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Here's the latest from the world of Lorry Spotting.

  Top spec rigids
Date Added: 17/06/2010

Most top spec vehicles are reserved for long haul tractor units so it is always a breath of fresh air to see rigid vehicles with top of the range cab [ more... ]

  The Teardrop trailer
Date Added: 15/06/2010

One of the areas of lorry transportation that has changed most over the years has been trailer design. Flatbed trailers that were roped and sheeted [ more... ]

  Ex Edwin Shirley truck
Date Added: 14/06/2010

Edwin Shirley Trucking are a haulier who specialise in the transport of bands across Europe and their fleet have EST registration suffixes. This [ more... ]

  W E Johns Scania tipper
Date Added: 13/06/2010

W E Johns were acquired by M Way & Son and their fleet of local tippers still carry the W E Johns livery. Photo courtesy of and copyrighted to John [ more... ]

  Versteijnen on the radar
Date Added: 12/06/2010

Versteijnen are now firmly set in my sights for getting them into our European section with such a wonderful fleet that are regular visitors to the [ more... ]

  New DAF for Peterhead Harbour Haulage
Date Added: 11/06/2010

Peterhead Harbour Haulage are the proud recipients of a brand new DAF FTGXF105 6x2 (SC) tractor unit which is pictured here on the A90 at Stonehaven. [ more... ]

  New Scanias for Staplehurst Transits
Date Added: 09/06/2010

Staplehurst Transits have some brand new Scania R480 6x2 tractor units one of which is pictured here showing their very distinctive turquoise and red [ more... ]

  Rare Scania !
Date Added: 08/06/2010

I do receive photos of some quite odd vehicles but I have to say I have never seen a Scania R124L 420 8W Flatbed (Top) in my life before and probably [ more... ]

  Wotton of Tiverton
Date Added: 07/06/2010

Wotton of Tiverton are a removal company who have a very attractive orange and white livery and I see their vehicles all the time on the M5.Would love [ more... ]

  New Scanias for Ascroft Transport
Date Added: 06/06/2010

Ascroft Transport are in the process of taking delivery of 2 new Scania R480 6x4 (Top) tractor units which will be on contract to Finning Cat UK. [ more... ]

  New DAFs for FreshLinc
Date Added: 05/06/2010

Spalding haulier FreshLinc Distribution, a recent addition to the site, are about to take delivery of a batch of new DAF FTGCF85 460 6x2 (SC) tractor [ more... ]

  Patinter to be added to European section
Date Added: 04/06/2010

Patinter are from Portugal and run a mixed fleet in a very simple but effective red and yellow livery.The photo is courtesy of and copyrighted to [ more... ]

  SCA Recycling in the SW
Date Added: 02/06/2010

SCA Recycling are very frequent users of the M5 in the South West with their fleet of DAF drawbars that seem to travel everywhere in convoy.The photo [ more... ]

  Alan Counsell to be added to the site
Date Added: 01/06/2010

Alan Counsell are from Caerleon near Newport in Gwent South Wales and their vehicles have a cracking black and amber livery. The colours of black and [ more... ]

  Volvos for Eddie Stobart
Date Added: 31/05/2010

The Stobart Group are taking delivery of numerous new vehicles in the recent months the majority of which have been Scanias. It makes a change then to [ more... ]

  One for ther Foden fans
Date Added: 30/05/2010

The name of Foden will always remain part of the very fabric of British truck manufacturing.The company were latterly part of the Paccar Group who [ more... ]

  J & G Black added to the site
Date Added: 29/05/2010

We have recently added the fleet details of J & G Black from Bathgate in Scotland with their lovely blue and white livery.The photo is courtesy of and [ more... ]

  J M Bell added to the site
Date Added: 28/05/2010

The fleet of J M Bell from Bagby near Thirsk have today been added to the LSA online database.They have a cracking fleet of four vehicles which are [ more... ]

  Nigel Partridge on the A34
Date Added: 25/05/2010

Nigel Partridge run a really well turned out fleet which I seem to see all over the UK especially on the A34 approaching Newbury.The photo is courtesy [ more... ]

  Kuehne & Nagel on the A34
Date Added: 24/05/2010

Kuehne & Nagel are a fleet that have been on the Motorway network of the Uk for many a year.Since its 1890 founding in Bremen, Germany, by August [ more... ]

