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Here's the latest from the world of Lorry Spotting.

  W Rolls
Date Added: 30/01/2017

W.Rolls Ltd is a family run bulk haulier that is based in Somerset. We strive to provide excellent customer service and have a flexible approach [ more... ]

  Scania S Series
Date Added: 29/01/2017

The first of the new look Scania S series tractor units are starting to appear in the UK and one of the first examples was this unit from J C [ more... ]

  Gerry Jones Transport
Date Added: 28/01/2017

Successfully operating since 1982, Gerry Jones Transport is a family-run company based near Newport, South Wales. We offer a one-stop shop for [ more... ]

  Evans Transport
Date Added: 27/01/2017

In 1963 John Evans began with a small logging and timber business, then in 1964 as a result of more demand Evans Transport was formed with the [ more... ]

  M & M Kerr
Date Added: 26/01/2017

M&M Kerr is a family-run transport company specialising in refrigerated haulage services for the meat industry, with daily full-load and [ more... ]

  RJC Lowloaders
Date Added: 25/01/2017

We can provide lorry loaders and lowloaders (up to 100 tonnes), and our repertoire means we can also offer a wide range of ancillary services [ more... ]

  Woodgate Sawmills
Date Added: 24/01/2017

Following last years Malvern truck show we were delighted to receive permission to list the fleet of Woodgate Sawmills from Coleford in the [ more... ]

  Longcliffe Calcium Carbonates
Date Added: 23/01/2017

We are one of the largest producers of high quality calcium carbonates in the UK – extracting, processing and delivering over 1,000,000 [ more... ]

  N S Clarke
Date Added: 22/01/2017

N.S. Clarke Transport Ltd is a one-stop solution for anyone in search of a professional haulage firm that will deliver on their promises. The [ more... ]

  Bowring Transport
Date Added: 21/01/2017

Warsop based Bowring Transport has grown from a one man operation with a single lorry to a multi-million pound transport business.

In [ more... ]

  Nijman Zeetank
Date Added: 20/01/2017

For more than 60 years in Europe Nijman/Zeetank has been a sound partner in transport and logistics services of
chemical liquids, fuels, [ more... ]

  Catone, Italy
Date Added: 19/01/2017

Catone are an Italian haulier whose home - based and Hungarian vehicles are quite frequent visitors to the Gloucester area with refrigerated [ more... ]

  Collett & Sons
Date Added: 19/01/2017

Experts in motion since 1928 Collett & Sons have a wealth of experience transporting difficult load throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. [ more... ]

  Webster Miller
Date Added: 18/01/2017

Webster Miller is a reputable haulage firm with a varied fleet of Scania Trucks and a proven track record stretching back over 40 years. The [ more... ]

  Vos Logistics
Date Added: 17/01/2017

Vos Logistics from the Netherlands were one of the first hauliers to be added to the Euro section of the site die to their uniformity of livery [ more... ]

  Breedon Aggregates
Date Added: 16/01/2017

The group has strong asset backing, with over 750 million tonnes of mineral reserves and resources. Breedon’s strategy is to continue [ more... ]

  The Woodside Group
Date Added: 15/01/2017

We are a family business, with 40 years’ experience behind us and we apply traditional values of openness, honesty and integrity to our [ more... ]

  Nolan Transport
Date Added: 14/01/2017

In 2016 the Irish haulier Nolan acquired the Welsh haulier John Raymond from Bridgend who were one of the founding hauliers to be added to the [ more... ]

  Freight Force
Date Added: 13/01/2017

Norwich-based FreightForce has underlined its determination to retain the best drivers while also attracting new ones by commissioning six new [ more... ]

  Danepak Tulip
Date Added: 12/01/2017

We’re proud to say, Tulip is one of Britain’s leading food companies, supplying everything from retail to foodservice, wholesale and [ more... ]

  Damac Transport
Date Added: 11/01/2017

Damac Transport has operated a successful fleet for over 30 years, and our track record has attracted many blue chip companies to select Damac [ more... ]

  JBT Distribution
Date Added: 10/01/2017

JBT Distribution Limited is the leading road haulage operator distributing across Scotland from it's strategically located depots which [ more... ]

Date Added: 09/01/2017

Established in 1920 and still privately held today, Wallenborn is a leading provider of transportation services and Europe’s largest [ more... ]

  Essex Bulk Services
Date Added: 08/01/2017

Essex Bulk Services has over 10 years’ experience in the haulage industry We offer a comprehensive range of distribution services and [ more... ]

  Hellerman Tyton
Date Added: 07/01/2017

Hellerman Tyton are a large industrial fixings company who have a large manufacturing facility in Plymouth. This Slovakian registered DAF is a [ more... ]

