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Here's the latest from the world of Lorry Spotting.

  New DAFs for The Range
Date Added: 06/05/2011

The Range are a UK wide store that have their haulage/distribution organised through Kay Transport who were acquired by Gregory Distribution a couple [ more... ]

  Bedworth haulage to be added to the site
Date Added: 05/05/2011

Bedworth Haulage will shortly be added to the site and I know there are numerous members who have been asking for this fleet to be listed for many [ more... ]

  Perfect pair of Turners
Date Added: 04/05/2011

Great to receive some action shots that are a little out of the ordinary and this one shows two Turners of Soham DAF FTPCF85 tractor units on the A11 [ more... ]

  Kingbrook to be added to the site
Date Added: 03/05/2011

We will shortly be adding the fleet details of Kingbrook Fridge and Dry Freight specialists who are based at Whitfield near Dover in Kent. many thanks [ more... ]

  Boxing day photo La Vascongada
Date Added: 03/05/2011

After stuffing my face with Turkey I had to decide on a photo for Boxing Day, none more suitable than this Scania R420 4x2 (HL) from the Spanish [ more... ]

  Maurice Hill long long way from home
Date Added: 02/05/2011

It is always great to receive photos of LS listed trucks after they have finished work with their original hauliers. This photo was taken at the port [ more... ]

  JJO PLC coming soon
Date Added: 02/05/2011

I have seen vehicles from this fleet for many years and have always thought in the back of my mind that they were worthy of being listed seeing that [ more... ]

  Mouland on the A31
Date Added: 30/04/2011

David Mouland are regular visitors to the A31 due to being based at nearby Fordingbridge. I will be maing every effort to get them onto the site as [ more... ]

  Quayside on the M5
Date Added: 29/04/2011

Quayside are one of the hauliers listed on the LS online database and they are a fine example of what can be achieved with a base white livery.This [ more... ]

  Gills Transport Wolverhampton to be added soon
Date Added: 28/04/2011

Gills Transport will shortly be added to the database and thanks to Phil Sears this Wolverhampton haulier will be available for members to spot.The [ more... ]

  Heaver Brothers on the A31
Date Added: 27/04/2011

Heaver Brothers are from Exeter in Devon and they run a mixed fleet of vehicles that have a common theme of HBL registration suffixes. This picture [ more... ]

  B B Christoffersen to be added shortly
Date Added: 26/04/2011

With many thanks to Brian Searl we will shortly be adding the fleet of B B Christoffersen of Crimond near Fraserburgh.The lorry in this picture has a [ more... ]

  Ex Neil Yates recovery on the M40
Date Added: 25/04/2011

Neil Yates Recovery are one of the largest recovery groups in the UK and they operate a fantastic fleet of vehicles. Pictured here is one of their [ more... ]

  Albert Fyfe of Auchenblae to be added
Date Added: 24/04/2011

Albert Fyfye of Auchenblae will shortly be added to the site and a most welcome addition they are to the database. Auchenblae is 10 miles to the North [ more... ]

  R H Newhouse of Settle added to the site
Date Added: 23/04/2011

R H Newhouse of Settle have recently been added to the LS online database. I am most grateful to Jim Lennox for his efforts in getting this fleet onto [ more... ]

  Gregory Distribution first Volvo tanker
Date Added: 22/04/2011

Gregory Distribution have acquired their first ever Volvo rigid tanker for use on their extensive milk contracts. The FM 370 8W Tanker will work out [ more... ]

  B & G Transport to be added to the site
Date Added: 21/04/2011

B & G Transport from Dudley will shortly be added to the LS online database for members to access. I am most grateful to Phil Sears for approaching [ more... ]

  R L Taylor from Okehampton
Date Added: 20/04/2011

R L Taylor are from Okehampton in Devon and they run a lovely fleet of tippers and bulk haulage tractor units which can be seen all the time on the M5 [ more... ]

  Eggbeers (Now M Way) in rain on the A30
Date Added: 19/04/2011

It doesn't always have to be perfect weather to get a good shot and I can remember many years ago taking photos on the A30 in Cornwall in atrocious [ more... ]

  Eldapoint fleet info required
Date Added: 18/04/2011

Eldapoint are very much on the radar for possible future inclusion within the LS online database. The company have their HQ at Felixstowe and all [ more... ]

