is AY59 [ more... ]

  H Askey at Truckfest
Date Added: 17/01/2010

One of my favourite fleets on the LS database is H Askey from Sheffield who run a really well turned out mixed fleet of rigids and tractor units.This [ more... ]

  Nedexco on the M56
Date Added: 17/01/2010

Nedexco are one of our European hauliers who are very regular visitors to the UK. Pictured here on the M56 is one of their Volvo FH 400 4 x2 (GXL) [ more... ]

  Extra long Stobart
Date Added: 16/01/2010

Denby Transport and Stan Robinson had an idea of an additional trailer behind a normal artic roll trailer, well from this picture it seems that the [ more... ]

  I & I Forbes to be added to the LS database
Date Added: 15/01/2010

We will shortly be adding the fleet details of I & I Forbes from Auchterader in Perthshire, Scotland locally referred to as the "Lang Toon" due to the [ more... ]

  Iceland lorry in apt setting
Date Added: 15/01/2010

With the recent adverse weather conditions with snow and ice in abundance it made me chuckle to receive this photo of a DHL Volvo FM12 in Iceland [ more... ]

  Ken Thomas now did they operate this vehicle ?
Date Added: 14/01/2010

Ken Thomas were one of the very first hauliers to be added to the database way back in 1998 and what a brilliant fleet they operated. The question is [ more... ]

  James B Kerr to be added to the LS database
Date Added: 14/01/2010

The Dumfries fleet of james B Kerr will shortly be added to the LS database and what a welcome addition they are in their lovely blue and gold [ more... ]

  Knights of Old new vehicles
Date Added: 13/01/2010

Knights of Old from Kettering have several new Scania R440 6x2 (Top) tractor units which are replacement vehicles.Pictured here is KX59 GTZ named Sir [ more... ]

  Collett with wind turbines
Date Added: 13/01/2010

Collett Heavy Transport are from Halifax and are one of the main UK companies that specialize in the transportation of wind turbines. I received some [ more... ]

  Eric Mattheeuws to be added to the LS database
Date Added: 12/01/2010

The Dover based haulier Eric Mattheeuws will shortly be added to the LS online database. I am really grateful to Craig Dalrymple for his efforts in [ more... ]

  Coille Haulage new drawbar
Date Added: 12/01/2010

Coille Haulage from Lochgilphead in Scotland have a brand new Volvo FH 500 6W (G) Timber drawbar in their familiar yellow and red livery. The vehicle [ more... ]

  New Actros for L A Reed
Date Added: 11/01/2010

L A Reed from Goole have a brand new Mercedes Actros 2546 6x2 tractor unit which in accordance with their vehicle naming policy has been named Ouse [ more... ]

  Astran Volvo now with Mike Garbutt
Date Added: 11/01/2010

Mike Garbutt now have a Volvo FH12 420 6x2 CD (GXL) tractor unit which used to be operated by the legendary company Astran who piloted the Middle East [ more... ]

  Volvo F86 vintage for W H Malcom collection
Date Added: 10/01/2010

The latest addition to the ever growing fleet of W H Malcom vintage vehicles is this remarkable Volvo F86 6W rigid which is pictured here at their [ more... ]

  Lenham Storage new vehicles
Date Added: 10/01/2010

Lenham Storage have several new vehicles in the form of Mercedes Actros 2546 6x2 (MSC) tractor units which will be joining their fleet [ more... ]

  J R Harding Leyland T45
Date Added: 09/01/2010

Living in the South West means I get to see numerous vehicles of those hauliers who are situated in this part of the country. One of my favourite [ more... ]

  Prestons of Potto ERF
Date Added: 08/01/2010

Prestons of Potto with ERFs now there's a trip down memory lane if ever there was one. This tractor and trailer combo is slightly unusual for a 38 [ more... ]

  Couple of Westfields
Date Added: 07/01/2010

Westfield Transport from Truro in Cornwall are one of those fleets that you frequently see on the M5 and quite often two at the same time. This photo [ more... ]

  Snow in Banbury
Date Added: 06/01/2010

Quite a lot of photos of lorries in the snow and this is a great example of a Chaplin Renault Magnum in Banbury this morning.

The photo is [ more... ]

  New vehicles for TNT
Date Added: 05/01/2010

TNT have taken delivery of quite a few DAF FALF45 140 4W Boxvan rigids with fleet numbers starting from 3395. Pictured here on the M1 yesterday is [ more... ]

  Eddie Stobart with Dominion Gas trailer ?
Date Added: 05/01/2010

The Stobart Group are well known for hauling any trailers around the UK that make them a profit but this is the first that I have seen from Dominion [ more... ]

  What trailer to use ?
Date Added: 05/01/2010

One of our members works for a company in Nottingham who loaned a rail drill to Balfour Beatty some weeks ago. It was returned on Friday on the back [ more... ]


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