  Tuffnells Parcels
Date Added: 06/01/2017

Established for almost a century, Tuffnells Parcels Express is an independently owned British company specialising in next day business to [ more... ]

  C M Downton Ltd
Date Added: 05/01/2017

The business has established itself at the forefront of a highly competitive industry by offering clients what they cannot get from other [ more... ]

  McCulla Ireland
Date Added: 04/01/2017

Our expertise in transporting chilled, ambient & frozen goods put us in the forefront of refrigerated transport, leading to logistics & [ more... ]

  Migdale Transport
Date Added: 03/01/2017

Migdale Transport  are from Bonar Bridge on the north bank of the Kyle of Sutherland in Scotland. They run a superb fleet with MTL [ more... ]

Date Added: 02/01/2017

Brakes is a broadline provider of a comprehensive range of foodstuffs across all product and temperature categories. In 2015, Brakes supplied [ more... ]

  Happy New Year to all
Date Added: 01/01/2017

We're looking forward to 2017 with the propsect of yet more fantastic fleets to join the site and further enhancements to the online [ more... ]

  Biffa Waste Management
Date Added: 31/12/2016

Founded over 100 years ago, Biffa has always been at the forefront of development and innovation within the waste management industry. Named [ more... ]

  John Miller Ltd
Date Added: 30/12/2016

The core business of our General Haulage Division is providing haulage to the Sawmill and Construction industries. The photo is courtesy of and [ more... ]

  Harbro Livestock Nutrition
Date Added: 29/12/2016

Our core business the supply of animal feed to dairy, beef, sheep, pig and poultry farmers was established in 1977 and continues to operate from [ more... ]

  WS Transportation
Date Added: 28/12/2016

WS Transportation Scania R450 tractor unit carrying another Scania tractor unit with another Scania tractopr unit following behind. The photo is [ more... ]

  John Dickinson Mercedes Arocs
Date Added: 27/12/2016

John Dickinson run a great fleet of vehicles in British Racing Green livery and their vehciles can be seen all over the UK. The photo is [ more... ]

  Argos Scania on the M5 Bridgwater
Date Added: 26/12/2016

Argos have a very large distribution centre at Bridgwater in Siomerset and a pedestrian bridge over the M5 adjacent to their warehouse produces [ more... ]

  Merry Christmas 2016
Date Added: 25/12/2016

Merry Christmas to all of our members and non members who make this the busiest truck site going with more than 2,500,000 unique visitors this [ more... ]

  H Crabtree
Date Added: 24/12/2016

Working hard 365 days a year to support you is more than our job. It's who we are. Our driving purpose is to take care of your business, to [ more... ]

  Idealogistic Netherlands
Date Added: 23/12/2016

Idealogistic is the perfect logistics partner for reliable, fast and advantageous transport to destinations in Western & Eastern Europe.The [ more... ]

  Scania for ASDA
Date Added: 22/12/2016

Asda have recently taken delivery of a whole load of Scania G410 4x2 (HL) tractor units one of which is pictured here on Longtown Rd, Dundee. [ more... ]

  The Malcolm Group
Date Added: 21/12/2016

Originating as a family-owned business in the 1920’s, The Malcolm Group has become one of the leading providers of Logistics, Construction [ more... ]

  Collier Group
Date Added: 20/12/2016

The Collier Group are from Cowdenbeath in Fife and run a very well turned out fleet in a striking red, white and blue livery. The photo is [ more... ]

  CRH Plant
Date Added: 19/12/2016

CRH PLANT was founded in January 1965, and has provided a specialist compaction service to the Construction Industry for more than fifty [ more... ]

  Carrs of Exeter
Date Added: 18/12/2016

Carrs of Exeter are a Ferrari and Maserati dealership who run this MAN rigid which can be seen running up and down the M5 in the South West on a [ more... ]

  Day Group
Date Added: 17/12/2016

Day Group Ltd handles over three million tonnes of construction material each year, as well as providing services to the construction, [ more... ]

  Sitra Group
Date Added: 16/12/2016

Sitra Group were one of the first European hauliers to go onto the site as their striking orange and white livery makes them stand out from the [ more... ]

  Kent Foods
Date Added: 15/12/2016

Offering a cost-effective route between manufacturer and user, Kent Foods adds value by reducing your onward selling,administration and [ more... ]

  Kings Heavy Haulage
Date Added: 14/12/2016

Established in 1969 with just one vehicle our family run business quickly realised that service to the customer was of paramount importance. [ more... ]

  XPO Logistics
Date Added: 13/12/2016

XPO Logistics are the company who acquired Norbert Dentressangle the ubiquitous French haulier who operate thousnds of vehicles acrosds Europe. [ more... ]

