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Here's the latest from the world of Lorry Spotting.

  Christmas is coming
Date Added: 30/11/2010

The festive season is upon us and this photo was sent to me recently of the Coca Cola Kenworth truck which is seen in their adverts on TV. It was [ more... ]

  Snow on the A74(M)
Date Added: 29/11/2010

Several parts of the country have been covered in snow recently and I received this photo of a Matthew C Aitken DAF XF105 on the A74(M) which is a [ more... ]

  Gent of Yate are on the wish list
Date Added: 29/11/2010

The fleet of Gent of Yate are firmly on my radar for possible inclusion on the site. The company are from Yate just outside Bristol and always have [ more... ]

  Christmas is coming (official)
Date Added: 28/11/2010

The festive season is upon us and this photo was sent to me recently of the Coca Cola Kenworth truck which is seen in their adverts on TV. It was [ more... ]

  DWP soon to be added to the site
Date Added: 28/11/2010

We will shortly be adding the fleet of DWP from Stoke on Trent to the site.I am most grateful to Frank White for his efforts in getting this smashing [ more... ]

  Transalliance at Cherwell Valley
Date Added: 27/11/2010

The Transalliance Group are a French haulier whose vehicles are a very common site on the roads of the UK. Pictured here recently is a MAN TG-A 4x2 [ more... ]

  Teignmouth heavy haul
Date Added: 26/11/2010

Teignmouth in South Devon is more normally associated with the clay industry being the usual port for the export of clay from the local pit at Preston [ more... ]

  A brace of 60s
Date Added: 25/11/2010

I received this photo recently of two 60 registration vehicles on the M6 at junction 37 the exit for Kendal.Pictured are a Maritime Transport Actros [ more... ]

  C Butt anyone have a contact there ?
Date Added: 24/11/2010

C Butt from Northampton have come a long way over the years with the launch of a new wrap livery that really makes them stand out from the crowd. Does [ more... ]

  New Actros for John Miller
Date Added: 23/11/2010

John Miller have taken delivery of 6 new Mercedes Actros 2546 6x2 (MSC) tractor units all of which will be based at their Longtown depot in [ more... ]

  James Cooper coming soon
Date Added: 21/11/2010

The fleet of James Cooper from Tyneside will shortly be added to the ever growing LS online database. I am most grateful to Audrey Jolly for securing [ more... ]

  Hruby Moving
Date Added: 20/11/2010

Hruby Moving are from the Czech Republic and run a great fleet of vehicles most of which are drawbar outfits.

The photo is courtesy of and [ more... ]

  Bedford TL now there is a classic lorry
Date Added: 19/11/2010

There is a dedicated area on the LS site for vintage vehicles and this Bedford TL 4 X 2 tractor unit is a fine example of a restored vehicle.This [ more... ]

  New livery for Eddie Stobart
Date Added: 18/11/2010

Eddie Stobart are putting some of their vehicles into a brand new livery namely Coca Cola Zero. The vehicle is based at Wakefield and will work on the [ more... ]

  H J Van Bentum in Devon
Date Added: 17/11/2010

H J Van Bentum have to be one of my all time favourite fleets so you can imagine my delight at taking this photo of not one but two on the A38 Devon [ more... ]

  Theo Faassen in Scotland
Date Added: 16/11/2010

Theo Faassen are a Dutch specialist haulier and they have a great fleet of drawbars which invariably carry agricultural machinery.This Renault was [ more... ]

  J Heebink all over the UK
Date Added: 15/11/2010

J Heebink are a Dutch haulier whose fleet of vehicles can be seen all over the UK in quite some numbers in their distinctive orange livery which make [ more... ]

  WMB (We move bikes)
Date Added: 13/11/2010

In the Volvo Truck Nation magazine recently there was an article concerning this company who transport Harley Davidson motorbikes around the country [ more... ]

  This one made a racket !!
Date Added: 12/11/2010

I have had some interesting and funny photos submitted over the years but this one would have to be in my all time top ten. I am told that this [ more... ]

  D W Ruby to be added to the site
Date Added: 11/11/2010

D W Ruby are a Westcountry haulier from Saltash who run a fleet of 8 vehicles in a simple but very attractive livery that make them a very welcome [ more... ]