  Volvo for Arjan Eriks
Date Added: 23/05/2010

Arjan Eriks are a Dutch haulier who are lisetd in the ever expanding European section of the LS online database.According to our records this is the [ more... ]

  John H Roberts to join LS
Date Added: 22/05/2010

I am very pleased to announce the forthcoming inclusion of the fleet of John H Roberts from Auchenblae a village in the Kincardine and Mearns area of [ more... ]

  Is this a lorry ?
Date Added: 21/05/2010

Over the years there has been much discussion on the site as to what actually constitiutes a lorry. The critical factor is weight and any vehicle over [ more... ]

  Mesguen on the M5
Date Added: 21/05/2010

Ever since I was a young lad I have always seen the vehicles of Mesguen on the M5 and they have changed over the years from curtainsiders carrying [ more... ]

  Badger on the M5
Date Added: 20/05/2010

P S Badger are frequently seen on the M5 and are well known livestock transporters that have a blue and white livery that make them very easy to spot [ more... ]

  New DAFs for Thomas Armstrong
Date Added: 18/05/2010

Thomas Armstrong from Penrith in Cumbria have taken delivery of several new DAF FTGCF85 410 6x2 (SC) tractor units in their familiar orange and black [ more... ]

  North Shropshire Transport to be added
Date Added: 17/05/2010

Following the Shropshire truck show we will shortly be adding the fleet details of North Shropshire Transport who have a named fleet of 8 vehicles. I [ more... ]

  Shropshire Truck show
Date Added: 16/05/2010

This weekend is the annual festival of the Shropshire truck show and numerous LS fleets have been showcasing their veicles.The photo is courtesy of [ more... ]

  W H Malcolm Scania
Date Added: 15/05/2010

W H Malcolm are a predominantly Volvo fleet but of late there are quite a few Scanias appearing like this R420 6x2 tractor unit with huge fleet number [ more... ]

  Divilly Transport
Date Added: 14/05/2010

I received this photo the other day from a member who suggested that Divilly Transport from the Irish Republic would be a great addition to the [ more... ]

  Ex Innovate for M Way & Son
Date Added: 13/05/2010

M Way & Son from South Molton in North Devon have just bought two ex Innovate Volvo FH 480 6x2 (GXL) tractor units which have just joined their fleet. [ more... ]

  Bretts Transport on the M25
Date Added: 12/05/2010

The M25 has always been known as Europes largest car park but on some occasions it has been known for the traffic to be free flowing enough to allow [ more... ]

  R G Bassett on the M25
Date Added: 11/05/2010

R G Bassett are one of the hauliers who were initially a little hesitant about being listed on the LS online database but they are now one of the firm [ more... ]

  Ex Edwin Shirley truck
Date Added: 10/05/2010

Edwin Shirley Trucking operate vehicles in their distinctive purple and yellow livery transporting bands around Europe. This vehicle has long left [ more... ]

  New Renault for Bourne Textiles
Date Added: 09/05/2010

Bourne Textiles run a fleet of blue and white rigids that all have large fleet numbers and are named after items connected to the laundry industry.The [ more... ]

  Arjan Eriks DAF drawbar
Date Added: 08/05/2010

Arjan Eriks are a Dutch haulier that have the most beautiful green and cream livery. This vehicle was photographed on the A15 at Northboro [ more... ]

  R Barkley added to the site
Date Added: 07/05/2010

R Barkley have recently been added to the site who are from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland. I am thankful for the efforts of Brian Searl for getting [ more... ]

  Quickmission to be added to the site
Date Added: 05/05/2010

Quickmission are from Sheffield and will shortly be added to the ever expanding LS database. I am most grateful to Jim Lennox for securing the [ more... ]

  How many trailers ?
Date Added: 04/05/2010

I was intrigued by this photo which was sent in recently of a Cherwell Trucks DAF tractor unit hauling no less than 5 trailers stacked on top of each [ more... ]

  Photos from Truckfest Peterborough
Date Added: 03/05/2010

Members have started to post their photos from Truckfest Peterborough whch is an annual event on this Bank holiday weekend.The photo is courtesy of [ more... ]