  Heaver Bros Ltd Exeter
Date Added: 12/12/2016

With over 50 years' experience serving the Exeter community and beyond, our skilled team and extensive range of equipment offers the most [ more... ]

  MAN 66 legends
Date Added: 11/12/2016

With the 50th anniversary of England winning the World Cup MAN have put some very special vehicles on the road in the form of their 66 Legends [ more... ]

  Ex Raymond Brown
Date Added: 10/12/2016

Whilst living in Bournemouth a few years ago I used to see this vehicle on a regular basis in the livery of local haulier Raymond Brown. Having [ more... ]

  Q Trucking
Date Added: 09/12/2016

Q Trucking are one of the numerous hauliers we have on the Euro section of the site which has expanded significantly over the years. The photo [ more... ]

  Colson Transport
Date Added: 08/12/2016

Any load, any time; you can count on Colson Transport Ltd for all your waste removal needs. Operating 7 days a week, our impressive fleet of [ more... ]

  Gregory new Volvos
Date Added: 07/12/2016

Gregory Distribution from Cullompton in Devon are in the process of taking delivery of several new Volvo FL 210 4W Curtainside rigids, one [ more... ]

  Bring Cargo
Date Added: 06/12/2016

Our aim is to be a leading provider of logistics and transport solutions, finding new ways to provide more efficient logistics solutions that [ more... ]

  K2 Transport opts for Arocs
Date Added: 05/12/2016

East Sussex-based K2 Transport has updated and extended its truck fleet with more ‘peak performers’ from Mercedes-Benz, after [ more... ]

  Les Smith returns to Mercedes
Date Added: 04/12/2016

Les Smith Haulage’s first Mercedes-Benz trucks for six years have won enthusiastic driver feedback while also delivering impressive fuel [ more... ]

  Purvis Group
Date Added: 03/12/2016

The Purvis Group is a multi-function, construction business founded in 1980 by Bob Purvis. Since its inception, the experienced management team [ more... ]

  VOS Logistics
Date Added: 02/12/2016

Vos Logistics are a Dutch haulier who have numeropus vehicles in the UK on a daily basis and they are firm favourites with many of our members [ more... ]

  John Petch Transport
Date Added: 01/12/2016

John Petch Transport has been established since 2006, before this successful business began, the Petch family began with Alec Petch Transport in [ more... ]

  Harry Lawson
Date Added: 30/11/2016

Harry Lawson are from Broughty Ferry in Scotland and it was the late Brian Searle who managed to get them to agree to be listed on the site for [ more... ]

  PLC Trans Bulgaria
Date Added: 29/11/2016

PLC Trans is a fast developing company in the field of the international transport and logistics carrying out cargo transportation from and to [ more... ]

Date Added: 28/11/2016

Kreiss are a Latvian haulier whose superb looking vehicles are now very frequent visitors to the UK much toi the delight of our members who use [ more... ]

  CC Haulage Crediton
Date Added: 27/11/2016

CC Haulage is a family firm based in Mid Devon, who specialise in all aspects of tipper haulage.

Our modern fleet of vehicles provide [ more... ]

  Kuehne & Nagel DAF tractor unit
Date Added: 26/11/2016

Kuehne & Nagel were founded in 1890, in Bremen, Germany, by August Kühne and Friedrich Nagel and have grown to be one of the [ more... ]

  Grand Slam
Date Added: 25/11/2016

Slam is commissioned by its high-profile customer to move all kinds of consignments, except hazardous goods, primarily between a nationwide [ more... ]

  Fuso Canter Horsebox
Date Added: 24/11/2016

Equestrian Sophie Dunkerley is something of an expert when it comes to horsepower and economy of movement, so she is delighted to be driving [ more... ]

  Pedersen Contracting Services
Date Added: 23/11/2016

At PCS we are privileged to have a powerful, experienced and dedicated management team who have all given many years’ service to the [ more... ]

  Towens Volvo tipper
Date Added: 22/11/2016

Towens are a local South West company based near Weston-Super-Mare and their fleet of vehicles can be seen on a daily basis on the M5. Thje [ more... ]

Date Added: 21/11/2016

Portequip is a leading manufacturer of Agricultural Feeding & Handling Equipment. Based in S.W Scotland the company also supplies to the [ more... ]

  Mercedes Arcos Gritters
Date Added: 20/11/2016

Lincolnshire is renowned for being one of the flattest counties in Britain, yet its new Mercedes-Benz gritters will be ensuring the roads remain [ more... ]

  Scania Fire Engine
Date Added: 19/11/2016

The site has extensive listings of Fire Appliances in juse around the whole of the UK and the section has proved to be very popular with [ more... ]

  Thumbsup agree to be listed
Date Added: 18/11/2016

Thumbsup are from Bury and have very kindly agreed for their fleet detauils to be listed at the superb online database at [ more... ]