  AFS to be added to the site
Date Added: 10/11/2010

A while ago I posted a news article stating that I would love to list the Southampton haulier AFS Haulage and hey presto thanks to the work of Jim [ more... ]

  Whites Transport they're on the radar
Date Added: 09/11/2010

Whites Transport are one of the fleets I will be approaching in the weeks to come with a view to being listed on the site with a cracking fleet of [ more... ]

  Petschl to be added to the Euro section
Date Added: 08/11/2010

Petschl Transporte are from Austria and run a fleet of mostly MAN tractor units in a near British racing green colour .Photo courtesy of and [ more... ]

  C H Dekker to be added to the Euro section
Date Added: 07/11/2010

C H Dekker will shortly be added to the Euro section of the site and I am eternally grateful to Paul Evans, Frank White and Ade Portlock for their [ more... ]

  Duvenbeck to be added to the site
Date Added: 06/11/2010

Duvenbeck are a German haulier from Baden-Baden and run a fleet of 620 tractor units in what looks like a British racing green livery. I am really [ more... ]

  Any idea what this load is ?
Date Added: 05/11/2010

I received this photo the other day of a Curtis Heavy Haulage vehicle with a load that I would like to identify. I hazard a guess it is something to [ more... ]

  New DAF for Harpers
Date Added: 04/11/2010

Harpers Haulage are from Ramsey and have just taken delivery of a brand new DAF FTGXF105 460 6x2 (SSC) tractor unit which is pictured here in their [ more... ]

  Billy Bunter the Shunter
Date Added: 03/11/2010

Billy Bunter was a fictional character invented by Charles Hamilton to represent a Victorian publically educated schoolboy who was always trying to [ more... ]

  New Volvos for Bedfords
Date Added: 02/11/2010

Bedfords Transport have taken delivery of several new Volvo FH 460 6x2 (GXL) tractor units one of which is seen here recently on the North Devon Link [ more... ]

  New DAF for John Weir
Date Added: 01/11/2010

John Weir are from Cockermouth in Cumbria and have recently taken delivery of a brand new DAF FTGXF105 460 6x2 (SSC) tractor unit which is pictured [ more... ]

  Ex M Way now with Irish reg plates
Date Added: 31/10/2010

Quite a few vehicles on the database have been re registered with different registration marks and some like this ex M Way vehicle (S100 WAY) have [ more... ]

  Derks Bemmel
Date Added: 30/10/2010

The European section is rapidly approaching its 200th haulier and we are looking for a fleet to mark that milestone perhaps it could be Derks Bemmel [ more... ]

  Swedish tipper
Date Added: 29/10/2010

I am returning today from a week away on business in Sweden staying at Stockholm and Gothenberg and I noticed that every lorry in Sweden is a tipper. [ more... ]

  Seymour Transport now Evans Transport
Date Added: 28/10/2010

Earlier on this year Evans Transport from Barnstaple in North Devon acquired the fleet of Seymour Transport and as a consequence several vehicles from [ more... ]

  Interesting reg on this one
Date Added: 27/10/2010

Interesting registration plate on this Volvo FH12 4W Flatbed something that you don't see every day of the week.The company are based in Warrington [ more... ]

  VW Motor Caravan what a gem
Date Added: 26/10/2010

Living in North Devon as I do there is an enormous emotional attachment to the VW Motor Caravan which has always been linked to the surfing community. [ more... ]

  Conway Bailey strange reg
Date Added: 25/10/2010

Conway Bailey are a Cornish haulier whose tractor units have a colour of Vauxhall Cargo Orange with no visable means of knowing who runs the vehicles [ more... ]

  De Rooy with Cranleigh Freight ?
Date Added: 24/10/2010

De Rooy are seen on ther UK motorway network all of the time delivering variuos types of vehicle from tractors to lorries of all shapes and [ more... ]

  This van made me laugh
Date Added: 23/10/2010

I received this photo the other day and it took me a good 4 minutes to stop laughing at the comical coment of this avdert on the back of a van.Photo [ more... ]

  Revis of York in Dundee
Date Added: 22/10/2010

Revis of York run a fleet of Volvos in a very distinctive light blue livery and one of their Daf FH tractor units is seen here on the Forfar Road in [ more... ]

