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Here's the latest from the world of Lorry Spotting.

  Scania delivering Scanias
Date Added: 18/10/2011

The fleet of De Rooy can be seen all over the UK delivering various kinds of commercial vehicles. The Scania drawbar is seen here on the M40 recently [ more... ]

  Colton Plant Hire to be added
Date Added: 17/10/2011

The fleet of Colton Plant Hire will shortly be added to the LS online searchable database. I am most grateful to Frank White for getting the [ more... ]

  K Petty & Co are on the radar
Date Added: 16/10/2011

Our message board which lists fleets we will be approaching has recently been updated to reflect the fact that we are pursuing permission for the [ more... ]

  Megatrucking Company added
Date Added: 15/10/2011

The Megatrucking company are a Dutch fleet with large fleet numbers on the top of the cab. A lot of the fleet are in the livery of Ewals Cargo Care [ more... ]

  Turkish Ford Cargo
Date Added: 14/10/2011

Quite a few members have sent in pictures of lorries from foreign countries and this piccy of a Turkish Ford cargo taken in Side arrived in the office [ more... ]

  Lantern Recovery soon to join LS
Date Added: 10/10/2011

Lantern Recovery are based just outside South Mimms services on the M25 and the majority of vehicles have the LRS registration suffix. The photo is [ more... ]

  Batim how to hang out washing
Date Added: 09/10/2011

Whilst in the UK there are some very resourceful foreign lorry drivers who seem more than capable of cooking themselves a meal at the side of their [ more... ]

  Like London buses !
Date Added: 08/10/2011

The age old saying of you wait ages for a London bus and then two turn up could well be applied to this photo of two D L Rogers vehicles taken [ more... ]

  J R Harding oldie
Date Added: 07/10/2011

Living in the South West means I get to see numerous vehicles of those hauliers who are situated in this part of the country. One of my favourite [ more... ]

  Britannia Leatherbarrows
Date Added: 06/10/2011

Britannia are a removals company who operate on a franchise system across the UK. In the South West there are Brittania Lanes, whilst here on the [ more... ]

  Indian Summer ? Snowploughs on the A34
Date Added: 05/10/2011

There has been much talk of late about the weather for this time of year with record temperatures for September. Well you can imagine my surprise at [ more... ]

  Ex R M Page Volvo
Date Added: 04/10/2011

R M Page were a heavy haul operator who ceased trading some years ago. Some of their vehicles are now working with other operators such as HMC Plant [ more... ]

  New message board now in use
Date Added: 03/10/2011

The Lorryspotting message board has been rolled out over the weekend and it is now fulfilling the job it was intended for by imparting information to [ more... ]

  4 new MAN TG-X for M Way
Date Added: 02/10/2011

M Way & Son have just had 4 brand new MAN TG-X 26.440 6x2 (XLX) tractor units delivered to their South Molton HQ. Certain other HGV sightings sites [ more... ]

  New trucks for Ascroft Transport
Date Added: 01/10/2011

Ascroft Transport have recently taken delivery of 2 brand new Scania R620 6x4 (Top) tractor units in Ascroft Transport livery. These are replacement [ more... ]

  Austin trucks blast from the past
Date Added: 30/09/2011

Austin manufactured lorries as well as cars from 1908 until 1951 when they were merged with the Nuffield Corporation to form the British Motor [ more... ]

  Bleach of Lavant at last what a result !!
Date Added: 28/09/2011

Ever since visiting Chichester in West Sussex I have always wanted to list the fleet of Bleach of Lavant and thanks to Paul Harpers efforts we now [ more... ]

  Hauliers added today.
Date Added: 27/09/2011

Five more fleets going live today are:

D.R. Collin, of Eyemouth
W. Doyle, of Port Talbot
Holmes of Heathrow
Mainline [ more... ]

  A Rhodes from York
Date Added: 26/09/2011

A Rhodes from York will shortly be added to the ever growing LS online database. The fleet are in a very attractive burgundy and gold livery. Thanks [ more... ]

  Peckover from Bradford to be added
Date Added: 25/09/2011

Peckover from Bradford will be added to the LS online searchable database in the near future. Thanks are due to Paul Harper for all his hard efforts [ more... ]