  LWC gets the lowdown with Mercedes-Benz Antos
Date Added: 17/11/2016

Rapidly expanding LWC Drinks has raised the comfort bar for its drivers by commissioning the first vehicles from an order for seven [ more... ]

  Maritime Transport order 65 Actros TU
Date Added: 16/11/2016

Multi-modal logistics specialist Maritime Transport turned to Mercedes-Benz Dealer Orwell Truck & Van for its latest consignment of tractor [ more... ]

  LBS Builders Merchants
Date Added: 15/11/2016

Founded in 1931, LBS Builders Merchants has grown to become the leading independent builders' merchants with 16 outlets in South West Wales, [ more... ]

  LINK International Transport
Date Added: 14/11/2016

The LINK company’s mission is to provide comprehensive solutions in the areas of transport, forwarding and logistics – precisely [ more... ]

  Peterbilt on Plymouth Hoe
Date Added: 12/11/2016

Really chuffed to bits to have made contact with Burcombe Haulage from St Dominick in Cornwall who have agreed to be featured on the LS site. [ more... ]

  EMS Waste Services
Date Added: 11/11/2016

Our family owned and operated company has provided quality waste management, skips hire, and waste recycling in Devon since 1989. Over the [ more... ]

  David Einig Contracting Ltd
Date Added: 10/11/2016

David Einig Contracting Ltd was established in 2008 by David. From David’s first machine, an old JCB, has now increased to a fleet of [ more... ]

  Lock Transport
Date Added: 09/11/2016

Lock Transport Ltd. is a medium sized private limited company based in Headcorn, Kent. We have been established for 67 years, specialising in [ more... ]

Date Added: 08/11/2016

Pawtrans are a Polish haulier who run a very well turned out fleet of vehicles that are mainly involved with tanker transportation. The photo is [ more... ]

  HSF Logistics
Date Added: 07/11/2016

HSF Logistics is the leading expert when it comes to refrigerated food logistics and the resulting services such as sophisticated distribution, [ more... ]

  Burcombe Haulage
Date Added: 06/11/2016

Burcombe Haulage Ltd is an established haulage business run by the Batten family from its operations base at St Dominick, near Saltash, [ more... ]

Date Added: 05/11/2016

In SKAT, everything revolves around our central motto, which is Always On Time. For many years now, we have been renowned in the international [ more... ]

  Zenith Logistics
Date Added: 04/11/2016

Zenith is an exciting, new and rapidly growing innovator in the supply chain industry. Formed by industry professionals with proven credentials [ more... ]

  Gruber Logistics
Date Added: 03/11/2016

In 1936, when Josef Gruber began transporting loads of woods from the South Tyrolean Mountains into the valley, he made up a sentence as his top [ more... ]

  The Bedfords Group
Date Added: 02/11/2016

The Bedfords Group is an established West Yorkshire based logistics provider delivering haulage and warehousing solutions. With operating [ more... ]

Date Added: 01/11/2016

With over 600 branches across the country, Jewson is the UK's leading supplier of sustainable timber and building materials. The first [ more... ]

  M J Christopher
Date Added: 31/10/2016

M. J. Christophers & Son is a removal company offering domestic and commercial removal and storage services in Cornwall, with over 35 years [ more... ]

  Marsh Potatoes
Date Added: 30/10/2016

Marsh Potatoes are from Shropshire and their very well turned out fleet can be seen very reguklarly on the M5 in the South West. The photo is [ more... ]

  DS Smith
Date Added: 29/10/2016

DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated packaging in Europe and a specialist in plastic packaging worldwide. We operate across 36 countries [ more... ]

  Stan Robinson
Date Added: 28/10/2016

After working for various local haulage companies in Stan’s early life, at the age of 30, Stan decided that enough was enough and he was [ more... ]

  Viridor livery change
Date Added: 27/10/2016

Viridor announces today (20.10.16) that it will be transforming its brand identity as part of a rebrand of the companies within the Pennon [ more... ]

  Hanson Caravan Transport
Date Added: 26/10/2016

At Hanson, we offer specialist static caravan sales, transport and purchasing services, to customers throughout the UK and Europe. The photo is [ more... ]

  Conway Bailey
Date Added: 25/10/2016

Conway Bailey Transport Ltd is a haulage company based nr Redruth in Cornwall. We are dedicated to getting your consignments to their [ more... ]

  Kings Heavy Haulage
Date Added: 24/10/2016

Established in 1969 with just one vehicle our family run business quickly realised that service to the customer was of paramount importance. [ more... ]

  J W Grant
Date Added: 23/10/2016

John W Grant & Son Ltd is one of Scotlands largest independent builders’ merchant, with 4 branches across Central Scotland. We are the [ more... ]


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