  Nolan Transport Movin On
Date Added: 21/10/2010

If there ever was a haulier that you see wherever you are in the UK then Nolan Transport with their strap line of Movin On must take the top prize. [ more... ]

  Mammoet on the M25
Date Added: 20/10/2010

Mammoet are a Dutch heavy haulier whose balck liveried vehicles can be seen frequently in the UK with a variety of loads.Photo courtesy of and [ more... ]

  New MANs for W H Malcolm
Date Added: 19/10/2010

The Brookfield based haulier W H Malcolm are starting to take delivery of numerous MAN tractor units which will be based at various locations across [ more... ]

  R T Keedwell at Truckfest South West
Date Added: 18/10/2010

R T keedwell are from Highbridge in Somerset and always send vehicles to Truckfest South West at Shepton. Pictured here is one of their Renault [ more... ]

  Ex Heltor still in Devon
Date Added: 17/10/2010

Heltor are from Heathfield in Newton Abbot in God's own county of Devon and one of their ex vehicles is still being operated by another Devon haulier [ more... ]

  Simon Widdowson to be added soon
Date Added: 16/10/2010

The fleet of Simon Widdowson Ltd will shortly be added to the site and I am very thankful to Jim Lennox for getting the necessary permission for them [ more... ]

  Lift up your wheels
Date Added: 15/10/2010

This photo shows how lorries can adapt their wheel configuration according to circumstances. Pictured here is a 4x2 tractor unit with a tandem trailer [ more... ]

  George Anderson in Dundee
Date Added: 14/10/2010

George Anderson are from Wishaw in Scotland and are an established haulage company working in livestock transport.Pictured here is their beast of a [ more... ]

  New Renault for Yuill & Dodds
Date Added: 13/10/2010

Hamilton based haulier Yuill & Dodds have just taken delivery of a Renault Premium 6x2 (Prem) with tag axle in the livery of Brian & Ayrlie Yuill [ more... ]

  Freight Line Europe to be added to the site
Date Added: 12/10/2010

The very popular European section of the site will shortly be including the fleet of Freight Line Europe who run a very attractive fleet of [ more... ]

  Dutch Heavy Haulier
Date Added: 11/10/2010

Van Der Vlist are a Dutch heavy haulier who also have a UK office in Hull. This unit is a MAN TG-A 41.530 8x4 (XXL) and is seen transporting what [ more... ]

  Third incarnation for this lorry
Date Added: 10/10/2010

The Volvo YN06 OCV has now been with three fleets that are listed on the LS database. It started life with Innovate then W H Malcolm and finally with [ more... ]

  Hunter Transport soon to be added
Date Added: 09/10/2010

Hunter Transport are from Lochinver in Scotland and will shortly be added to the LS online database for members to access .Photo courtesy of and [ more... ]

  Heavy Haul in Scotland
Date Added: 08/10/2010

Heavy Haul in convoy photography doesn't get much better than this with two Finnies and a Cadzow transporting bridge sections .Photo courtesy of and [ more... ]

  McFaydens on wind turbine duty
Date Added: 07/10/2010

In the next 2 years we are going to see more and more wind turbines erected across the UK and long may it continue. The transport of the relevant [ more... ]

  New 60 reg for Border Traffic
Date Added: 06/10/2010

Border Traffic Services from Berwick on Tweed have taken delivery of a brand new MAN TG-X 6x2 (XXL) tractor unit which has recently joined their fleet [ more... ]

  Hill Brothers to be added to the LS database
Date Added: 05/10/2010

Hill Brothers are from Newtown in Mid Wales and will shortly be added to the LS database thanks to the efforts of Andy White who looks after our [ more... ]

  Colin Lawson now that is well turned out
Date Added: 04/10/2010

Colin Lawson Transport from Aberdeen have a fantastically well turned out fleet and the man himself is a perfect Gent.You won't see many DAF rigid [ more... ]

  McBurney on the M5
Date Added: 03/10/2010

McBurney Transport are quite rare in the South West as like a lot of companies there seems to be a general reluctance to take loads south of Bristol [ more... ]

  Rainthorpe with agricultural equipment in Devon
Date Added: 02/10/2010

Rainthorpe are from Grantham in Lincolnshire and I see them fairly often in Devon delivering various bits of agricultural equipment, God only knows [ more... ]