  Meachers now listed on LS database
Date Added: 17/04/2011

After long last we finally have managed to secure permission to list the fleet of Meachers Global ogistics from Southampton. The fleet have a great [ more... ]

  Samworth Brothers on the M5
Date Added: 16/04/2011

Samworth Brothers are based at Callington in Cornwall and they manufacture the Ginsters range of savoury products. Their fleet of MANs can be seen all [ more... ]

  TNT on the A31 in Dorset
Date Added: 15/04/2011

TNT were originally an Australian company and the abbreviation stands for Thomas Nationwide Transport as the company was started by Ken Thomas. Just [ more... ]

  Peter Shears added as a one man band
Date Added: 14/04/2011

Peter Shears has been added to the very popular one man band section and I am grateful to Frank White for getting permission to be listed.This vehicle [ more... ]

  Marathon trip from one of our Belgian members
Date Added: 13/04/2011

Gothard Wallentin who is one of our Belgian members had a trip across to the UK for three days and managed to log himself 10,000 spots. This photo of [ more... ]

  Shetland Transport seal of approval
Date Added: 12/04/2011

Yesterdays news made mention of the use of advertising strap lines and it appears that Shetland Transport are making use of local wildlife connections [ more... ]

  Shetland Transport we do all the Puffin
Date Added: 11/04/2011

Over the years there have been a few strap lines that hauliers have used for promotional purposes but this trailer from the fleet of Shetland [ more... ]

  Edward Stobart floral tribute
Date Added: 10/04/2011

Edward Stobart's funeral took place yesterday at Carlisle cathedral and there was a superb turn out of people to pay their respects. Centre place in [ more... ]

  Conway Bailey added to the site
Date Added: 09/04/2011

The Cornish fleet of Conway Bailey have been added to the site and their fleet of plain liveried VCO (Vauxhall Cargo Orange) lorries are seen all over [ more... ]

  Ian Hay added to the site
Date Added: 08/04/2011

The one man band section of the site has proved to be a remarkable success and I am pleased to announce the inclusion of Ian Hay from Scotland who is [ more... ]

  Iveco Trakker for Evans
Date Added: 07/04/2011

I made mention recently about taking on the task of cataloguing tens of thousands of photos and I came across this one without realising that it was [ more... ]

  What are the odds ?
Date Added: 06/04/2011

It might seem on the face of it to be quite an innocuous everyday photo of two lorries on the M25 but I am looking for mathematicians/statisticians [ more... ]

  Orinoco on the M6
Date Added: 05/04/2011

The Spanish haulier Tudefrigo are very frequent visitors to the UK and it is always great to receive pictures of their fleet which are very well [ more... ]

  Scotlee on the M5 from 2007
Date Added: 04/04/2011

I am currently going through the Herculean process of cataloguing some 40,000 photos taken over a 7 year period and this photo of a Scotlee Scania [ more... ]

  Lenham new vehicle and livery
Date Added: 03/04/2011

Lenham Storage have several new vehicles which have just been added to the fleet and their livery is slightly different to normal with slightly larger [ more... ]

  Norbert tipper on the M5
Date Added: 02/04/2011

Norbert Dentressangle are one of the most commonly sighted lorries on the UK motorway network but I have only ever seen this one with a tipper [ more... ]

  Edward Stobart dies
Date Added: 01/04/2011

Yesterday saw the untimely death of Edward Stobart at the age of 56. Edward was instrumental in building up the Eddie Stobart fleet from small humble [ more... ]

  Crediton Milling would love them on the site
Date Added: 31/03/2011

Crediton Milling have been friends of mine for so many years with me supplying photos for them for publicity purposes. As sure as night follows day [ more... ]

  Bleach of Lavant on the radar
Date Added: 30/03/2011

Bleach of Lavant are a cracking fleet with seemingly every vehicle having a BOL registration suffix and their lorries are in a superb two tone [ more... ]

  Now that is a convoy !
Date Added: 29/03/2011

Many years ago I had to tyravel to Crewe on a Sunday afternoon and it occured to me when joining the M5 that I might possibly see the regular sight [ more... ]