  Matthews Group to be added to the site
Date Added: 24/09/2011

Matthews Group are from Crawley in West Sussex and are involved in demolition and earthworks. My thanks go to Jim Lennox for securing the permission [ more... ]

  Caffrey International in Thetford
Date Added: 23/09/2011

Caffrey International from County Meath in Ireland have one of the best liveries that I have ever seen. The cream and light blue colour make them [ more... ]

  New Atego for Dextra Lighting
Date Added: 22/09/2011

Dextra Lighting from Gillingham in Dorset have a brand new Mercedes Atego 4W Curtainside rigid which has been named The Capital Whistler and has fleet [ more... ]

  Kelston Sparkes one of 4 hauliers added today
Date Added: 21/09/2011

Kelston Sparkes from Stanton Drew are just one of four hauliers being added to the database today. The others are Lochmaben Transport, Brick & Curran [ more... ]

  Eddie Stobart coach
Date Added: 20/09/2011

The Stobart Group recently held their Stobart Fest at Rockingham and one of the vehicles at the event was the Stobart Group coach registration C8 ESL [ more... ]

  Safepac one of 4 hauliers added today
Date Added: 19/09/2011

Safepac from Mildenhall are just one of four hauliers being added to the database today. The others are S Jones & Son from Wales, J Exley from Batley [ more... ]

  Arden Wood Shavings to be added
Date Added: 18/09/2011

Arden Wood Shavings will shortly be added to the main site and many thanks are due to Paul Harper for getting the permission for them to be listed. I [ more... ]

  UK registered Norbert Dentressangle
Date Added: 17/09/2011

In years gone by the ubiquitous haulier Norbert Dentressangle used to have only Renault trucks and were all French registered. Today they have some [ more... ]

  MESSAGE BOARD and members news
Date Added: 17/09/2011

The message board facility has been delayed this week due to the whole site moving over to new servers. Once logged in click on the news section and [ more... ]

  Site downtime Sept 16th 2011
Date Added: 16/09/2011

The Lorryspotting site will have a major server upgrade over the next couple of days which will result in occasional downtime which is sadly [ more... ]

  Site downtime 13th Sept 2011
Date Added: 13/09/2011

The Lorryspotting site will have a major server upgrade over the next couple of days which will result in occasional downtime which is sadly [ more... ]

  Volvo FH16 750 worlds most powerful truck ?
Date Added: 12/09/2011

For the last four days Volvo have been touring the UK with their latest FH16 tractor unit that has a whopping 750 brake horse power. The 4x2 tractor [ more... ]

  A sad ending.
Date Added: 11/09/2011

One of several consignments of vehicles seen heading South on the A1 on Wednesday for scrap or export, the "meat" in this sandwich is none other than [ more... ]

  P A Dunwell 61 plate
Date Added: 10/09/2011

P A Dunwell have two brand new Volvo FH 460 6x2 (GXL) tractor units and as this photograph shows they have a most apt headboard slogan with Have it [ more... ]

  J J & S 61 reg Volvo
Date Added: 09/09/2011

J J & S have recently acquired three brand new Volvo FH 460 6x2 (GXL) tractor units. The company are from Calne in Wiltshire and are bulk haulage [ more... ]

  H C Wilson in action
Date Added: 08/09/2011

Pictured here in the centre is a vehicle from the fleet of H C Wilson on board a barge travelling from Rotterdam to Antwerp with a 126 tonne steel [ more... ]

  NWF Agriculture in Barnstaple
Date Added: 07/09/2011

NWF Agriculture are a fleet with my favourite livery of green and white which must be something to do with my Father's insistence at taking me to to [ more... ]

  New H C Wilson Scania
Date Added: 06/09/2011

H C Wilson have just taken delivery of a brand new Scania R620 6x4 (Top) LHD tractor unit which has been named European Viking and will be based at [ more... ]

  61 plates being delivered
Date Added: 05/09/2011

There seems to be vast numbers of 61 plate vehicles hitting the road in the last week and the Stobart Group have been very busy delivering lorries to [ more... ]

  Bibby Distribution on the M3
Date Added: 04/09/2011

Bibby Distribution are a family owned logistics company who have recently taken over the Worcestershire based Atchison Topeka. I met their MD at the [ more... ]