  First vehicles arrive at Truckfest
Date Added: 01/05/2010

The bank holiday weekend sees the annual Truckfest at Peterborough and the first vehicles have started to arrive at the showground. Seen here is a [ more... ]

  Boyle Transport to be added to the site
Date Added: 25/04/2010

Brian Searl has been on his travels recently to Northern Ireland and he has returned with quite a lot of new fleets to be added to the site and a real [ more... ]

  Saudia Arabia trip down memory lane
Date Added: 24/04/2010

I was reminded recently by a member of of a company who used to run frequent trips to the middle east. This photo is courtesy of and [ more... ]

  Ex Atchison Topeka
Date Added: 23/04/2010

Atchison Topeka vehicles are somewhat rare in that when they dispose of their vehicles they sell them with their cherished plates that all end in TOP. [ more... ]

  A F Grant in scenic location
Date Added: 22/04/2010

I am always interested in pictures of lorries in scenic locations. This is a fine example of an A F Grant FH 6x2 (GXL) tractor unit on the A9 near [ more... ]

  Fred Greenwood now there's a fleet
Date Added: 21/04/2010

Fred Greenwood are from Esholt and what a stunning fleet they run. Pictured here is V8 FGS (Ex R500 DRM) which is pictured on the M56 at [ more... ]

  North Devon haulier
Date Added: 20/04/2010

B C Jenkins are from Milton Damerel in North Devon and are a fleet of one vehicle. Their Scania is a frequent sight on the A361 North Devon "Link [ more... ]

  New Mercedes Actros for Eddie Stobart
Date Added: 19/04/2010

The Stobart Group have a brand new Mercedes Actros 4x2 (MSC) Low Height tractor unit which was photographed at Carlisle recently.Being Low Height the [ more... ]

  Convoi Exceptionnel !
Date Added: 18/04/2010

We have had a heavy haulage section on the site for quite some time now and it might well be that we will have a European heavy haul section in the [ more... ]

  I wandered lonely as a cloud
Date Added: 17/04/2010

John Weir are from Cockermouth in Cumbria and they have recently taken delivery of a brand new DAF FTPXF105 510 6x2 (SSC) tractor unit that is in a [ more... ]

  Estron hopefully to be added
Date Added: 16/04/2010

Estron are a Dutch haulier based just outside Rotterdam and their superbly turned out green and orange fleet are a common site in the South West of [ more... ]

  Carlson car transporter
Date Added: 15/04/2010

Car Transporters have always been one of my favourite types of lorry and the fleet of Carlson are fine examples with their familiar yellow stripe at [ more... ]

  South West Deliveries on the M5
Date Added: 14/04/2010

South West Deliveries are a Cornish haulier and are base at Bodmin and they run a mainly Iveco fleet of tractor units. This picture was taken on the [ more... ]

  New DAFs for FreshLinc
Date Added: 13/04/2010

The recently added haulier FreshLinc have taken delivery of several new DAF FTGXF105 410 4x2 (SC) tractor units which can be seen all across mainland [ more... ]

  How many wheels part II
Date Added: 12/04/2010

In a recent news article I made mention of my licking photos of vehicles that had plenty of wheels. Well this submission of a Whyte Cranes Scania [ more... ]

  Hedleys Humpers tired out employee
Date Added: 11/04/2010

Health and Safety directives are very much in the news at present and it seems that this employee of Hedleys Humpers has perhaps been a bit too [ more... ]

  M J Church on the M5
Date Added: 10/04/2010

M J Church are from Marshfield which is north of Bath and East of Bristol and their lorries are seen all of the time on the M4 and M5. Here is one of [ more... ]

  No sorry just not this colour for a lorry !
Date Added: 09/04/2010

Green and white are my favourite livery colours for lorries, but there are certain colours which are just not suited to be applied to [ more... ]

  Astran latest release from Tekno
Date Added: 08/04/2010

Astran Cargo Services - Scania LB141 with 2-axle Tandem Tilt Trailer Maximum Production of 350pcs Retail Consumer Price of 149.95 including free [ more... ]

  Meachers really should be on here
Date Added: 08/04/2010

The one fleet I have long been trying to persuade to come onto the site are Meachers Group who run a very smart fleet from their Southampton base. If [ more... ]