  Palmer Delivery added to the LS database
Date Added: 28/03/2011

The Renfrew based haulier Palmer Delivery have been added to the site and their livery is quite unusual to say the least. In addition it is always [ more... ]

  Grange Quarry added to the site
Date Added: 27/03/2011

Grange Quarry are from Tundergrath near Lockerbie in Scotland and I am really pleased to announce their inclusion into the LS online database.
The [ more... ]

  Perrigo on the M5
Date Added: 26/03/2011

Perrigo are a pharmaceutical manufacturer who are based in Braunton in North Devon and they operate just the one vehicle which is seen here on the M5 [ more... ]

  Ralph Davies from years gone by
Date Added: 25/03/2011

This afternoons email brought some fantastic photos of fleets on the LS database from years gone by. Particularly taken by this old Ralph Davies LDG [ more... ]

  Pete's haulage on the A34
Date Added: 24/03/2011

The A34 is the main arterial road linking the south coast ports with the rest of the UK and container traffic is seen here in huge numbers. This lorry [ more... ]

  Westcountry Scania on the M5
Date Added: 23/03/2011

I have been taking photos of this particular vehicle for many years now. It was originally purchased by Greendale and then that company was acquired [ more... ]

  Fred Greenwood Tekno model
Date Added: 22/03/2011

Due for release later on this year will be a cracking 1:50 scale model of the Fred Greenwood Scania R series (Top) tractor unit with 3-axle Pezzaioli [ more... ]

  John Dorse on the M5
Date Added: 21/03/2011

John Dorse are a very familiar site on the M5 normally hauling loads of hay and straw.They are based at the village of Uffculme which is near [ more... ]

  Cadzow at Cherwell Valley
Date Added: 20/03/2011

Cadzow Heavy Haulage have long been associated with the transportation of Terex pump trucks and seen here recently at Cherrwell Valley services is one [ more... ]

  Great reg for Crediton Milling
Date Added: 19/03/2011

Crediton Milling have a great fleet of bulk tippers supplying animal feed all over the South West.Their latest addition to their fleet is this Volvo [ more... ]

  New yard shunter for M Way
Date Added: 18/03/2011

M Way & Son have acquired a very distinctive new tard shunter in the form of this rare Volvo NH 380 6x4 tractor unit which I am reliably informed will [ more... ]

  R & J Simpson to be added to the site
Date Added: 17/03/2011

I am very pleased to announce the impending inclusion of R & J Simpson from Torry near Aberdeen. The fleet details and permission have been obtained [ more... ]

  John Brain from Wales
Date Added: 16/03/2011

I mentioned yesterday that I received a CD in the post with a whole host of lorry photos going back to the late 60s and early 70s. John Brain were [ more... ]

  White Trux from Dover
Date Added: 15/03/2011

A while back I received a CD in the post with a whole host of lorry photos going back to the late 60s and early 70s. White Trux were from Dover and [ more... ]

  First 105 (SSC) for PMP
Date Added: 14/03/2011

PMP Forward have their first ever DAF XF105 (SSC) tractor units with three of the FTGXF105 460 6x2 (SSC) being based at their Fareham depot in [ more... ]

  Stobart from a few years back
Date Added: 13/03/2011

This photo was taken way back in 1999 at Stobarts Carlisle depot and shows their Renault Magnum named Gigi which I do believe from memory was driven [ more... ]

  Entwisles on the M5
Date Added: 12/03/2011

Entwisles were always one of my target hauliers to get added to the site and then all of a sudden all their vehicles seem to be operated by RT [ more... ]

  A patriotic German ????
Date Added: 11/03/2011

Always pleased to receive newsworthy photos and this one of the DAF of German haulier Sven Braun really did make me chuckle.Answers on a postcard [ more... ]

  New Scania for Charles Russell
Date Added: 10/03/2011

Charles Russell Transport are from Coombe Hill near Gloucester and they a really well turned out fleet of vehicles in their usual orange and green [ more... ]

  Stobart 100 Scanias on 11 plates
Date Added: 09/03/2011

The new 11 plate is just over a week old and we have had plenty of sightings of these brand new vehicles. The Stobart Group had 100 Scania R420 [ more... ]