  Pentalver 61 plate on the road
Date Added: 03/09/2011

Pentalver have approx 15 brand new 61 plate registration Mercedes Axors on the road and pictured here passing Sandbach servies on 1st Sept is HY61 THZ [ more... ]

  Mark Thompson 61 plate on the road
Date Added: 02/09/2011

Yesterday was the launch of the new 61 registration mark and the first photo that we received was of this Mark Thompson Actros passing Sandbach [ more... ]

  Burcombe Haulage
Date Added: 01/09/2011

Burcombe Haulage are from St Dominick in Cornwall and they will be receiving a request to be listed shortly. They run a great fleet of vehicles in [ more... ]

  S & E Transport Scotland
Date Added: 31/08/2011

S & E Transport from Scotland are photographed here on the M3 at Hatch with a refrigerated trailer probably on its way to Southampton or Portsmouth [ more... ]

  Renault Magnum for Stobart Group
Date Added: 30/08/2011

The Stobart Group are putting new Scania and Volvo tractor units on the road in huge numbers so it was quite refreshing recently to see a new Renault [ more... ]

  Quayside at Chippenham
Date Added: 29/08/2011

Quayside are one of the finest examples of how a basic white livery can be made to look very eye catching. This vehicle was photographed recently at [ more... ]

  Bannister International
Date Added: 28/08/2011

Bannister International are from Offenham near Evesham in Worcestershire and have recently been added to the site thanks to the efforts of Paul [ more... ]

  Banks Bros in action
Date Added: 27/08/2011

Heavy Haulage action shots are always worthy of inclusion in the news section and this photo of a Banks Bros FH 6x4 tractor unit with a Terex dump [ more... ]

  TWT Logistics
Date Added: 26/08/2011

TWT Logistics are from Ystrad Mynach in Mid Glamorgan and have a fleet of approximately 65 vehicles in a blue and red livery. Many thanks to Paul [ more... ]

  Mark Thompson Transport
Date Added: 25/08/2011

Mark Thompson Transport have recently been added to the site and what a famtastic looking outfit they are. Pictured here is one of their DAF XF 105 [ more... ]

  TDW Distribution coming soon
Date Added: 24/08/2011

TDW Distribution are a Welsh haulier from Bridgend and they run a fleet of very well turned out Volvos operating a variety of trailers. I am most [ more... ]

  Liam Connolly from Drummack
Date Added: 23/08/2011

Liam Connolly from Drummack in Northern Ireland will in the near future be added to the online searchable Lorryspotting database. I am most grateful [ more... ]

  T Baker to be added shortly
Date Added: 22/08/2011

T Baker are a container haulier who are based in the West Midlands. Quite a lot of their vehicles have cherished plates with a prefix of T and a [ more... ]

  James K Mitchell to be added
Date Added: 21/08/2011

We will shortly be adding the fleet of James K Mitchell who are from Comrie in Perthshire, Scotland. They have two vehicles which are extremely well [ more... ]

  61 plate for Hebrides Haulage
Date Added: 20/08/2011

The 1st September will soon be upon us and already 61 plate vehicles are appearing at dealerhips.The chances of most people seeing this vehicle in the [ more... ]

  First 61 plate vehicle ?
Date Added: 19/08/2011

At the recent Truckfest in Scotland there was a Mackenzie Haulage vehicle on the DAF stand with the registration mark MC61 HLG. It may well be that [ more... ]

  A E George to be added shortly
Date Added: 18/08/2011

A E George are a livestock haulier from Bruton in Somerset and can be seen all the time on the M5 in their usual red livery. Many thanks to the duo of [ more... ]

  Agribulk on their way to the site
Date Added: 17/08/2011

Agribulk are from Sudbury in Suffolk and are now listed on the LS online searchable database. I am most grateful to Paul Harper for getting their [ more... ]

  Scania Black Amber in the UK
Date Added: 16/08/2011

Scania have a very limited edition vehicle in the form of their Black Amber variant which is seen here in the format of a R730 6x2 (Top) tractor unit. [ more... ]

  Chris Riches to be added to the site
Date Added: 15/08/2011

Yet more quality hauliers being added to the database of late with Chris Riches from Norfolk being one of the latest. I am most appreciative for the [ more... ]