  Iveco Strator for Billy Bowie
Date Added: 07/04/2010

Billy Bowie Tankers will shortly be putting their brand new Iveco Strator and what a looker it is too. It is pictured here at the recent Scotplant [ more... ]

  Robert McCarroll to be added to the site
Date Added: 07/04/2010

Robert McCarroll from Bishopbriggs in Glasgow and are a small but really well turned out fleet that have RMC registration suffixes. I am most grateful [ more... ]

  Maxwell Freight Services x 2
Date Added: 06/04/2010

The M6 at Alsager has to be one of the busiest photographic locations in the country with thousands of lorries passing through on a daily basis.To [ more... ]

  Pentalver Transport x 2
Date Added: 06/04/2010

Pentalver Transport have their large logo on the front of every lorry which make them stand out from other vehicles. Pictured here at Alsager are two [ more... ]

  H Essers added to European section
Date Added: 05/04/2010

H Essers have recently been added to the European section of the Lorryspotting online database.The company are from Belgium and operate across the [ more... ]

  D Brusse now there is a drawbar
Date Added: 05/04/2010

D Brusse are a Dutch haulier that operate some remarkable drawbar outfits like this Scania R500 6W (Top). They are in the flower transport sector and [ more... ]

  New Scania tippers for W H Malcolm
Date Added: 04/04/2010

W H Malcolm have taken delivery of several new Scania P340 8W Tippers which are in the green,yellow and blue construction livery.

The photo is [ more... ]

  C L Transport on the M5
Date Added: 04/04/2010

One of the most frequently photographed fleets on the M5 around Taunton has to be C L Transport who are from Bridgwater. I have added them to my list [ more... ]

  Tyson H Burridge line up
Date Added: 03/04/2010

Tyson H Burridge are from Cumbria and run a really well turned out fleet in their familiar light and dark blue livery. Their most recent DAF FTGCF85 [ more... ]

  Steve Whistance line up
Date Added: 03/04/2010

We recently added th fleet details of Steve Whistance to the online database. The company operate a fleet of rigid tippers and are from Chepstow in [ more... ]

  New DAFs for Pollock
Date Added: 02/04/2010

Pollock Scotrans have taken delivery of quite a few DAF FTGXF105 460 6x2 (SC) tractor units which all have the PSL registration suffix. This vehicle [ more... ]

  Pentalver Transport on the A34
Date Added: 02/04/2010

Pentalver Transport have a major base in Southampton and the A34 is a great place to take photos of their vehicles. Pictured here is one of their MAN [ more... ]

  Bretts Transport Scania R400
Date Added: 01/04/2010

Bretts Transport are from Guyhirn in Cambridgeshire and they run a mixed fleet of Scanias and Volvos which can be seen all over the UK.

The [ more... ]

  R & H Scott line up
Date Added: 31/03/2010

R & H Scott are from Hexham in Northumberland and their livery has to be one of the most eye catching and prominent there is.

The photo is [ more... ]

  Ex Hodnet Transport vehicle
Date Added: 30/03/2010

Hodnet Transport used to run a really amazing fleet of MAN tractor units until they ceased trading some 3 years ago. Their vehicles can still be seen [ more... ]

  M Way DAF one for the mantelpiece
Date Added: 30/03/2010

M Way and Son from South Molton have a fleet of bulk tippers that are always spotlessly turned out and their DAF W111 WAY has to be one of the most [ more... ]

  P S Badger
Date Added: 29/03/2010

P S Badger are from Yew Tree Farm in Worcestershire and they are frequent visitors to the South West with their really well presented livestock [ more... ]

  New MAN TG-X for D J B Haulage
Date Added: 29/03/2010

D J B Haulage are from Radstock in Wiltshire and they have recently taken delivery of a brand new MAN TG-X 6x2 tractor unit which is pictured here at [ more... ]

  K S Coles on the M5
Date Added: 28/03/2010

K S Coles are a South West vegetable grower and packer who are from Wellington in Somerset. One thing I noticed about this lorry is that it is a tag [ more... ]

  PlantLine on the M5
Date Added: 28/03/2010

PlantLine are one of my favourite fleets as purple is my favourite colour and their vehicles are always superbly turned out. Their fleet are all named [ more... ]