  New Volvo FM 6x4 for W H Malcolm
Date Added: 08/03/2011

W H Malcolm have a brand new Volvo FM 460 6x4 (G) tractor unit which is pictured here at Grangemouth on Wednesday of last week on its first job since [ more... ]

  New Volvos for Peter Green
Date Added: 07/03/2011

Peter Green Chilled have two brand new 11 plate Volvo FH 500 6x2 (GXL) tractor units one of which is seen here on the A31 in Dorset in the middle of [ more... ]

  Norbert at Melksham
Date Added: 06/03/2011

Norbert Dentressangle are the ubiquitous French haulier who has a fleet of some 5,000 vehicles many of which make it across the channel to the UK [ more... ]

  ABN on the M5
Date Added: 05/03/2011

ABN are part of the Associated British Agriculture group and they have a mill based at Cullompton just down the road from the Gregory Distribution [ more... ]

  Heltor at Winkleigh
Date Added: 04/03/2011

Heltor are a fuel and bulk haulage company based at Heathfield near Newton Abbot in South Devon.Pictured here is one of their DAF FTPCF85 430 6x2 (SC) [ more... ]

  New Volvo FMX arrives.
Date Added: 03/03/2011

The long awaited Volvo FMX has finally arrived in the U.K. The first two to arrive will be operated by Sheffield hauliers Brocklebank & Co. This [ more... ]

  First 11 registration on the road
Date Added: 02/03/2011

Yesterday was the first day of the new 11 registration plate and we had a photo of a lorry on the road on that day.Pictured here is a Scania G230 4W [ more... ]

  Astran sponsor mini at Sunseeker rally
Date Added: 01/03/2011

Astran were one of the pioneers of the Middle East runs in the early 70s and their red and yellow liveried vehicles were frequently photographed in [ more... ]

  Tekno Kinlochbervie 1:50 model
Date Added: 28/02/2011

Speedbird Promotions Ltd recently announced the forthcoming production of a Tekno 1:50 scale model of the Kinlochbervie Fish Selling company DAF XF105 [ more... ]

  B Taylor from Mansfield
Date Added: 27/02/2011

B Taylor are from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire and they run a fleet of vehicles in a mixture of red,white and blue liveries. There vehicles are a very [ more... ]

  Frank Tucker wrecker
Date Added: 26/02/2011

Frank Tucker was a haulier from Exeter who were acquired by Evans Transport many years ago and as a result they took on this elderly ERF 6W wrecker [ more... ]

  Dock gate 20 Southampton
Date Added: 25/02/2011

Dock gate 20 at Southampton is an ideal location to see LS listed hauliers taking loads to and from the container terminal. This photo is approx 7 [ more... ]

  Evans Scania 3 series
Date Added: 24/02/2011

I have started the Herculean task of organising some 60,000 photos which I have taken over the years and came across this one of the Evans Transport [ more... ]

  Noel Zwecker at Thetford
Date Added: 23/02/2011

Noel Zwecker are from Armagh in Northern Ireland and their blue and white liveried vehicles are a very common site on the mainland UK delivering [ more... ]

  John Miller new Actros
Date Added: 22/02/2011

John Miller from Longtown are about to take delivery of a brand new Mercedes Actros 2546 6x2 (MSC) tractor unit which is currently at the Mercedes [ more... ]

  Is it a DAF or a Merc ?
Date Added: 21/02/2011

This ex Royal Mail DAF tractor unit looks to have been converted to a rigid and is pictured here transporting a Mercedes Axor cab, or possibly does [ more... ]

  H C Wilson transporting a H C Wilson ?
Date Added: 21/02/2011

Several heavy haulage companies will transport their own vehicles after completeing certain jobs and pictured here is R100 HCW transporting a fellow [ more... ]

  McCluskey from Lisburn (Again)
Date Added: 20/02/2011

McCluskey are from Lisburn in Northern Ireland and I would like to get them added to the Euro section. Does anyone have any other photos or [ more... ]

  Line up of Transalliance
Date Added: 19/02/2011

Transalliance are a French haulier who seem to run a whole load of MAN tractor units and they seem to use Hilton Park services as a meeting point in [ more... ]

  Tate Movie on the M5
Date Added: 18/02/2011

This vehicle caught my eye recently on the M5 belonging to Tate Movie. The vehicle was previously registered R701 SJM and is a DAF FTG95XF 480 4x2 [ more... ]