  Scania tractor ?
Date Added: 01/10/2010

There is frequent mention here regarding new Scania tractor units so it was quite a surprise to see this photos of a tractor apparently made by [ more... ]

  Its a wrap for Jenkinson
Date Added: 30/09/2010

A W Jenkinson Forest Products have joined the ranks of other haulage companies who have opted for a wrap livery and in my opinion they seem to have [ more... ]

  D J Wills into Hay & Straw
Date Added: 29/09/2010

D J Wills are a Cornish company who have a most fabulous green and cream livery that makes them one of my most favourite fleets. I took this photo [ more... ]

  Sitra from Belgium
Date Added: 28/09/2010

Sitra are a Belgian company whose fleet of DAFs with large fleet numbers can be seen very frequently on the UK motorway network.Photo courtesy of and [ more... ]

  ERF on the M5
Date Added: 26/09/2010

ERF was once a name synonymous with the UK trucking industry but sadly they are now disappearing at an alarming rate so it is always a breath of fresh [ more... ]

  Now there's a brave driver
Date Added: 25/09/2010

Nothing like a bit of patriotism to brightern up a lorry but a massive cross of St George emblazened on the front of your lorry when it is slap bang [ more... ]

  Archbold Logistics to be added to the site
Date Added: 24/09/2010

Archbold Logistics will shortly be added to the and I am eternally grateful to the company for granting us the permission and their willingness to be [ more... ]

  McCluskey from Lisburn
Date Added: 23/09/2010

McCluskey removals are from Lisburn in Northern Ireland and what a simply delightful fleet they have with a really great cream and two tone blue [ more... ]

  Armada Tube great livery
Date Added: 22/09/2010

Armada Tube are from Launceston in Cornwall and on occasions I have seen some of their lorries on the M5 and boy have they they been well turned out. [ more... ]

  Bayford on the M5 what a cracker
Date Added: 21/09/2010

Bayford Haulage are based at Bruton in Somerset and their fabulous yellow lorries are frequent users of the M5 in the South West .Photo courtesy of [ more... ]

  J W Morrison on Riverside Drive Aberdeen
Date Added: 20/09/2010

Riverside Drive in Aberdeen has become quite a sought after location for lorry photos and Ade Portlock on his recent trip to Scotland took advanatge [ more... ]

  Cadzow at Jct 14 of the A74(M)
Date Added: 19/09/2010

A good friend of mine has recently returned from a trip to Scotland and I shall be featuring some of the amazing photos he has taken in a eries of [ more... ]

  Volvos a plenty for Stobart
Date Added: 18/09/2010

The Stobart Groupo are in the process of taking delivery of numerous brand new Volvo FH 480 6x2 (GXL) tractor units. Pictured here at Carlisle are [ more... ]

  Named after my daughter
Date Added: 17/09/2010

Over the years my daughter Verity has been lucky enough to have approximately 8 vehicles on the LS database named after her one of which was this [ more... ]

  C Doyle & Sons to be added to the site
Date Added: 16/09/2010

C Doyle & Sons are from Maidenhead and thanks to the efforts of Jim Lennox we have managed to secure the permission to list them on the site. The [ more... ]

  Loch Clash Fish to be added to the site
Date Added: 15/09/2010

With many thanks to Brian and his trusty entourage we have managed to secure the fleet list from Loch Clash Fish from Kinlochbervie in the far North [ more... ]

  G Webb added to the database
Date Added: 14/09/2010

G Webb are a very welcome addition to the database with their fleet of bulk tippers in a very eye catching light blue livery. I am most grateful to [ more... ]

  Re reg for W H Malcolm
Date Added: 13/09/2010

W H Malcolm have had their Volvo FH 16 600 8x4 (GXL) tractor unit re registered as R12 WHM and is seen here at the Bellfield intercahnge on the M77 at [ more... ]

  Convoy or Roadblock ?
Date Added: 12/09/2010

I do receive quite a large number of photos of lorries in convoy but this one of three Montgomery Transport vehicles in three separate lanes of the [ more... ]

  Armishaws very nice fleet
Date Added: 11/09/2010

Green and white have always been my favourite combination of colours when it comes tgo lorry liveries and Armishaws Removals are very frequent [ more... ]