  Eddie Stobart MAN TG-X
Date Added: 27/03/2010

The Stobart Group have a predominantly Scania and Volvo fleet so it us always nice to see a few MANs added to the fleet. Pictured here is Y23 WSH [ more... ]

  White Road Commander
Date Added: 27/03/2010

There have been quite a few UK operators who have used American trucks as part of their fleet. This White "Road Commander" was operated by George [ more... ]

  Nedexco in Aberdeen
Date Added: 26/03/2010

Nedexco were one of the first European fleets to be added to our European section which has become very popular with our members and visitors alike. [ more... ]

  Hadley Group very nice fleet
Date Added: 26/03/2010

The Hadley Group run a very tidy fleet indeed with their black and silver liveried fleet that all have GGT registration suffixes. The GGT refers to [ more... ]

  FreshLinc to be added to the database
Date Added: 25/03/2010

The latest haulier to be added to the site is that of FreshLinc who are from Spalding in Lincolnshire whose fleet can be seen the length and breadth [ more... ]

  Black Scania for Wains
Date Added: 25/03/2010

Wains Transport have a Black liveried Scania R470 6x2 (Top) tractor unit that used to belong to Kevin Leach Transport from North Devon.

The [ more... ]

  Plantspeed with Terex dump truck
Date Added: 24/03/2010

I was delighted to be invited by Plantspeed to take photos of their FH16 6 X 4 removing a Terex dump truck from Stanscombe quarry near Bristol. The [ more... ]

  Madeleine McCann Stobart join search
Date Added: 23/03/2010

The Stobart Group have joined the search for Madeleine McCann who disappeared in Portugal in May 2007. They have a brand new trailer which has been [ more... ]

  How many wheeels ?
Date Added: 23/03/2010

I am always interested in photos of unusual vehicles and this mobile crane with 20 wheels is something that you just don't see every day. It is [ more... ]

  New DAF for John Beaty
Date Added: 22/03/2010

John Beaty from Penrith in Cumbria have taken delivery of a brand new DAF FTPXF105 460 6x2 (SSC) tractor unit which looks very fetching in its light [ more... ]

  Another light blue and white livery
Date Added: 22/03/2010

Whilst on the theme of light blue and white liveries here is another from the fleet of Oakbank services in the livery of Caledonian Proteins pictured [ more... ]

  Gurt big lorry on the A34
Date Added: 21/03/2010

Whilst on the way to Southampton the other day I stopped off for 20 minutes on the A34 to take some photos and was rewarded with this Oshkosh [ more... ]

  AET Transport Services Ltd
Date Added: 21/03/2010

AET Transport Services Ltd are from Poole in Dorset and there vehicles always have the AET registration suffix which make them stand out from the [ more... ]

  New Scania R440 6x2 for Dent
Date Added: 20/03/2010

The Dent Company from Cumbria have several new Scania R440 6x2 (HL) tractor units with tag axles. This vehicle was photographed at the Scania [ more... ]

  New Scanias for A W Jenkinson
Date Added: 20/03/2010

The Stobart Group and A W Jenkinson recently announced a jopint procurement venture that resulted in the largest ever order for Scanias in the UK with [ more... ]

  Drawbar or tipper with trailer ?
Date Added: 19/03/2010

This photo taken on the M5 at Burlescombe shows a Scania R420 6x4 tipper with a trailer carrying road plaining equipment. Should it be a drawbar or a [ more... ]

  New 10 reg for Cadzow
Date Added: 18/03/2010

Cadzow Heavy haulage have recently taken delivery of a brand new DAF FTTXF105 510 6x4 (SC) tractor unit which is seen here on the A90 at [ more... ]

  SAM Haulage Ltd to be added to the site
Date Added: 17/03/2010

We will shortly be adding the fleet details of SAM Haulage Ltd who are from Muirkirk in Scotland and are a fleet of two vehicles, so the old adage [ more... ]

  George H Kime new livery
Date Added: 16/03/2010

George H Kime are from Wrangle near Boston and they have a new livery which has been applied to two of their Renaults. It just goes to show that [ more... ]

  D & M Haulage on the M5
Date Added: 16/03/2010

D & M Haulage are on the hauliers who have been added to the site in the last 6 months and I see them all the time on the M5. Pictured here near [ more... ]


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