  Stobart tankers line up
Date Added: 15/08/2011

The Stobart Group are slowly but very surely moving into the transportation of fuel with tanker trailers. Most of the tanker fleet are based at Widnes [ more... ]

  Fergusons of Spean Bridge great photo
Date Added: 14/08/2011

We recently added the fleet of Fergusons of Spean Bridge to the site and I received this very picturesque photo the other day which is most worthy of [ more... ]

  S & K Haulage 40 years in business
Date Added: 13/08/2011

We recently added the Welsh fleet of S & K Haulage to the site and they recently celebrated 40 years in business. Their anniversary livery is one of [ more... ]

  Gavin Griffiths Recycling
Date Added: 12/08/2011

Gavin Griffiths Recycling will shortly be added to the LS online searchable database for the benefit of members. I am very thankful to Paul Harper for [ more... ]

  Magirus Deutz bit of nostalgia
Date Added: 11/08/2011

You can't beat a bit of nostalgia and when it comes to distinctive engine sounds the Magirus Deutz took gold medal all the time. They say that [ more... ]

  M Pinches added to the database
Date Added: 10/08/2011

M Pinches & Son from Worcester have recently been added to the site and a very welcome addition to the database they are. What a very telling [ more... ]

  Pyramid Transport coming soon
Date Added: 09/08/2011

Pyramid Transport are from Torbay in God's own wonderful county of Devon the spiritual home of Lorryspotting.The company are heavily involved in [ more... ]

  Winteringham to be added to the site
Date Added: 08/08/2011

At the request from one of long standing members we made an approach to Winteringham haulage who are from Birstall in West Yorkshire. Many thanks to [ more... ]

  Hamilton waste and recycling
Date Added: 07/08/2011

The fleet of Hamilton Waste & Recycling will shortly be added to the online LS database. I am most grateful to Brian Searl for getting the required [ more... ]

  Campbell of Oxton coming soon
Date Added: 06/08/2011

Campbell of Oxton are a livestock haulier whose vehicles have a superb red,white and blue livery. This Renault Premioum was photographed at a [ more... ]

  White & Co on the A34
Date Added: 05/08/2011

White & Co are a well known removal company whose vehicles can be seen all over the UK with their distinctive red and white liveried fleet.
The [ more... ]

  Farrens Freights coming soon
Date Added: 04/08/2011

Farrens Freights are from Wishaw in Scotland and will be added to the online database for members to access. I am most grateful to Brian Searl for his [ more... ]

  W & M Thompson to be added to the site
Date Added: 03/08/2011

W & M Thompson are from Rufford in Lancashire and thanks to the efforts of Paul Harper they will shortly be added to the LS online searchable [ more... ]

  JPI warehousing to be added to the site
Date Added: 02/08/2011

JPI Warehousing are a fabulous fleet of vehicles that are from Southampton and thanks to the efforts of Jim Lennox they will shortly be listed on the [ more... ]

  Scoop new Volvo or Renault cab
Date Added: 01/08/2011

Bit of a scoop in the Lorryspotting offices over the weekend as we received exclusive photos of possibly the latest cab variants for forthcoming new [ more... ]

  Eddie Stobart busy at Wakefield
Date Added: 31/07/2011

Wakefield I am told has one of the largest manufacturing facilities for Coca Cola in Europe and the Stobart Group are very regular visitors to the [ more... ]

  Wilson McCurdy to be added to the site
Date Added: 30/07/2011

We will shortly be adding the fleet of Wilson McCurdy who are from Ballymena in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The company are involved in livestock [ more... ]

  Youngs Transport on the radar
Date Added: 29/07/2011

Youngs Transport are from Purfleet in Essex and after seeing so many of their vehicles with containers in and around Southampton I have made an [ more... ]

  D Jenkins & Son to be added
Date Added: 28/07/2011

D Jenkins & Son are from Lampeter in West Wales and have vehicles in a fabulous red, white and blue livery. I am most grateful to Paul Harper for his [ more... ]

  Cadzow with dumper trucks
Date Added: 28/07/2011

Cadzow Heavy Haulage from Glasgow are very keen supporters of the LS site and they have always welcomed us posting photos of their vehicles working on [ more... ]