  Timbmet on the M5
Date Added: 17/02/2011

Timbmet are a wood supplier whose head office is in Oxford but with depots all over the country.I normall only ever see rigid vehicles so was quite [ more... ]

  Deroo in Dover
Date Added: 16/02/2011

The French haulier Deroo are very frequent visitors to the UK and the port of Dover is the sort of place where you will see numerous of their green [ more... ]

  First 11 registration
Date Added: 15/02/2011

The 1st March will see the next registration plate year identifier being an 11 plate. A W Jenkinson are already having vehicles prepared to go on the [ more... ]

  J C Fiolet on the M5
Date Added: 13/02/2011

Ever since I was a young lad (And that is a long time ago I can assure you) I have always seen vehicles from the French fleet of J C Fiolet. Their [ more... ]

  New J A Mackenzie
Date Added: 12/02/2011

J A Mackenzie are from Salisbury in Wiltshire and have recently taken delivery of a brand new Scania tractor unit with crane that looks as if it could [ more... ]

  Willi Betz at Dover
Date Added: 11/02/2011

I thought long and hard about adding large European hauliers like Willi Betz or Norbert Dentressangle to the site but I am mighty glad I did as the [ more... ]

  Evans Transport Iveco
Date Added: 10/02/2011

Evans Transport are from Barnstaple in North Devon and they run a mixed fleet of Scania,MAN,Renault and one or two Ivecos for good measure.This photo [ more... ]

  R H Gooding on the M5
Date Added: 09/02/2011

R H Gooding are from Ottery St Mary in Devon and are involved in livestock transport. They have a fleet in a very nice sporting green livery and I [ more... ]

  Norbert Dentressangle in Devon
Date Added: 08/02/2011

Norbert Dentressangle are the ubiquitous French haulier who you will see across the legth and breadth of Europe. Seen here on the M5 at Burlescombe [ more... ]

  ADT from St Helens added to the site
Date Added: 07/02/2011

We recently added the fleet of ADT from St Helens which were added to the site from members sightings once we had an email from the company allowing [ more... ]

  TNT delivering locally
Date Added: 06/02/2011

The fleet of TNT can be seen from the far tip of Scotland all over the UK down to Lands End and quite a few members have sent photos of their fleet [ more... ]

  14 new MANs for Wm Armstrong
Date Added: 05/02/2011

Wm Armstrong are from Longtown in Cumbria and over the last few months they have acquired 14 brand new MAN TG-X tractor units which are seen here [ more... ]

  Active Transport on the A1
Date Added: 04/02/2011

Active Transport are from Dover in Kent and their vehicles can be seen the length and breadth of the UK with a variety of different trailer types.The [ more... ]

  Abbey Transport from Norfolk
Date Added: 03/02/2011

Abbey Transport are from Norfolk and they specialise in the transport of boats around the country. Their fleet has in the main cherished registration [ more... ]

  Boarhunt on the M3
Date Added: 02/02/2011

Boarhunt are from Hampshire and they have a most diverse fleet ranging from Wreckers to rigids. They can be seen frequently transporting military [ more... ]

  R G Wheeler in Hatherleigh
Date Added: 01/02/2011

R G Wheeler are from Torrington in North Devon and pictured here is one of their DAF *W Tippers going through the village of Hatherleigh in mid Devon. [ more... ]

  New Volvo for D Steven
Date Added: 31/01/2011

D Steven are from the far north of Scotland in the town of Scrabster. Their vehicles are always superbly turned out and their latest addition is this [ more... ]

  Pawtrans at Bridgwater
Date Added: 30/01/2011

Pawtrans are a Polish company that specialise in the bulk transport of liquids across Europe with a mixture of Volvo,Scania and Mercedes vehicles. [ more... ]

  Waberers on the M25
Date Added: 29/01/2011

The Hungarian haulier Waberers with their familiar yellow livery are very frequent visitors to the UK and the M25 is a great place to spot them. This [ more... ]

  Brace of Helsby and Longden in Scotland
Date Added: 28/01/2011

I posted an earlier news article last week regarding the possibility og getting the fleet of Helsby & Longden onto the site. I received quite a few [ more... ]


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