  Ex Cadzow near Thetford
Date Added: 10/09/2010

This DAF FTT95XF 530 6x4 (SC) used to be operated by Cadzow Heavy Haulage from Scotland but is now subsequently operated by with P H Antell and [ more... ]

  Alfred Hymas in the South West
Date Added: 09/09/2010

Alfred Hymas were a most welcome addition to the database a couple of years ago and they seem to be quite frequent visitors to the South West [ more... ]

  New Volvo FL for Day Aggregates
Date Added: 08/09/2010

Day Aggregates from London have a brand new Volvo FL 240 4W Tipper which has just been added to their fleet and is pictured here at their Greenwich [ more... ]

  100th Lomas vehicle fitted with Kelsa products
Date Added: 07/09/2010

At this summers Driffield truckfest there was the 100th Lomas Distribution vehicle to be fitted with Kelsa products. The Actros 2455 6x2 (MSC) is a [ more... ]

  Very rare lorry indeed
Date Added: 06/09/2010

This Volvo FM 6x4 tractor unit and trailer are capable of travelling on roads as well as the UK railway network and is supposedly the only vehicle in [ more... ]

  Nolan Transport seen everywhere
Date Added: 05/09/2010

Nolan Transport are seen just about everywhere in the UK and their vehicles all have only one thing in common with the statement Movin On .Photo [ more... ]

  Allinson on the M5
Date Added: 04/09/2010

George Allinson are very frequent visitors to the South West and seen here recently is one of their Scania R420 6x2 (Top) tractor units at Burlescombe [ more... ]

  Try the Lanes of Devon
Date Added: 03/09/2010

There is a removal company in the South West whose vehicles can be seen on the M5 on a daily basis. Brittania Lanes have depots at [ more... ]

  A Swedish lorry in Sweden
Date Added: 28/08/2010

The hotel I am currently staying at in Stockholm is having some major refurbishment which has meant quite a lot of heavy plant and equipment being on [ more... ]

  Filtec Water Services to be added
Date Added: 27/08/2010

Filtec Water services will shortly be yet another quality fleet being added to the LS online database.The suggestion to approach this company came [ more... ]

  Walter Dandie & Sons to be added
Date Added: 26/08/2010

We started a One Man Band section on the site nearly 12 months ago and it has proved very popular indeed. This section will shortly have the details [ more... ]

  Where are those ex Eddie Stobarts now
Date Added: 25/08/2010

Ex Eddie Stobart tractor unit registered SNA 320 is now operated by Beta Transport of Poland. It is seen here still with basic ESL livery.
Photo [ more... ]

  J H Willis to be added shortly
Date Added: 24/08/2010

The fleet details of J H Willis will shortly be added to the LS online database and I am eternally grateful to Andy White for securing the permission [ more... ]

  Quayside Distribution quality photo
Date Added: 23/08/2010

Photos in great geographical locations are always very welcome and this one of a Quayside Distribution Renault at Glencoe is in a class of its own. [ more... ]

  Maritime three in a row
Date Added: 22/08/2010

Maritime Transport are probably the largest container haulier in the country and their vehicles can be seen all over the UK.Pictured here,on the M40, [ more... ]

  First 60 photo
Date Added: 21/08/2010

A week on Wednesday will see the first 60 registration plates and we are already starting to receive photos of vehicles plated up ready to hit the [ more... ]

  DAF for Norbert ?
Date Added: 20/08/2010

The ubiquitous French haulier Norbert Dentressengle have always been very keen supporters of the Renault brand.Pictured here however is the first ever [ more... ]

  TEF Transport on the M3
Date Added: 19/08/2010

TEF Transport are from Scarborough and used to be associated with the R T Keedwell Group until about 4 years ago. Pictured here on the 18th May 2010 [ more... ]

  East Coast Viners to be added shortly
Date Added: 18/08/2010

We will shortly be adding the fleet details of East Coast Viners who are an animal feed company from Drumlithie, Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire.I am [ more... ]

  Evans Transport TG-X
Date Added: 17/08/2010

Evans Transport from Barnstaple in North Devon have several new vehicles of late some of which have been the MAN TG-X 26.440 6x2 (XLX) tractor unit [ more... ]


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