  P X Farms to be added to the site
Date Added: 27/07/2011

P X Farms Ltd are an agricultural contractor based at Dry Drayton in Cambridgeshire. They run a lovely fleet of vehicles in a British Racing green [ more... ]

  R T Keedwell in Scotland
Date Added: 26/07/2011

R T Keedwell are based in Bridgwater in Somerset and have depots all across the UK. Pictured here is one of their Renault Premium tractor units on the [ more... ]

  West of Scotland with dumper trucks
Date Added: 26/07/2011

West of Scotland Heavy Haulage are very keen supporters of the LS website and are always happy to see photos of their vehicles on the site. Pictured [ more... ]

  Rhys Davies coming to the site shortly
Date Added: 25/07/2011

For years now I have been very keen to add the Welsh fleet of Rhys Davies to the site. Thanks to the efforts of Paul Harper they will be added in the [ more... ]

  Svaergods Transport heavy haulage
Date Added: 24/07/2011

Following a recent letter to our local newspaper regarding the delivery of 22 wind turbines to Fullabrook Down I decided to do a bit of investigation. [ more... ]

  16 hauliers added today
Date Added: 23/07/2011

Thanks to the efforts of our members and the cooperation of the hauliers concerned we were able to add 16 fleets to the database this week. The [ more... ]

  RGB in Crediton
Date Added: 22/07/2011

Rawle Gammon and Baker are a builders merchant from Barnstaple in North Devon who operate a fleet of vehicles with the registration suffix RGB. P8RGB [ more... ]

  The French Connection
Date Added: 20/07/2011

Overland Transport are from Billinghay and are a very well turned out fleet of Renaults all of which have the OVL registration suffix. I am grateful [ more... ]

  W G Wallace bit of patriotism
Date Added: 19/07/2011

I keep seeing this Renault from the fleet of W G Wallace normally on the M40 and with the truck adorned with the Union Flag it is indeed very easy to [ more... ]

  S & K Haulage to be added soon
Date Added: 18/07/2011

Thanks to the efforts of Paul Harper we will shortly be adding the fleet details of Welsh Haulier S & K who in my opinion have one of the best wrap [ more... ]

  Doug Gobey added to the site
Date Added: 17/07/2011

Doug Gobey Transport are from Stoke Orchard near Cheltenham and have the most fantastic stand out green livery. I am most grateful to the company [ more... ]

  Transmec in Dover
Date Added: 16/07/2011

Transmec are an Italian transport company whose vehicles are very regular visitors to the UK.I can remember many years ago they used to have a depot [ more... ]

  Strangest load ever ?
Date Added: 15/07/2011

I have seen some photos of trucks with strange loads before but this one has got a real difference. Pictured here is a Scania from the fleet of Coles [ more... ]

  Fox Removals to be added to the site
Date Added: 14/07/2011

The fleet of Fox Removals will shortly be added to the LS online database with their great fleet of green liveried removal lorries.Many thanks to Paul [ more... ]

  Downton subtle change to livery
Date Added: 13/07/2011

Gloucestershire based haulier Downton have changed their vehicle livery slightly so that what used to be white is now burgundy and vice versa. The [ more... ]

  Gary Parsons to be added to the site
Date Added: 12/07/2011

The fleet of Gary Parsons from New Milton in Hampshire will shortly be included on the site. The fleet are equally mixed between their own liveried [ more... ]

  Eddie Stobart photo one for the mantelpiece
Date Added: 11/07/2011

I received this top drawer photo the other day of three Eddie Stobart vehicles on the M6 at the same location. Pictured here at Alsager are two [ more... ]

  Mervyn Thomas from Radnorshire what a result
Date Added: 10/07/2011

I am very pleased to announce the forthcoming inclusion of Mervyn Thomas from Radnorshire to the LS database. The permission and fleet was was [ more... ]

  Scania T cab on fairgrounds
Date Added: 09/07/2011

It always used to be ERFs and Fodens that were put to use on fairground transportation but in the modern world there are now some very tidy Volvo and [ more... ]

  Siteserv to be added to the site
Date Added: 08/07/2011

By a country mile my favourite colour is purple so any fleet with even a hint of it in their livery is a fair target for being included in the [ more... ]


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